Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And another one bites the dust...

Yes, another childhood fantasy has bit the dust courtesy of Lincoln the logical child. Yesterday he suddenly said "Mom, I lost another tooth!" This is tooth number four for him, and we didn't even know it was loose! (um, he later told me he purposely did not tell us because, "Mom, sometimes children don't tell their parents about loose teeth because they don't want them to say 'Pull it out! Pull it out!'. So, that is why I didn't tell you and dad." Well, alrighty then, I guess we have been a tad enthusiastic about prior teeth, but when your kid has a tooth hanging out of his mouth horizontally you tend to encourage its extraction.) So...
We put the tooth under the pillow and the tooth fairy came and left a dollar. When I get up this morning, Lincoln is laying on the chair looking thoughtfully at said dollar. This is the conversation that ensued...
"Mom, is the tooth fairy really real?"
I pretend to not hear. "Um what honey?"
"Are you and Dad the tooth fairy?
"Did you leave this dollar under my pillow?"
Since Micah had left the money I could answer without lying to him, "No. I didn't. The tooth fairy must have!"
He does not look too convinced and he is back to looking and pondering the dollar, and Micah enters.
"Hey Lincoln! Look at that! Did the tooth fairy leave you that dollar?"
"Dad, are you the tooth fairy?"
"Dad. Is the tooth fairy even real?"
"Um, well -"
"Dad, TELL THE TRUTH!" and this is said so emphatically, with a pointed finger, that Micah confesses...
"No son. The tooth fairy is not real. I put the dollar under your pillow. How did you know?"
"Well, you said she has wings and people do NOT have wings, so I knew it wasn't really real."

Nice. No Santa, No tooth fairy, and I am guessing the Easter Bunny is on thin ice...
We went over, repeatedly, that he is NOT allowed to tell anyone, and gave him several punishments options should he choose to spill the beans anyway.
Then he asks if he can trade back the dollar and have his tooth back. Seriously, whose kid is this???
Other than that, we have had a quiet few days here. The fat dog is continuing on his journey to be the best baby ever! He sleeps good, eats good, and is generally just a happy baby all the time.
Emerson has been having some new imaginary adventures... these involve his gramma. He says things like...

"Mom, my gramma taked me to my school." (um he doesn't even go to school!)
"Ma, my gramma says I can have Spwite (sprite)." (yeah, at 8am only a gramma would give you sprite!)
"Mommy, my gramma says I can do..." Fill this in with any activity that Mom and Dad have banned or said no to.
Onto some scrappy things...
Here is one of my pictures for the 365... A pretty little apple pie that I made this week. It was yummy and my crust came out the prettiest I've ever made. I still have to get these printed and put into some kind of album. I am doing them all at the end of the month, and printing them at Costco, so I have a few more days to figure out exactly how I want to album them up.

My Book of Me for week 3. The idea was to frame something. No, I didn't get this in a real frame for my wall yet, but once we paint in here I will. I love this quote and it so defines why I scrapbook! Remember I am using up my stash and scraps for these so its not like they are brilliant or anything. :)

And, please pray for my girl Kim. Her little bundle of joy arrived 8 weeks early. His name is Joshua and he is doing great. He will be in the hospital until his due date probably. Kim is a super Mom and woman of faith, and seeing her handle this is amazing and encouraging! Speaking of Kim, here are the pages I made a while back for her CJ. I loved the theme, "Queen for a Day"

And I am finishing up the last few Deck of Me Cards... yes, I know I am terribly behind, but I only have a few more to go.I have gotten behind whilst caring for the fat dog. Yeah, blaming a baby is pretty low, but hey, if you really read the card below that is for the prompt "self realization" you will know I am pretty low at times. LOL) If they had pretty backs other than the simple written prompt, I have included them. :) (click to enlarge)


  1. your dudes are too funny! Caleb has had his tooth under his pillow for a week, we keep forgetting. He came in this morning and said, Mom - just give me my money.
    love the deck :)

  2. OH my goodness! That is crazy. Your son is way to smart lol! My kids just take the money and run. He is a great thinker. Wonderful cards!

  3. The story about your children are great. Brought a smile to my day :) I love love the g'ma story. Maybe he is dreaming these things... hm..
    And maybe the other wants to be an anthropologist ? lol..
    Also, love your art, very talented.

  4. HAHAHAH that was too funny!

  5. i have a logical one too and i am quite sure this is what i will be getting soon...but i hope not too soon!!

    praying for kim and her baby boy!! congrats to her!!

    love your entries in her CJ and you are so lucky to have a good baby!! i'll trade you one bad , smart mouth, sassy, hard headed, going to do what she wants when she wants, cute little girl for alden...PLEASE!!! lol

  6. Them are some tough kids--absolutely adorable though. Right after my grandmother passed, my nephew started talking about his imaginary sister (he only has brothers) doing imaginary things with him (going to see grandma). It freaked me out sometimes because he would say it with such conviction but really...they are adorable all caught up in their friends and newfound relatives.

  7. man, i don't want to have to spill the beans to Tanner about Santa, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny.

    Love all your work!

  8. oh jude. i need to meet those boys! i could use a good laugh right now. :)

    hope to chat soon!

  9. I think I might have one of these kids on my hands. Jake is showing all the signs already. The kid questions everything...he's only 4 and already was telling me that Santa wasn't real. I'm not ready for this! LOL!
    Lincoln sounds like a crack up of a kid!...So does Emerson..I just love your kid stories! :)

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  11. Oh to be a fly on the wall in your house! That Lincoln has it all figured out!

    Love your deck and Queen pages.


    You seriously had me crying...DerRick had to ask me what was so funny! OMGoodness...

    Ok...yes...It's bitter sweet because of our girl Kim. When I heard about it I prayed the rest of the day. Sometime I ask Him why but...I think we just need faith.

    Ok...I'm outta here honey! Kiss your little ones for me,

  13. Mmmmm...that pie looks good! And I have to say that your rice krispy treats were very yummy! The girls swiped the pan and took it to breakout time with us! :)

    We missed you!

  14. is there a central location where one might peruse the first 24 of the 365 (is it 366?) pictures of this year?

  15. hey jude!! it's hard to stay warm when it's -17c and you have to walk the kids to school!!! LOL!!!

    i am totally cracked up over the can i trade the tooth back for this dollar...seriously, what child doesn't want money???

    love the deck of me...ummm...i think i am still back in july...oops!!!

    have a fabulous day!!

  16. ha ha...I think my kid pretends to believe so he can still get the cash! Where are the fat dog pics? I love seeing little cutie butterballs! I love your deck of me!

  17. love your cards and layouts. you can't get anything past lincoln!! :)

  18. Boy, you sure are blessed with some wise little men. Thank goodness there aren't too many "imaginary" people who stop by our homes, surprising kids with treats. Jayla is the same way. She's wise beyond her years. When you think about it, it makes our jobs easier. But wouldn't you hate to be one of their friends/classmates? Kids like ours just spoil the fun for everyone else...LOL.

    Your pie looks DEElicious!!! And your pages are beautiful. You do great work.

  19. I did tell Emerson he could do whatever you banned him from doing....I did not however, take him to school....LOL..the kid has a great imagination and Lincoln is just seriously scaring me with his insightfulness...love all the goodies and scappy stuff.