Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Hello all! I am finally all better, relatively speaking... :) The boys are on the mend too. Thanks for the well wishes for our speedy recovery!!

Despite the illnesses, we had a lovely little Christmas. Lincoln discovered on December 23rd that there were gifts involoved with Christmas... He thought all the presents were for his cousin's Birthday or others...LOL. Then he started to look at the tags, saw his name, and said,

"Are some of these presents for us? Do we get presents at Christmas?"

I just said, "Maybe..." Darn, we had a good run of complete and utter ignorance to the "overchristmascommercialization" for these last few years. I think next year he may actually ask for things...GASP! No, really, it was all good. They were great. Being sick the whole week stunk because I had all these cool crafts and projects that I wanted to do with the boys, and well... let's just say they have watched their TV quota for 2007 already. What else is a sick Mom to do in desperate times?

Here are some Jude insights for 2007:


1.I said it a while back on Toya's blog, but here it is again... FELT is the new chipboard. It will be all over, not only as flowers, but soon Heidi Swapp or Elsie or some other gal will have a whole line of self adhesive felt letters,brackets, etc... ANd I will be hypnotically hitting the "click to buy" button in a bizarre on line shopping frenzy.

2.The hand written journaling "phase" will become a more common trend. More people will realize how even if they don't write like Ali E or a computer, it is cool to use your own paws once in a while.

3.That little bird we keep seeing everywhere, he will finally be out... sorry pal, its time to go south.

4.Stamps, stamps, stamps... They will be used more and more, some for the good, some for the bad... please, I beg of you all... NO TEDDY BEARS stamped on LOs...

Personal Goals:

1.I will keep up better with my prayer life, and personal journals... Cause I am such a dolt when I am spiritually lazy, and the journals... well I am so vain, I think that, of course the writers of my memoirs will want some good source materials. ( I am thinking of starting the first entry like this... "Despite what photos look like, I weighed a mere 115 lbs and resembled Heidi Klum in 2007...)

2. I will keep my house cleaner, and more organized...

3.I will hire a maid.... (see #2)

4.I will be in shape again... I saw fat near my armpit area... HUH? What is that? Now I have fat armpits? That is just fundamentally wrong, and I will be hitting the weights with a vengence in the New Year. I must prove to these armpits who is boss...

5.I will stop being so sarcastic....
Yeah right... did you really belive that? heehee... Happy New Year to all...

Here are some pictures...

This is our traditional Christmas Eve German dinner... I also make apple pie, but we skipped it this year. (Potatoe PAtties, Green Beans with Bacon, Sauerkraut and kielbasa.)

My little men on Christmas morning... got their milk, sat by the tree, looked cute... :)

And Lincoln says... Happy New year... :)


  1. Hi Jude
    glad to hear you and your family are feeling better. I'm totally diggin' your scrapbooking and personal insights for 2007! You crack me up! I totally never new what to do with that silly little bird...glad he's not sticking around! And I vow never to use that Stampin'Up teddy bear from like 10 years ago on any layouts...or anywhere else for that matter!
    Hope you and your family are very blessed in 07!

  2. So happy you guys are on the road to recovery! Love you scrapbooking insights, especially about the little birdie! Sending prayers to help you achieve your goals. Can you send that maid to my house once in while?

  3. Soo glad to hear you are feeling better! And your kids too? That's all to the good right there!!! I can see the whole felt thing! I have some felt and used it like twice. I liked the effect and i can totally see somebody making it all fab for use to use n' junk!!!

    and I have been lookin gat my bird satmps like I wan't to use you but not this time! I only used mine once! And that was one bird out of the whole freaken like 7 of 'em. So yeah.. I think you hit that one on the head too!

    I hope you stay true to your goals, Shoot I hae no doubt that you will. You are so sweet and talented and I am so glad you had a wonderful Holiday season! -Karla

  4. Bonne année!!!

    meilleurs voeux!!!

    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  5. You have me cracking up Jude...I'm seriously checking out my armpits right now :)
    also love your insights...i think your right on though!! Although it does kind of make me sad to think this hobby is so trendy - what are we going to think of our pages in 10 years?!?
    Anyway glad to hear you are all feeling better and that you had a good holiday!!

  6. "Are some of these presents for us? Do we get presents at Christmas?" have to scrap this sentence!!!