Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Mean Movie Mama...

Is it mean to purposely put movies in your netflix queue that involve animals and sadness, just because you know it will make your child cry? Oh, it is? Then, I think, that I am, technically, a mean mama. I didn't start off with this intention. I innocently put the movie, "Where the Red Fern Grows" in the queue last year. I had never even seen it, and guess what?

Oops, I think I am supposed to yell "spoiler alert" before that. Too late.
Now, once I saw how my little toughie Hadji took the tragic movie, I was addicted. I mean, like a caffeine- addict- watching- the- pot- brew -addict. I found any movie with an animal and loaded it into the queue. Not all are tragic, but I admit... I think it is good for him to get in touch with his emotional side. NOTE: I said emotional side, not feminine side. Two very different things folks...

Anyway, I had no clue when I loaded the Velveteen Rabbit in, that it was SO STINKING SAD. I left the room for a minute, near the end of the movie, and hear sobs. I mean, audible gasps, sniffles, and maybe even a little gnashing of teeth. I walk in and Hadji is just bawling. Then I look and Alden is too. It was beyond pitiful. Apparently, they actually BURN the rabbit. (scarlet fever + germy stuffed rabbit = firepit )

Poor Hadji. I finally said, once the movie was over, "Well... did you like it?
His reply, "Well, I did until the end, when they BURNED him!"

I tried to make the best of it, "but look Hadji, he turns into a real bunny! A real live bunny!"
Tearful response, "Yeah, until a hunter shoots him..."

Alrighty then...


  1. i have to laugh because Pete and i did the exact same thing with where the red fern grows LOL!! Oh and Marley and Me. Pete couldn't even make it through that one without tearing up.
    now I'm going to have to look for the velveteen rabbit. They burn it?? that sounds so horrible.

  2. Oh Jude!!! Okay, do not ever read Beatrix Potter's 'Jemima puddle duck' story. Just sayin'!!! ;)

  3. That was a good really was...we've never watched it from beginning to end...we caught it somewhere after it started....and Marley and Me like Corey mentioned ohhh that was soo wrong having commercials with that dog prancing all over the place making you think it was all cookies and sad! :0)

  4. watching where the red fern grows scarred me for life!! makes me tear up just thinking about it and i haven't watched it in probably 25 years!

    i'm surprised your boys sit through kids would all go away and hide under their covers :)