Tuesday, January 30, 2007

So, if I ever went missing...

I was thinking about this, after reading on my "separated at birth sister" Karla's blog, that she is going to take a little blog break. SHe has a bunch of stuff going on right now, and needs to cut back. As I have recently found out, I am not Superwoman, so it is a tad encouraging to hear others say the same. So, I made sure to let her know that she should just type in a simple "This is KArla and I am alive..." message, so we wouldn't worry.

I mean, really wouldn't you just wonder if someone abruptly stopped blogging? Ronda and CHanel have both checked in on me recently and I gotta' tell you, it was nice to know they missed me! My pal Brown English Muffin (aka BEM) and I joked about checking on each other as we ventured into basements and garages to exercise... you know, just in case we never made it back up the stairs. It was comforting as I made my way through that rigorous 3½ minutes on treadmill. (see post on 11/6/2006 for that one...) It was good to know BEM had my back, just in case... LOL.
So, as many of you have attested to, you grow into friendships with your blog pals, and you would wonder, neigh worry, if they just ceased to post... (and don't you love the use of the word neigh? I feel like a student who just got a bonus on the spelling test for using it in a sentence!)
So, what would your call to the cops be? What would you say? How would you describe some of your blog pals?

"Hello, police, this is Jude. I want to report a missing person."
"How long have they been gone ma'am?"
"Well, she hasn't posted in about three weeks, so..."
"Huh? Posted what? Bail?"
"WHAT? No, she hasn't posted on her blog, ya' know, web log"
The officer, now sensing he is dealing with a not so normal person says, "So how long have you known the person?"
"Well, I've been reading her blog for months, we e-mail, and..."
The officer growing frustrated, "So, describe her..."
"Well, she has sparkly eyes, she touches them up somehow in Photoshop, but I don't remember exactly how, her kids are adorable, they were sick a few weeks ago, but are better now, so I know that's not the problem, and her Layouts, well, she is just so talented. Her word for the year is "CREATE' wasn't that a great choice? Her husband recently surprised her for her birthday... there's a great page about that one in her archives, she loves fontwerks stamps and 7Gypsies stickers, like me, and she just sent me the loveliest RAK last month..."
"No, lady, I mean like how tall is she? What was she wearing when you last saw her?"
"well, I don't know how tall exactly, she is sitting in most of the pictures, and she wears pajamas alot, so there is no telling what she was wearing that day."
Now the police officer clearly thinks he ought to start filling out the involuntary commitment papers, "SO, lady, are you saying this woman is your dear friend, you 'converse' almost daily, talk about your lives, your work, etc. and you have never actually met?"
"Well, yes... but we did reach the ultimate point of blog trust. Ya' know, that 'okay, I know she is not a weirdo' trust, and exchanged addresses. DO you think you could just check?"
"Well, okay ma'am...but this is highly unusual"
ANd later that day, you find out, via a call from the officer, "Okay. I have located your 'friend' and she wanted to me to say...thanks sooooo much for checking on her. your dear blogging friend's internet was down, because her dog chewed on the cable cords, while she was making her card for the emily falconbridge challenge, have you done yours yet? And then there was the AliE newsletter one too. What did you do for yours? Did you get the new HS bling yet? SHe is still waiting for hers, her son went poopy on the potty, she made the Design Team, the new CK rocks, LOST is a repeat again this week, that new recipe stunk, and (officer out of breath)ma'am, that was all I could take... SHe said to give you her phone number, and if you wanted you could call her."
You are clearly flattered, you have been given ultimate trust... the phone number... and you are so happy your blog pal is alright.

So, this was just a test run, there are little pieces of many of you in it, and yeah, I would totally call and go through all this with some officer if you disappeared.
Cause you scrappity bloggers rock... you are
Sweet, you share LO ideas, and love it when someone "scraplifts" you.
You know all the great online stores and kit clubs.
You e-mail me to "check in " if I am absent too long.
You make me laugh about things like trips to Target and burnt dinners.
You are encouraging. ("have you lost weight in those new pictures?" And we all know i love a good lie about that! )
Keep secrets... (wink, you know who you are!LOL)
I have also found that my blog friends, are a diverse group, and i mean in many ways. We have different scrap styles, yet love to see each others work. We all raise our kids differently, yet I have never heard a "tsk tsk" over those differences. We listen openly about each others faith, and since most people argue about it, that is a miracle right there!LOL. We are different races, ethnic backgrounds, etc. yet we each see beauty in the sparkly eyes and smiles we take self portraits of. We love different music, yet still listen to the tunes we share in the audio link. (new rule Adrienne, no WHAM allowed!LOL) Politics are not argued, and we all pulled for Chris Edwards to win, just cause we knew the scrap pages would be so dang cool. (just kidding!) So, yeah, though people laugh when I say things like "Well, I have this friend who..." ANd then they ask where I know them from... and that launches into the whole long blog explanation, but its okay, cause I think blogland is a good place to be from...

And by the way, I am 5'10"...

Here are my cards for the Emily challenge. (please someone pick up Ronda, Beth, and Nicole, off the floor... they are fainting at this being done so early!!LOL...)

I chose the symbol I saw that truly changed my life just over 5 years ago. And it is so ironic that I picked this and then have had the two WORST days ever with my boys... literally. I mean loud, disobedient chaos... I am just trying to remember that I also chose the word "EMBRACE" as my word for the year, and not choke, or even runaway... Really, I know every kid has bad days, today just seemed to last longer...


