Friday, December 02, 2011

December 2

Two more ways we are counting down this year...
A Book A Day.
For the past few months I have been snatching any decent Christmas books I could find from the thrift stores, and putting them aside. I weeded through them all, choose the best 24, and wrapped each one. Then I got all crafty gal on those books, and date stamped, in a festive shade of red no less, white circle stickers and dated each book. They were placed  in a ginourmous silver tin next to the tree, and voila! 
Lincoln was first to open, and a vintage copy of Rudolph was our first book.

A wee bit blurry as it was a dimly lit iPhone shot, but Lincoln read the book to us before bed. I LOVE that he reads to us now too. Emerson was more than excited to follow suit tonight and read to his brothers. Since Alden still calls "G" "Number 3!" when asked, I think I'll just plan on reading when it is his turn for book day...

Number three:
We are puttin' the fluff back into Santa's Fluffy White Beard.  I took a clip art Santa, and some cotton balls, added in a glue stick, and the third countdown activity was complete. After all that Advent calendar sewing, I needed something quick and easy!
Here are some photos from the first day, when it was Alden's turn. I am not sure why he keeps taking the hood off his winter coat and wearing it around the house, and I am afraid to ask. I no longer ask why he puts his shoes on the wrong feet either though...  (and yes, that is leftover marinara sauce from dinner on his cheeks.don't judge.) 

Please note the carefully planned out chart. I was not risking anyone getting their turn mixed up, and since I knew I would never remember, this made my slightly OCD heart happy. The little bag is where the 24 cotton balls are, as well as the glue stick for putting them up. Oh, and the perks of having the butt ugliest ivy wall paper ever in your kitchen? I tape all this kind of stuff right to the wall. (the ivy's days are numbered. )

 So there you have it. The three ways we are counting down until Christmas Day.


  1. This is so incredibly sweet. :)

  2. I am so glad you made mention of that wall paper...I was going to ask about it but now no longer have to...and yes I won't judge you on it...

    You know I simply love the book ideas...I think I want to bottle up your ideas...I'll call then Judes Law of course!!

    I can't wait to see Santa all done...and kudos to your boys from not ripping that brown bag right off the wall...