Saturday, December 03, 2011

December 3

You know how you want every day in December to be chock full of Christmassy activity and such? But then you realize, things like laundry, dishes, and my arch enemy DUST keep happening. It really interrupts my December schedule of holiday themed days.
Today was a day of total chore related, cleaning up, laundry, and other boring stuff. I did however sneak in some time to start my December Daily. If you aren't a scrapbooker nerd mom like myself, you may not know that this is simply a scrapbook with at least one page for each day in December. I started doing it a few years back at the prompting of Beth and Nicole. Here is one of my first pages, just a little "filler" page. I have not bothered to take photos of each page, like I did last year, so this phone photo will have to suffice. (I blame the kitchen floor and its incessant need to be mopped for this.)

I also snapped a few pictures of Lincoln opening his first day of the Advent Calendar. I love this one, where I told him to just stand there so I could check my light.Knucklehead.

and the "real" pose...

All three boys' ornaments from the first three days. I am so happy that they are loving this, the books, and the Santa fluff.  Hope you are enjoying your December, dust bunnies and all :)


  1. You're so awesome. I love that little dog ornament. I wish our Dec was more on the festive side vs. moving and lameness.:/

  2. I just haven't gotten into it this year yet. I think i say that every year. we're going with the kids church group to string popcorn and cranberries today. maybe that'll help!