Monday, February 05, 2007

I need sleep...

Hello all. Lest you think I was giving you a hint at future events, I am not, in fact missing, despite the long passage between the last two posts... apologies all around. We had a flurry of weekend activities, ending with a Superbowl party (where I actually won TWO prizes for game predictions... I am sending my resume into FOX Sports right now. I hope I get to sit next to Howie...) Last night was a trying and exhausting night... Poor Emerson woke up at about 1am (after staying up until like 11 for all the football festivities.) and was literally up all night. He would nod off for a half hour here and there, but then would wake up screaming and crying. Now, I know all of you more experienced Moms are going, well... "He probably has an ear infection." Good call, however, neither of my boys has ever had one so I was clueless, and kinda thought the little stinker just had gas. (YES, pun intended.) I did what any bright mother lacking sleep would do... I called my best friend, Jen and asked her opinion. She knew immediately... ear infection. Then, after holding for what seemed like forever with the doctors office, I got to talk to our favorite nurse, and she said... "Ear infection... bring him in at 12noon" SO, into the office we go, Emerson literally holding his hand over his ears the whole time. The room nurse did not really appreciate the fact that I didn't want to strip Em down to weigh him, let alone give him the ol' anal thermometer...
"gee, I am sorry... Ya' know, I've only had two hours of sleep like him, but yeah, strip me down, throw me on that scale, and then stick a rectal thermometer in... that should make me feel alive again!" Really, his ear hurts... is it necessary to know his weight? (I did win in the end... insert a little chuckle of mommy pride here for defending my kids buttocks...)
So, five seconds with the dr. "yes it is an ear infection, here are your prescriptions.Bye."
The moral of the story is, if Jen could just prescribe and dispense medications, I could have gone to her house and taken care of all this... and done so in my pajamas. (cause remember... they are clothes...) And she probably would have served us coffee and lunch too... plus she was technically the first correct diagnosis... so kudos to DR.Jen... ) I am off to make myself look, well, who I am kidding, presentable would be a long shot... I am going to hope I don't look and smell so bad that Micah flees upon sight of me... June Cleaver would be so disappointed...


  1. Hey...June is way overrated. She only acted that way b/c she was being filmed. You know she had a flask in that apron of hers. As all good mothers should. :)

    Hope that kiddo gives you a break tonight and that the meds kick in quickly for his sake.


  2. You are too funny! Oh, how I remember those days. Fortunately, my youngest has only had one ear infection...but she wanted to cover all bases, so she had a double infection (why not? she's got 2 ears, right?) Hmmm, do 5 year olds get ear infections? Time will tell, she's got 10 more months to be 5.
    Well, I'm glad you got him in to see the doctor and now's he's got some meds flowing. Hopefully, all will be well tonight and you ALL can get some rest.

  3. Awww poor little man..those hurts. Thanks to Super mommy the bottom was saved! I feel for you, Anthony had to have tubes put in because of so many ear infections. Sending you love and some extra naps for mommy & the boys!

  4. ah man, that just sucks. Poor little guy. I guarantee you will sleep better tonight now that he's got some meds. Ear infections are not fun...for anyone! I never can tell if my kid has an ear infection or not. Whenever I think he does, we go, pay $15 co-pay and find out he doesn't. Then the next time I'm convinced he's fine, take him anyway, pay the $15 bucks and low and behold, he's got a double ear infection! Being a mommy sure isn't an exact science!

  5. Hi Jude - hope the little boy is feeling better!!! I have to say I would have been in the same boat as you - no ear infections to date - I better knock on some wood though now or I'll be in the er tonight :) Oh and so relating to your comment about at least not smelling bad when dh walks in the door - totally have those days!!

  6. Earaches suck!!!! Thanks for coming to visit me on my blog! Love that mini book! Have a happier day! kim

  7. awwwwwwwwww...I have never had an earache over here I would have no clue!! But I do understand the 2 hours of sleep thing!! poor babe!!!

    hope you get a good sleep...3 hours should be good...hey??!!!!
    ciao for now!!

  8. erm...can you give me Jen's number I'll call her in the future!! LOL

    Oh and can we take up dontations to put Jen through medical school...that's if she hasn't gone already

    Oh and by the way who'se Jen?

  9. Oh yes and did the antiboitics help poor Em? I hope so!!

    Baby C has a double ear infection right now but from her body language you'd never know it...she doesn't seem bothered at all!!