Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Do not adjust your screens...

Yep, that is right... Another update from me. I know Dawn is fainting by now, but I am keeping my resolve to update more often. We had a busy day of pajama wearing and chores... laundry, dishes, and the usual. The highlight of the day was getting to touch a big hunk of raw meat.. ugh. Here is what I speak of... it is my picture of the day for the 365 project.

Yep, that is gross, but it is part of the journey...the realization that I am not that girl...

You know the girl who buys turkeys and such and makes stuffing and knows about proper basting and seasoning. I think I like the idea of it all... Me stooping into the oven to see a golden brown turkey and basting it whilst wearing a cute apron, and nary a hair out of place...
Yeah, in reality... not so much.
I realized today that I do not like to touch that big dead bird. It is smelly, and slimy and you will not believe this... I literally had to pull out a feather they missed in the turkey processing plant. I almost vomited.
There was no careful selection of spices after that... I shoved that thing in the too small disposable roasting pan I bought, and slathered it with olive oil, salt, pepper and a little Nature's Own. There is no stuffing cause I refuse to eat anything that is cooked in an area referred to as a "cavity". Plus that is where they put that nasty bag of innerds... can they not make some of these birds with an option like "Neck and innerd bag free"??? I would buy those birds for sure. I don't wish to know that what I am cooking once had a neck let alone have to see it and throw it out ya' know?
So anyway... We had a big turkey dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, carrots, and homemade apple pie for dessert. I make my own, from scratch which makes me feel a little better about my culinary skills. I am pretty mad at myself because I wanted to take a picture of the pie, but then I cut and served it before I remembered... that would have been a much more pleasant photo, but now I am stuck with the raw,dead bird shot for the day... like I said it is part of my journey... now you are all thinking it seems fitting that there will be a picture of a raw, dead bird...

Here are some happier things to look at...
My first two weeks for the Book of Me Challenge. Yeah, I can't remember if I heard about that one from Beth, Corey or Nicole... but anyway, I actually have my first two weeks done. On Time. Pretty Miraculous I know. I decided on using a 4x4 size. So far so good. Here they are...

The prompt for this one was to make a list of five things you wanted to do for yourself that week and do them. Got all mine in, except the toes...

This one was "Freedom". You were supposed to let go of something that is holding you back, or keeping you from being all you should/can be. I knew that I did not want to list mine for all the world to see, so i wrote down a few character qualities I know cause me grief, and put them in that cute little vellum envelope. Hence the title "free me from me."

And here is the Mini book for Alden for December... and a picture of him today in his johnny jumper. He is so cute, and I promise, the child does not cry for more than ten minutes a day TOTAL! Thank you Lord on that, cause with old Emerson doing things like breaking keys in half, I need one that is subdued. Yes, Emerson literally broke Micah's house key in half. I am not kidding. He brought him the two pieces and said, "sawwy Dad, I breaked your key." I saved it cause you know that is going to be on a scrapbook page for sure...

Alright, I am outta here...


  1. i have been reading too, but i am not a very fast reader ... and honestly the book i'm reading is HUGE ... almost too big to hold (ridiculous really) but i am loving it!
    i am joining you on the 365 days of photos ... so fun! luv chanel

  2. What the heck did you do to that baby? He CAN'T be big enough to be in a J.J. already!!!

    The feather in the bird...I even made Sean read it. We were both LOL!

    Love all your projects you've got going. The 12 Alden mini books have inspired me. Well, inspired me to the point of purchase, I haven't actually started them yet. Maybe I'll hold out until Sean decided to give me another baby! lol


  3. oh jude! besides the feather in the bird...your dinner sounds awesome.

    yay on the best me entries. so glad you are on this journey. :) (i think you heard about it from nicole b/c that's how i learned about it!)

    hope you are doing well. it was great chatting tonight.

