Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Things you think you would never say...

Well, okay type actually. I just told Melanie this and now I can't believe I actually said it in the first place, and then to her, and now, in my early morning rambling your ears get the joy, neigh, the torture even, of hearing the new tag line for my life...
"I am not a pork chop kind of gal."
Yep, I said it to my neighbor a couple of years ago whilst discussing a restaurant where Micah and I had been. It was a vineyard actually, and many of the meat options were slightly more exotic than I care for. (despite the fact that her husband tricked me into eating buffalo meat, I do not nornally eat anything other than chicken.)) So, I ordered the pork chops and loved them even though, as I explained to my neighbor... "I am not a pork chop kind of gal." She has never let me forget it either. :)

Melanie brought it back to my mind when Amazon offered her a lovely power tool... she asked "What about me screams power tool?" To which I was LOL. So, my question for you is ...
Are you a pork chop or a power tool kind of gal?
What kind of goofball statements have you made that you can't, even though you may wish to, forget???
Of course,there are also Mom related things I have said and then realize... Wow, that is not something I ever thought I would say out loud. Things like...
"Stop eating your boogers"
"Tell the poopy to come on out! " (that is potty training talk)
"Um, are you eating that lady bug?"
"Who has been peeing in the shower?"
"Why did you pee on your brother's leg?"
"Please do not toot on me again."
"Take my underwear off your head."
As I reread that list I realize that many of ours revolve around body functions... well that is life in the house of testosterone...
And, that is all. I am attempting to end the milk river here and will close this one out quickly... Here are some scrappy pics though.
This is a mini book I made two weeks ago Friday, when some friends came over to scrap. We had a great time and I got this little gem all started and then finished it up Saturday. :) The white blocks are where I took out personal info...


  1. ok so your mini book about made me cry! Maybe its hormones...but dang, those little notes from you and dad...how sweet is that?! I would love to have something like that from my parents.
    And as for saying things you never thought you'd say before...oh girl, I've got way too many to list! I kind of have that "open mount: insert foot" kind of thing going on. I'm always saying to myself "did I really just say that?"

  2. i need a kleenex! those notes you and micah wrote have me all emotional now. what an awesome miniBOOK for lincoln. so cool!

  3. Your minibook turned out great! What a neat idea!!

  4. love your mini!! ;) you ready for tonight girlie? :)

  5. There is no end to the ridiculous things that come out of my mouth. And apparently it's hereditary. Today we had to go in the bank (the nerve of no drive-thru) and of course they gave the Owen a lolly. His hands were sticky and I said I have wipes in the car. He said, "What kind of wipes, my butt wipes?" Nice and loud,so everyone can hear! And no we don't call them that. :)
    ps i'm not a pork chop kind of gal either

  6. I'm not clicking on your pictures any more! j/k...ditto on the crying over the mom and dad notes. Added to that, Micah's "Dad" signature, looks JUST LIKE my dad's "dad" signature. Wierd.

    Love the mini and the mom statements...that's a daily thing around here, saying stupid stuff. The one that's fresh in mind is the fact that we give poop a family status. For example, Felix will say, "Ohhhh, I made a baby poop. Now I make a mommy poop." So one day, I heard a hefty splash and I asked, "Wow! Was that a mommy poop?" And he replied, quite excitedly, "NO! Dass a DAAAAAAAADDY poop!"

    So yeah, all of our funnies are booger/poop/fart related as well! lol


  7. what a fabulous little mini...so sweet and full of heart!!! i love it!!

    i have a few things i have said over the years where i seriously wonder about my intelligence...and nope...i am not brave like you...so i won't be sharing, lol!!

    have a fabulous day!!

  8. That is just the sweetest thing in the whole world.
    Trying to think about what we laugh about here and usually it's about poop and farts. So, basically like your house. Although, I am trying to figure out why is it that boys love little treasures and pocket them? Like sticks and leaves and other random junk?

  9. Is it safe to say that I'm a pork chop AND power tool kind of gal?? I have also been known to say to my 4 year old "no I am NOT going to buy you another book today" - sounds kind of bad.... but I promise it's out of control and he thinks that anytime we go to the shopping center that has B and N that we HAVE to go in there....(AND yes I am known to give in too just not every time!)

  10. Love the mini album with those very touching notes....
    I am a power tool kind of girl. I have my own tool box & cordless drill.
    Yes I have said...
    "Don't eat your boogers"
    Sang potty songs to help with the process
    Sang dry your booty to the tune of shake your booty
    and many other weird sayings

  11. ohhh and You forgot to tell them you liked the meatballs......

  12. Yeah, Jude, those meatballs were GREAT, weren't they? Looking forward to your blog retreat visit in July!

  13. um hey...you live in a house of boys...isn't tooting on your leg etc kinda standard? sure is at my joint lol!

  14. love the scrappy stuff....I say a lot of things I never thought I would say too, but it's to a teenage girl so I won't share on public blogging...lol...Love and hugs...always love your stories.

    I still reread the Crying over Netflix now and again, just for the sheer joy of it. LOL.

  15. Hi there Jude!

    Your mini book is too stinkin cute!

    Ok, that's ONE thing I never thought I'd say, lol. Simply because, I NEVER thought that the word "stinkin" would elude to a compliment. Nor had I ever heard the term, in the complimentary sense, prior to becoming a SAHM. Too funny!

  16. hi girl ... look i say stupid things ALL the tiime, i just can't think of one in particular! LOL! your mini album is so cute!

  17. You make the best mini's!

  18. your mini book is awesome. all i have to commemorate my kindergarten years is a school play program and a class picture grid shoved into a "school years" book that never got filled out.

    so much for the first kid getting all the preserved memories.