  1. Jude - seriously how can you be this funny so early in the morning?!?! My kids are looking at me like I'm crazy for laughing hysterically at my computer monitor!! But I can totally relate to that conversation!! I've actually even had one somewhat like that with dh - you know "I have this friend...." but like you said it is such an awesome way to connect and make friendships that you would never find otherwise. And the things we find in common or support each other with are things that we all go through...but might not find those same connections "in real life" :) Can you imagine if I pulled out my last art journal cards for everyone that came to my door - they would think I was nuts!
    Oh and I LOVE your card - would have never thought of that one - but so true in that, that little line changes your life forever!!!
    Thanks Jude for your words today and starting my day off with some laughs!! You are a gem :)

  2. Jude, you are so freakin funny, girl! I do really start to wonder when someone doesn't post for a few days. My DH totally thinks I'm crazy. Always saying "you don't even know that girl". And I say "Yes I do! I know her kids names and what they had for breakfast!" Then he inevitably sits down and reads someones blog all the way down the page. I always find that funny.
    Your card totally made me teary! It was just over a year ago when I saw that very thing and learned I was expecting my second. Totally love that you picked that as a symbol.

  3. 5'10, you could be a model! Cracking me up, and also, got a little teary at the symbol you chose. I never would've thought of that. How sweet, and kinda gross, b/c we all know sex and pee were involved. :) Awesome post, awesome card, so so funny. Made me laugh in the midst of a crappy day.

    :) Chrissy

  4. Jude, what a TOTALLY cute post! That was too funny. Funny because it's so true. I can't help but think about how a police officer would REALLY respond if one of us gave him the info you described. We'd all get to have our very own "padded" scrapbook room. I'm laughing about it now! Of all the blogs that I read on a daily basis, I've actually only met 2 of ladies. However, many more than that received Christmas cards/pictures from us last year. So yes, I'd consider all these ladies my friends (including you now, as you've been LINKED!) But I'll admit, I'd have to print off your profile picture if you asked me to pick you up from the airport :-).
    But for the record, I hope none of my fellow blogging "friends" do go missing...everyone is so spread out all over the country. And I wouldn't know which 911 Operator to call :-).
    Love the card you made. Great choice!
    By the way, I'm 5'4.5" (just in case you need that info) LOL!

  5. dude...I am ROTFLMAO!!!!!! that was too funny and too true!!! and oh, so real!!! and I agree...this blog thing we all do has a real cool way of connecting us!!! I love it!!

    And I LOVE your card!!! way to go on getting it done early...I still have to do my symbol one...but it's all good, it'll get there!!!
    have a greta night!!

  6. Jude,
    you are a knucklehead. your posts are kind of funny though. i did find myself laughing aloud. i am sitting at panera with Lincoln and he is asking, how did mommy put her blog on your computer? (again, another vocabulary addition that we never had as kids...."blog") he asked me about it b/c he wanted to know what i was laughing about. so, you even make the person you now refer to as "DH" laugh.

    Love your blog....keep it up!

  7. Thanks for your comments on my blog. I feel like I know you bc of Chrissy. I am 5"10" too. Which works out nicely since my husband is 5'6". Its ok, you can laugh. Yeah. Heels are out of the question at events. I love your art! Very cool. Great blog. I'll be back.

  8. love the card. it's a very special symbol!

  9. Recent lurker here. I had to comment when I read this today. I was laughing out loud! So funny and so true!

  10. So Jude,

    Thanks for comment on my page. Not many people look at it. Hope to get more. Yeah I am know people think I am weird, a guy who blogs and only talks to ladies, and my wife is cool with it. So your post was amazingly random, and I got a kick out of it... By the way you are going to be on my page.
    Later---I mean I will check on ya later--to make sure your still here.

  11. if ever you went missing i would be very sad ... you are one of my friends now, i know we don't have a conventional friendship, but hey - that is why life is cool!
    love your card, i am going to start working on this weeks one tonight - cooL!

  12. Dude, did you get kidnapped?? This post had been up for like 6 days! And I saw that your husband left a comment, how freakin' sweet is that?!? And my husbands #1 name of endearment is knucklehead, too. I think yours meant it nicely...So, post some more for your followers.

    Chrissy{again, 2nd comment on the same post,6 days apart,do I need to call 911?}


  14. omg,, TOO HILARIOUS, you are a piece of work girl

  15. oh god I think my co-workers finally know that I don't do work the entire 7 hours that I am here...that in fact I spend a good portion of my time blogging...there was no way I couldn't help from laughing out loud right here at work!!

    This was so real and so hilarious at the same time...and that police man...oh god I'm still laughing...I'll have to come back later to pass judgement..I mean make comments on your Symbol page...I can't even think creatively right now as all I think of is Jude the stand up comic!!!!!!

  16. Seriously cracking up! Love you so much! I feel ya....I was like where's jude...she's missing...need to check on her. I'm only 5'2" and my hair is a shade of red...this week! Hubby thinks I'm nuts because I refer to you all...my friend Jude, my friend Nicole, Beth, Karla, Tannis, etc.

    Love, Love, Love that card. Now that's a symbol! I will have to tell you a story later about that one!

  17. Whew! I just finished reading your novel! Girlfriend, where do you find time to write all this (allbeit witty) stuff! Do I get a prize for using "allbeit". BTW- I thought "neigh" was something a horse does? Do you mean, "nay". LOL! So, since I have your snail mail, I've reached some level of trust? But there is a higher lever- the phone number- that I haven't reached yet? How do I get to that level?
    Don't dis Wham. I'm with Adrienne. I love Wham too.
    Are you really 5'10"??!?! No wonder you have nice long legs.
    Loved catching up. Now I have to read the next days post. Be back in a minute.....

  18. I love this card!!!WOW! great idea!!

  19. Love this post! And the card is sweet too! :)