  4. i seriously love that you can have me laughing out loud at 6:15 in the morning before i've even had 1/2 my cup of coffee!!!
    although now i will look at stuffing from a turkey in a completely different light :)

  5. O man...this post was frewakin' hilarious! I just need to spend one day in your house and I will never be the same!

    I totally agree with the r=turkey thing! GROSS-A-MUNGA!!!!! I don't think it's cool that we have to do all the work. Practically shoppin' the head off n' junk!

    The Book of Me challenge sound really fun! Is is too late to join in? I think it's a great idea to finally get myself in some of our scrapbooks!

    And please just kiss the boys for me. So cute...just so cute....

    Chat soon honey,

  6. i can teach u to make cajun turkey!! it is yummmy and not much having to fondle the turkey!! lol...except to wash it!

    love your scrappies!! beautiful stuff and i do expect to see that key on a layout!! lol

  7. Oh MY....2 posts in one month!! :-) I did just about pass out when I saw that you'd updated. Let me just tell you, I am SOOOO proud of you. If you would, please give yourself a big ole hug from me. Thanks!

    That turkey is...um, lovely! (Eeek) The rest of the meal sounds yummy though.

    And you're right, that Alden is the cutest little thing.

    So, why did Bam-Bam...er, I mean, Emerson break daddy's key in half? Not that it matters, cuz who in their right minds would wanna tick THAT kid off anyway? :-) Luv ya!

  8. baahahahahahahha! I have little plastic like doctor's gloves that i put on before making chicken that has to be coated or touching raw meat! I thought I was one of those pansy girls that missed how to love raw meat in home ec or something! I'll send ya some gloves!
    Couldn't find the baby book...what section is it under? not on slide

  9. Love your scrap projects and I am not that person either, glad my MIL is though. LOL

    Your pie sounds heavenly.

  10. Hey Miss Judi! Do you cook your turkey in those oven bags--so you don't have to baste it every few minutes??? They are the best! I would go out of my way to buy a turkey I didn't have to pull junk out of. I'm extremely squeamish about handling raw hamburger meat--I actually use a potato masher to mix up my burgers, meatballs, and meatloaf!
    The boys are getting so big. Even little Alden--heavens, didn't you JUST have him??
    Love to all of you from us! Jen

  11. alden is the cutest, yum homemade apple pie, love!! :)

  12. Love your To-Do list. And raw, naked birds with "innards"...eeeew, not so much for me either.

  13. I think your on to somethin...I would totally buy a turkey without the innards. I'm tellin ya, there's has to be a huge market for that!
    How in the heck did Emerson break the key? You have a little He-Man, do you? LOL!

  14. now how the heck does a kid break a key in half???????? And yes, Alden is cute, and I'm still laughing at the turkey thing. I am such a country girl because I can eat it, the missed feather doesn't phase me in the least I've plucked a whole one...not a fun job but I did; and the cavity thing, I don't even think of it, it's cooked right!!!!!

    Now back to Alden......can he come visit me? OK and E and L too because L is old enough for me to put on a fast 50 and teach him to dirtbike, and I can even borrow a "modified" (i.e. easier to ride)) fast 50 to put E on...LOL...Now I know you will never let them visit...darn.. what was I thinking mentioning that to you?

  15. Well, at least you cook. I make ANdy do that. I only "cook" when I need to....

    Love the projects...

  16. oh my goodness, alden is growing up so fast!!

    prepping giant raw birds for dinner is gross, for sure. but that dinner sounds delish.

    and if you're making homemade pie - you might be that girl, if only for a moment. :)

  17. I am absolutely with you on cooking dead birds. I will only by chicken wings (already ready to go in the oven from Costco for football games) and Chicken breasts. I'm impressed that you cooked the bird (I would have puked seeing the feather!)

    Are you doing a mini for every month of Alden's first year? like everyday? Or just snapshots through out the month? I'm intrigued ... please send me some info about this!

    Have a great day my friend!
    Love Kim

  18. Love how creative you are being! I really hope to get all that back after the baby gets here. I feel like all I'm doing now is getting ready for D-day.