Saturday, December 10, 2011

December 10

There always seems to be a great debate amongst the church crowd at Christmas about Santa. Frankly, I don't understand it, and here is why...
I find the topic akin to getting an epidural during child labor. Get one. Don't get one. YOU need to think, pray, research, and decide what is best for you and your baby and your family.  But we like to make it a competition of who did and didn't, as if one makes us a better parent. Same thing with ol' St. Nick. We like to ask others and gauge ourselves of a higher standard accordingly. Do some reading on the actual story of St. Nicholas. You may be surprised what you find. No, I am not going to add in google links here. Research means YOU do the searching, not me. :)
I am also not saying I endorse telling your kids some fat guy in a red suit is watching them 24/7 and knows what they are doing. I will be honest, I think that is creepy. But so is letting your kids watch the Disney channel's kids soap operas and no one blathers on about them. (except me.)
I guess I get a bit weary when people, especially all who fall into the "church folks" category go all high and mighty on the subject. We see people get mad about stores not saying "Merry Christmas". We like to post things on all venues of social media about how de-Santafied our kids and home are, how we teach the true meaning of the holiday, how giving we are, etc etc etc. 
Oh, and believe me... I am glad people are teaching the TRUE meaning of the holiday. BUT here is the thing... the TRUE meaning of the holiday, is not for us to blast song after song about Silent Nights and Mangers, or to teach our kids Luke 2:11b by heart, or dress them up as shepherds for the church parade. Christ was not born into this world for you to acknowledge it for one month of the year. He was not born for you to get on your soapbox about how full of Christ your celebration is, or to bake him a birthday cake.  He was born to save sinners... of whom YOU and I are chief. He was born to show love, and grace, and mercy, and a kind of holy forgiveness I don't think we ever really understand this side of Heaven.
I think birthday cakes for Jesus are fine. I think memorizing scripture is awesome for kids... but don't get all "Jesus is Born" in December and fail to make much of his birth the other 11 months of the year. Don't bother with all this Christ emphasis if come January,your kids are hearing you gossip, worry about money, obsess with your new diet plan, criticize others, etc.
It's pointless if it is only for a season, and not year-round... 
How about come February, you have your kids do some extra chores to donate money to a charity? How about in June we read a scripture every evening about Christ? How about we make this Christ-centeredness a lifestyle and not a holiday? 
I know someone is going to ask, "Well, what does your family do?"
Our family does, what we believe is good and right for our family. So, take some time to think and pray and read before you toss out St.Nick and think that makes you a more holy Christmas family.
Just for the record though... I do not struggle in my faith AT ALL because my mom "lied" to me about Santa. I struggle with my faith at times because I am a sinner...

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  1. so, I'm going back through your blog and found this one and it confirms we should be friends. that is all.

    -sinner becky