Friday, December 09, 2011

December 9

Today was crazy. My to-do list was too long and my got done list was short. BUT... I had been wanting to make these for my kiddos. I saw them on the internets, and knew the wild boys would get a kick out of them. Now, I had a dilemma...  The church staff Christmas Party was that evening, and I reeeeeaaaallly wanted to color my hair. So, there I was... at 1:35pm with a choice. My own locks or my kiddos special snack. I decided since I am so tall, my roots are up higher, and hence, less visible.  So I got cracking and made these just in time for the boys arrival from school.


Totally worth my root rot for the evening. ;) To make them I used that Betty Crocker sugar mix that comes in a bag. Hey, don't judge. I had already laid aside my own hair pride, I was not making scratch cookies too. You just pat them into little roundish circles and bake. Let them cool, and then frost with white frosting. I used ½ pound of confectioners sugar, ½ tsp meringue powder, and about 5-6 tbs. water. For the eyes and arms, I used black cake decorating icing. it come in a glue like bottle.  I stuck the marshmallows in a hot pan to melt them down a bit and then stuck them on the frosted cookies.  

Now... About those carrot noses...  Um. I was such a good mom this summer and never scrimped on the rainbow jimmy sprinkles in ice cream, so that when I went to find some orange ones to use as a nose, they were all gone. Not a jimmy to be had. Hmmmm... I needed an orange nose. I looked around the kitchen, and as I looked toward my office in jimmy-sprinkleless-despair, I spied the answer.
Yes, I took an orange sharpie marker and drew on those noses. Micah was a tad outraged. I was like, "Come on, its a 1mm nose! It's not like I'm drawing on the kids' tongues for goodness sake." So, there you have it. I shant be surprised when child services arrives on my doorstep.

And finally... a word from our own Frosty...


  1. In your defense, the orange sharpie probably isn't any worse for them than all the dyes they put in sprinkles. :D

    LOVE these cookies!

    Also, when are you up for visitors??


  2. these turned out so cute! I like your thinking with the sharpie :D

  3. These are awesome!!! LOL on the sharpie-i would so do that, and defend it as!!!!!!!!!!!!!