Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cryin' Over the Netflix...

I am not myself lately... I mean, I think there is a vicious conspiracy between my hormones and my brain to make me nuts. Here is an example...
It all started innocently enough. We got the NetFlix and it was Evan Almighty, which I picked. So we start watching at 9:30pm. By 9:35pm I am literally dead asleep. So, the next day Micah, the great husband that he is, takes the boys hiking and gives me a little quiet time with Alden. Well, I go to put in the movie to watch and its gone...
I begin a frantic search for it.
Why I felt frantic I do not know. Micah had already said it was not as funny as I was anticipating. Yet, still the "frantic" search went on. Then I see it out the window... the flag on the mailbox is up. I know what that means. It means Micah has already put it in the mail to send back!
What??? I have not watched it yet... hello hormone surge...
I got upset.
I mean, literally in tears.
I called Micah and asked,
Sniff, sniff " Did you send the netflix back?"
"Um, Yeah." he replies.
"Well, I was going to watch it! Did you forget about me not getting to see it?"
"Jude, babe, if you want to watch it, it is right out there in the mailbox, just go get it. Sorry I just forgot you didn't watch it."
"Fine" I retort.
"Hon, are you upset? he asks.
"No, its okay" I fib...
Cause then I hang up and cry because, and I literally say out loud and tearfully, " I cannot believe he forgot me. I just can't believe he sent that Netflix back." Then as if the sanity fairy came out of the heavens and smacked me with the 2x4 of reality I realized what I was doing...
Sitting there.
Over the NetFlix.

Next example... cause there are many...
I am having an errand night. Alone. Meaning Micah gets home and I exit, rather quickly, to go get some alone time whilst running errands. So, I have Babies R Us, Target, Costco, and the grocery store on my list. It is cold, it is rainy, and I literally do not want to go. I want to stay home and snuggle with Micah on the couch. Ah, but I realize this is the only night of the week I can go, so off I set. First stop, Babies R Us. I get in the door, and realize as I go to put my keys in my purse, that I have left my wallet at home. So there I am. No wallet... which means no credit cards, no ID. I wait in an insanely slow line to ask in my best -I am a trustworthy person who doesn't bounce checks- voice if they will let me write a check sans ID. NO! Was the quick reply. Well... alrighty then. Another employee asks "Doesn't someone with you have ID, we could even use theirs."
Well, that is the irony of alone errand night... My wallet is in the diaper bag, so if i HAD my kids with me, I would not be having this problem. Hello Hormone Surge
So I walk out to the car, and literally burst into tears... I mean, these were river flowing, need a tissue, dripping off the chin, tears.
I call Micah and say "I am headed home! I forgot my wallet and I can't buy anything or even get into Costco. I am so disappointed with myself for forgetting. I am beyond ticked off!"
His sweet reply... after a little giggle i might add...
"It's okay hon. Just calm down. Have you prayed about it?"
"HUH?" I literally held the phone away from my ear and just looked at it.
Are you kidding me I think? I am too busy being ticked off and crying to pray! And that is the point of his question I know. Now, I can write about this because normally Micah does not do things like this. He is a pretty terrific husband and Dad. If he asked goober questions like that all the time, it would not be so humorous.
So, I head home. Get my ID and head to the grocery store at least. (cause that is all I have time for thank you medela! It will be so nice when my entire body can go out for a few hours... ) And after hugs from all the men of the house I feel better, and on the way there, I do think and pray and realize... (hello, 2x4 moment again) this is not a big deal. I mean, really, really not a big deal. Hurricanes, cancer, etc. these are issues I should be crying over. So, reason returns and as I look at my pile of discarded tissues and think of the last half hour, I ponder... "who was that freakish woman?" I wonder if this is what having a split personality is like???
These hormones are sneaky little things. I will not be bested by them. Sanity will reign! Well, okay, maybe not total sanity, but at least some reasonable measure of normalcy would be nice. Cause between you and me, I am ready to stop feeling like Mommy Dearest. (No More wire hangers!)
Until then, I will be scrapping... or crying about you know, the fridge light burning out or getting my shirt wet while I wash dishes... those really upsetting big life issues...
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  1. awwww hang in there my friend!!! I have those days too, but mine revolve around me leaving my cell phone at home lol :-)

  2. oh jude! wish i was down there to give you a hug!

    hope you feel better! :)

  3. aw. You are so cute. I'm glad Micah is so patient and understanding towards your hormones. If you need to chat{even through tears}call anytime{I finally got my new phone}! Seriously.


  4. Ok... please don't be mad at me ... but I laughed so hard as I was reading this.. now mind you.. it is the state of mind I was in... if I would have read it yesterday I would have cried with you. lol.. but today I was thinking back to when I went through it.. hang in there.. you will be fine. :)

  5. as you know jude I am so with you on this hormonal rollercoaster...
    and I have been right there with you - (especially when I was still nursing William...) that does seriously strange things to your body - inside and out :)
    hope you are feeling better soon...I will be thinking of you!

  6. HA HAAAAAAA girl...so sorry but I ws bustin' my butt off reading this! OMG........ Your husband is such a sweety...probably on the other line like " What in the WORLD has gotten into my wife!!! " LOL........

