Sunday, January 06, 2008

Peer Preassure...

So, there are two kinds of peer pressure. The good kind and the bad kind... I have fallen victim to both as of late. Fist, the good kind...
I have this girl to thank for reintroducing me to a love of reading. Yes, Mel is a fellow blogger who devours books at an alarming rate. Her blog is always full of great book reviews and she has never steered me wrong. I literally could not put down 1000 Splendid Suns, finished it in just a few days. I also remembered why I love the library. There are books there, thousands of them, and you get to take them home to read... for FREE! So, go to her blog, read her reviews, then head to the library to check some out. That is good peer pressure. Mel helping me to become more well read...

Now, the rest of you are the bad guys.
I resisted...
I said "No, I will not do this."
But then I kept reading and seeing and reading and seeing and then...
My resolve was gone.
"What speakest thou of Oh Jude?" you may ask...

This whole stinking 365 photos is what I speak of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I loved the idea after Corey posted about it.
I thought Chrissy's first photo was modelesque and inspiring.
I felt spurred on when Nicole, a mom of three, including twins, jumped in.
Pretty soon, Karla,Ronda, Melissa, Vee, and others I know I am forgetting, were all posting their journey. Today was the kicker....
That Kim. That little stinker and her amazing book... it was then I knew I had lost the battle to resist... Kim is so talented and her book... well, go look at it. It is way cool.

I have caved and will take up the challenge as well...
Plus, I have been taking pictures every day anyway and I won't be too behind! HA!!!

Everyone has been posting their Ali word. I was still debating... i mean, hello? There are alot of words out there to choose from. Here are some of the choices I was struggling with...
Hope - As in Psalm 27:13,14. My favorite verses. I have needed to cling to that hope lately.
Obey - I have been dealing with an issue that is requiring me to obey God even though I do not want to. I hate that kind of obedience. I want to WANT to do the right thing... does that make sense even?
Create - cause I want to make so many things and preserve so many memories.
Dude - Cause let's face it this word covers alot... as in,
Shock - "Dude, you would not believe what Emerson did today." or
Delight - "Dude, I love those new shoes." or
Rebuke - "Dude, it is not cool to talk to Mommy like that." or
Whining - "Dude, if I don't get some sleep I will be even grouchier than normal."
So you see, Dude really is a good word and was staying near the top of my list. And yeah, it is inspired by the Bud Light commercials.
Then there were choices like "Stopbeingawenchallthetimetion" Come on, sound it out slooowly... But, since I realized that was not going to happen, well, at least until I am not forced to get up and meet with the Medela whilst everyone else is sleeping...
Also a two word combo, "Be-Patient" But I realized that was just asking for more things to help teach me patience... um no thanks. I have all the learning material I need embodied in a three year old.
So, today at church the word was found. Our Pastor shared the need for us to ENDURE. Endure in spiritual matters was the focus of course, but I was also struck how that word did in fact include many other things I was wanting my word to...
ENDURE... when you have no more human reason to.
ENDURE... because God commands you to.
ENDURE... when you aren't feeling creative.
ENDURE...when you are tired and that Medela is still around.
ENDURE... when small children come show you nuts and bolts they have removed with their bare hands from who knows where and you are wondering if your bed or kitchen table is going to collapse next time you use it.
ENDURE... when you think if you wash one more dish your head will explode.
ENDURE... in spite of it all.

So, there is the word... Endure. I will have a LO or mini about it soon. Until next time my friends...
And in keeping with my resolution to update more i had no new LOs scanned to share, so I will share a few more photos taken by the amazing Kristin...


  1. Dude. You so crack me up!
    1. Mel is amazing. Her goal for the year 100 books - mine 5 :)
    But you should read The Kite Runner if you haven't - really good too.
    2. So glad that you are jumping on the 365...and looking forward to all your photos.
    3. Awesome word. And what I would consider a perfect word for all the reasons you listed and the simple fact you are a mom to three with one so little yet!

  2. you are so funny!

    so how does it feel to be in the 2008 cool kids crowd? :) still drying a tear that you forgot about me. so kidding!

    awesome photos!

  3. Dude, so you must have seen me here sounding out
    You seriously had me laughing out loud at that one!
    LOve,love, love your word. SO good. I'm still working on mine. You're right...there are just too many words to chose from!
    Glad you are jumping into 365....can not wait to see all those pics :)

  4. yay for the influence of peers!! Can't wait to see those pictures and love the whole nuts and bolts thing. My boys never bring them to me, they fall at my feet when I open the dryer door.

    Love those pics, too!


  5. oh yeah, and that word is PERFECT!

  6. Oh boy, are you brave! I keep seeing everyone hop on the 365 bandwagon and I just don't think I could keep up!!!

    Love your word options!!!! haha.... But Endure is totally great!

  7. you crack me up! :) i love 365 although i do fall off the wagon butjust pick up where I left off :)

  8. dude that is a rocking post!!

    i am thinking my word is going to either be patience or conversation

    haven't decided...leaning on patience though...

    i need IT BAD!@!!!!

  9. What a great post! rock!!! :-)

    Yeah,I've been noticing those "WORD" posts on blogs lately too. However, unlike you, I haven't caved yet :-). I'm still really liking the word I used last year...INSPIRE! There are SO many things in and of this world that inspire me. My friends, my family, my BLOG! So I think I'm gonna recycle that word and use it again this year.Hmmm, that was easy enough!

    By the way, I LOVE the pictures! Keep the good work...your ENDURANCE is INSPIRING!!

  10. Welcom aboard the 365's great to have you aboard :)

  11. Great post Jude! I was gonna vote for just goes with you, Jude! But Endure is a great word and I love how you were able to work it into every aspect of your life.

  12. laughing....laughing...and, o...laughing!! i love your made up word...too funny and i loved the idea of DUDE!! it's very fitting and very true!!

    have fun with the 365!!

    love the b/w photo's!! have a fabulous day!!

  13. wonderful wonderful post. I too have fallen victim to 365 days. Man..I was hoping to avoid it but can't.....I must ENDURE the torture....LOL

  14. I really like your word. Great choice! Beautiful pics too!

  15. First of all, it took me 6 days to get to this post ... where have I been! Second ... thanks for the toot lady! Glad to be a bad influence on you =) Love your word! Hope you have a fabulous day!
    Love Kim