Monday, January 29, 2007

Ok, so I am a slacker...

I have been a blog posting slacker, a blog reading slacker, and even a household chore slacker... BUT... in my defense, (the three best words in the english language!) I did hurt my back last week. I kept telling people I felt like an old football player saying this, but I really do have an old injury from my soccer playing years, that I apparently re-injure from time to time. It is ridiculous really, I mean, all I did was pick a toy up off the floor, and wham... twisted the ol' back, and I am hunched over like an old woman. It is usually fine in a couple days, but this time it took more like 5-6. Then, I realized last night that, as tempting as it is normally to just sit and veg out in front of the TV, it is even worse when there is a gloriously warm heating pad there to make you all toasty... so, yes, I was very lazy, and that blasted TBS sucked me in again with the "movie - I - have - seen-100x- but- am- still- watching- it-again" 10pm movie. Stinkin' TBS...
I am normally very organized, have laundry done on specific days, things put away, etc. I knew I had clearly become the dire opposite of my normal self when Micah asked me this morning if I needed help tonight with the laundry... Talk about LOL... He was being totally sweet, not condescending. He just realized if I was still hurting, and couldn't lug around laundry baskets, he would have to keep looking for socks in the unfolded laundry. So, he offered to help... something that, for some reason I look at as failure on my part... It's like, "heck no, I can do the laundry and manage this house, hunched over or upright!" But, since I just put away the last of the laundry from last week TODAY, I think that is an incorrect assumption on my part.
I must admit, I am a little grossed out by the crunching of cheerios under my feet in the dining room as well...
So, no more hurt back, no more heating pad, back to my old self... I will be folding laundry tonight while I watch HEROS... LOLOLOLOL

Here are my, late as usual pictures of the Emily challenge: This week was "I am..."
I liked what i picked, but I don't care for how the card came out... I am forgiven carries so much meaning to me...

It means...
I will start each day fresh, new, and with a positive outlook.
It means I will not, and cannot judge others.
It means I will be forgiving of others.
It means I will be thankful.
It means I will be a person of grace and love.
Clearly, I struggle with consistency on these, but still I am thankful I am forgiven...

So, I am forgiven... but I am not loving the way this card turned out! LOL...



  1. Yes you have been slacking...on the blog circuit I mean I have no idea what your house looks like so I won't comment on that!

    I had visited many times only to see the same post...oh yes your challenge is coming out fantastic...i love it!! Have I told you you're talented...hmmm I think I have....old age setting in here!!! I know, I know I'm young...anyway what was I saying....oh yes if I have told you you're talented already then I shall tell you that your talent always amazes me and keeps me wanting more!!!

  2. SLACKER!!! Glad you are feeling better though..... :-)

  3. So glad your back is feeling better. Nothing worse than a backache, a toothache and a bad hair day :-).

    I like the colors you chose for your card and the picture is really nice.

    Again, glad you're back to normal.

  4. oh{a sigh kind of oh}. I LOVE that you put forever. That is so awesome! Yeah, I've been having a really bad week as far as being forgiven is concerned. Major m-i-l issues{don't respond to this in a comment on my blog, she's a reader}. I've thought more horrible things about that woman this week...oooh, some really mean things. BUT they weren't w/o cause, but I still shouldn't have thought/said some of the things I did.

    Anyways, take laundry help however you can get it!! Ain't no shame in it. Tho I wouldn't know, no ones ever offered to help me w/laundry...

  5. really? you don't like your card? I totally dig it. It feels so personal. Forgiven...I would have never ever thought of that. Totally awesome (yes, i'm a california valley girl...I say totally and awesome all the time! LOL) I'm so glad you're feeling better. Back aches suck. You so need to just accept the laundry help. I have trained my husband to do 99.9% of our household laundry...this includes folding AND putting away! Got to love that!
    Glad you're not a blog slacker anymore!

  6. were you a lwayer in a past life??? girl you can argue yourself outta anything!!! I LOVE it!!! and that card turned out great!!! I STILL need to do mine!!! and now I am 4 weeks behind!! have a fabulous night and take care of you and that back!!
    ciao for now!!

  7. girl - i love it. it is very very deep ... and that is wikid, as it means alot.
    tell me more about your back! I know all about bad backs, I had chronic back pain for 5 years before having an artifical disk put in .... major stuff, but now I'm totally fixed! I feel for you, as I seriously know how horrible and painful it is. I pray you will get better fast. take it easy girl!

  8. Oh my goodness Jude...sounds like you and I had the same week!! Not staying on 'schedule' or things organzied totally drove me nuts..just now digging out of it all! Anyway glad to hear you are feeling better..and glad to see you are back in blog land :) And the card is the direction you took with it!

  9. Yes I have been braving the cold of the basement...I went down there at 4AM yesterday and went on for 20 mins but then my legs started to itch (I'll go more into that another time! LOL) so I had to stop and do manual squats and stuff.

    You better get in the that garage and blow off the dust!!! LOL

  10. You're not a slacker- I am! LOL! OOohh la la! What a sexy photo on your card.

  11. I love the quote that is very touching, and you are not a slacker, sometimes you just need a break to regroup you know

  12. Jessi's right you can argue your way out! I love the must be your back pain preventing you from seeing how awesome it is!

  13. hey you ... i am supposed to be working (we have a home office - so i am being distracted, as you can tell!) i have to ban myself from surfing while i'm supposed to be workin - LOL!
    my run was ok, my muscles are a bit tired now ... that is ok, will get a massage next week. Emra is going well, she wanted to stay home today to play with me, i think she'll be tired by tomorrow afternoon. Of course i will mail to you ... that is the whole fun of it. Have to go get creative and make something cool first. ok better get back to work! have a great day! luv c

  14. glad to see your feelin better. (Although i do know what its like to walk hnched over like an old lady.) Keep in touch