    Now the Net Flicks thing I can totally say HORMONES!!! :) But driving all out in the cold and rain set on getting much needed shopping done at multiple places and then forgetting you wallet??? Yeah...that would send any normal person with half a mind up the wall!

    I;m glad the 'storm' is over honey
    { tee hee heeeee }

    LOVE that page! It is so different from what you normally do and VERY awesome!

    Love you!,

  7. my baby is now 6 years old and my hormones are still just as bad i catch myslef all the time !! lol i know the crying deffinately needs to go lol!!

  8. I am totally on the floor laughing, literally on the floor laughing in my office...you crack me up... Hey Jude...they are big life issues when your hormones are raging and trying to get back to normal...What are you going to doing when you hit menopause...lol.

    No really, I'm just playing with you. I do understand, I do the same thing, but for different reasons, and I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and think, who the heck are you? Where is the happy go lucky Linda.... and then I'm me again for a while, until the next hormonal surge. yep... day by day my love... Thanks for the laugh, the cry and being my bud.

  9. It's all ok. Really, sometimes a good cry is a good thing. Even if it's over no wallet or Evan Almighty.

    Feel better...

  10. awwww. hang in there girl. It will get better, promise and your husband is so sweet! :) call me whenever you need to chat :)

  11. I can totally relate to the hormone thing. Your layout is WONDERFUL!!

  12. Anonymous3:45 PM

    gosh I love that post. I am not alone.

  13. Oh Jude...you are too cute. I'm so sorry you had some teary moments. Man, I hate those. And becoming a SAHM almost 4 years ago, they seem to happen more often. You know, about things like the mortgage, groceries, SCRAPBOOKING SUPPLIES!!! LOL

    How bout a big ole cyber hug...from Dawn to Jude!

  14. Bless your heart Jude! Aren't raging hormones just the pits! Glad you can look back on it and laugh about it now!

  15. Ok, I had to laugh a teensy bit. Only because I'm so glad I'm not the only one who cries like that! The other day I was lying on the floor and Jake went to jump over me and jumped on my head instead. it was an accident and it didn't even hurt and I sat there and cried like a baby and I really have no idea why. But I sure had myself a good little cry right there on the living room floor.
    Hope the hormones subside and your feeling a little better. :)

  16. That is just too funny(sorry i did laugh) I think we all have had those hormone moments. I know I have had many. Have a great day. Remember this too shall past.:)

  17. awww sweetie!!! it probably won't make you feel better...but did you know you don't have to have just had a baby to get hormonal like that?? that just being a woman is all the excuse hormones need to send us intoa fit of irrational tears??? seriously i wonder at my own state of snaity some days and delainey is now over 2!!!

    and your blogging about this tells me you are already laughing about it...so i believe it's safe to admit that this totally cracked me up...but only cuz i totally understand!!! LOL...i had your day yesterday....lost my cell phone, lost my glasses....woke up late and had to rush kidlets out the door to walk them to school...locked my keys in the house and had to send my son in thru the kitchen window after wrangling a 10ft heavy freakin ladder...o and it was snowing!!! yes i was crying by the time i got home!!!

    love and hugs...have a fabulous weekend...and could you please send me your email addie?? the one i have doesn't seem to be working...all emails to you keep getting sent back to me!!!
    ciao chica

  18. ohh hate the hormonal fluctuation...you can't control it, the tears just stream and then you get mad because you don't know why you are cry....
    hang in there...at least Micah totally gets it...how very sweet!

  19. Anonymous6:53 PM

    well there is good news and bad news...good news, I think all of us with children have sooo been there! You are normal! Bad news, ask anyone I AM NOT A CRYER! SInce Vaughn, the whole hormonal thing hasn't dissipated, I mean I was crying over a tv commercial for pete's sakes! I hope your hormones unleashed dissapear the day you put the MEedella in the closet for good. Hugs

  20. you have got to write a book, Jude!! Trust me--I have had those moments... it's good to be able to smile about it later, but it's just like,"what thhe heck came over me??"


  21. Ok...I'm back! I went to check if you updated your blog and I just read this post again!!! It is tooo freakin' funny! Ha HE hEEEEE

    O boy...ok...gonna go now!

    Love ya,

  22. oh, honey...
    i can't stand to be reminded to pray...cuz i'm so righteous already ;)
    hang in there my friend! this too shall pass.

  23. Hi Jude! I forgot to post that when I read the title of this post...

    I HEAR it as a deep throated male (or maybe just twangy female)country voice twanging it out on a guitar! I think it would make a GREAT country song lol. And I'm not even countryish. I'm an 80's gal myself!

    'This too shall pass!'

    bobbie :)

  24. What a blessing Micah is! Do you realize how blessed you are to have a believing husband? Of course you do!! I am blessed too! Eric is another Micah, if that were possible.
    Don't you just hate those darned hormones? I did the same thing several times last week. I don't even remember what I cried about but I do remember telling Eric on the phone as I was driving to work that the day just began and already I've cried 3 times. How stupid! I know when I get like that I have to take a step back and realize the hormone fairy (yes, Lincoln, the hormone fairy really is real) has paid me a visit! LOL!