Sunday, December 04, 2011

December 4

 Today we had a busy day. I shot some photos of a cute family, as a favor. (its a secret, it is part of their Christmas gifts) My favorite part of the day was watching Lincoln read the book of the day to his brothers again. You are probably tired of photos of my kids reading. Sorry. It ain't gonna get better anytime soon either.

The place we took the photos was a really cool old area of our city that was the original settlement. I love the old buildings. Take this door for instance. So cool.

Here is one where Hadji's exact words were,  "Don't worry Mom. I'll get Alden across the street." Um, yeah. That pretty much translated into "Freak out NOW woman! I got your baby and I'm taking him into traffic!". I was behind an old stone wall though. So I took a photo instead. What? They WERE holding hands so sweetly after all...

and one more of the reading. Because I just can't stop.

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  1. I want to personally tell you I'd never get tired of seeing pics of the boys's precious!