Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13

Today was the day. I sat down with 100 Christmas cards, and a list of well over 100 people. Sad but true, I under-ordered on the card front this year. I hated realizing I could not send cards to everyone on my list :( We did a funny card again this year. I had a different idea, but getting my Micah to participate in my schemes is not always easy.
Here they are... all addressed and ready to go. Well, except for the ones I couldn't find addresses for, or thought I could hand deliver, etc. Please note the carefully blurred address. ;)

Tonight was also the night of Lincoln's school performance. The school lures parents to PTA meetings by having the kids perform after the meeting. It is a stroke of brilliant parent bribery on their part, and we get suckered in every time. Who would want to miss the potential for Hadji to ad-lib lines?

and that is all for December 13.

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