Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year, trends, and goals...

Okay, so I did this last year HERE. They were my scrapping trend predictions... If you read it I think I did pretty good... except that little bird was not totally gone, but you must all admit, he was replaced by the ever big-eyed owl...
So here are the predictions for 2008...

1. Wood... yep, the minute I saw wood grained Hambly I knew it was next... just like we all love the American Crafts letters in vinyl, felt, and foam, soon we will be buying them in thin wood. Yep, you read that right, wood grain letters will be here soon... I can hear the lumberjacks coming now...
2. The White Sharpie will be the new black pen of choice. Now, I realize this is no big feat of ESP here. I mean, the minute Ali E says she likes something we all want it too. (um, and rightfully so, has she steered you to a crappy product yet???)
3. Orange is the new black and its pal is brown. Yep, that color combo will be all around, and brown will be another favorite journaling pen color, and edge inker.
4.Mini Book... no, we will not throw out our 12x12 page protectors, but the mini book love will be through the roof this year. People may even tour Beth's house to see all of hers, and the Zutter Bind it All will be on lots of wish lists...
5.Buttons. It is the year of the button. Seriously. Gramma's everywhere will get all excited that we are asking for their old button boxes, only to find out we are using glue dots to adhere them to pages for scrapping endeavors.

So, there you have it. Those are my predictions for the world of scrapping.
Onto personal goals...
1. Update Blog more often so that I stop receiving e-mails asking if I am alive... LOL :)
2.Write at least two cards or letters a month.
3.Keep up with the read through the Bible in a year program in my Bible study book.
4.Keep my office and scrap area more organized.
5.Get rid of some of the crap, yes crap, that is in my house. We have too much stuff and I think it is choking me out of breathing space.

Scrappy Goals
1.Keep up with this...
A Gratitude Journal. It is the idea off Emily Falconbridge's blog. You write down something you are thankful for every day for a year. I made mine and will decorate the pages as I go along if need be with some buttons, ribbon, etc. I left a few pages out as I want to use photos as actual pages throughout the year too. I used all my favorite greens and blues, cause those are two colors I am thankful for. :)
2.Scrap Alden's baby book. I am behind now, so I am playing catch up...
3.Um, scrap Emerson's baby book.... heehee
4.USE MY STASH! Ugh, I have a ton of stuff and I resolve to use it up and try and stop buying more. I am not making some outlandish "buying freeze" statement, but really... gotta use what I've got ya' know?
5.Learn to take better photos, and have professional ones done a few times. My friend Kristin (a photographer) took some of Alden and she gave them to me... they are awesome. So awesome I want to save them for their own little post.

So there is 2008 in a nutshell... We brought in the New Year with some friends and fun and laughs... that is a good thing to be number one in my new journal. :)

Here is the rest of the Christmas mini... all done yesterday, and that made me happy! (cause my 2006 holiday one is still in its "almost" done state on my desk! How tragic eh?) As usual, click the pictures to enlarge them...

These two are the inside covers, and I still have write a little quote or something inside them.


  1. I love your journal. My sister made me one, based on the idea of Emily's also. I love it and can't wait to fill it up...

    And your trend prediction is great. And I'm sure with this crazy hobby that we are all in, you are not too far off with any of them.

    Happy New Year my friend

  2. Happy New Year! I believe you are RIGHT on target with the scrappy goals! Love your journal!

  3. Your Predictions are dead on!!!! That is so crazy!!!! I miss you. I want to hold my little Aiden! And that journal????? Holy Mac.....

    Have a WONDERFUL New Years honey,

  4. jude...you are awesome! :)

    happy new year! this WILL be the year we get to meet in person!

    about the tours...ummm...i'll have to get back to you! :)

  5. Love the journal and the Christmas mini, so cute. I was a little ambitious with my triangle shaped one and didn't do a single entry. lol!

    Love your predictions and I think wood letters are a fabulous idea. And I agree with the mini being all the rage! I've got like 5 goin' in my head right now.


  6. Oh my goodness, you started off the year with a post that I didn't have to BEG you for! :-) lol

    Oh, and Happy New Year to you and your family.

    I love your predictions for the upcoming year. Gonna have to keep a close eye on that :-).

    Hope one of your resolutions is to make it to Ga sometime this year...

  7. I can't believe you made that 365 day thing AND a Christmas mini! I'm so jealous. I'm so in a rut right now! Maybe I can channel some of your mojo over here.
    I have a little somepin for ya, I need to get it to you in the mail.
    Love ya,

  8. Love your scrappy goals! After I birth this child, I need to make me some scrappy goals because I am so far behind now!

  9. happy new year to you!!

    i did a goals page for 08 but umm yeah i need to do a second one because i have set some scrapping goals for myself as well!!

    i love all your pages and i need to really think about doing a few mini's ...instant gratification with those!!

    i am with you on your predictions...i think you are RIGHT ON SISTA!!


  10. Happy New Year and love the predictions.

  11. YOU did so well last year that I am not going against you at all! LOL....me likey the chocolate brown color! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the minis so I right there with you!

    LOVE that album & idea. Hmmm might have to do it! I am GRATEFUL for you my friend!

  12. Happy New Year!! :) love your minis :)

  13. I completely agree with you on your scrap predictions! And I'm glad about orange...it's my favorite color! and it looks beautiful with brown..and blue :)
    Glad to see you posting more Jude!
    Happy new year!

  14. what a fun post!! i can't wait to see if your scrapprophesies come true. i've been on a charcoal gray cardstock kick for awhile now and eventually i'll be "in".
    love the gratitude book. and thanks for the reminder to use what i have. how could i forget??
    happy new year,

  15. Oooh--I wanna see more of that mini--The tag one is so cute!!! Your scrap predictions are funny--That would be so cool--the foam letter in American Crafts, but like a woodgrain (you need to go into product design!!)


  16. Love your predictions, and the journal and the mini! You are rocking it Jude! Soooo impressed! My goal is to read through the Bible this year too - I've done well for four days now! Hope you are having a wonderful day! Be blessed this year my friend! Love Kim

  17. Anonymous6:44 PM

    yup, agree with all the predictions. And Love the mini!!

  18. Yay! I made your blog. And the picture of all of us wasn't too bad either. Probably because it cut out mine and Heather's HUGE bellies!! haha

    I am impressed that you have your 365 page book all done already. I need some of your creativity to rub off onto me. Now that I have my scrapbook desk moved and all set up maybe I will actually get some things done!! :)