Thursday, February 22, 2007

Guess what I bought???

I admit it... tonight, for the first time ever, I, Jude, bought my first bottle of Primas.

Okay... stop the shocked looks, close the jaws, it is true.It's not that I don't like them, I just have boys, and never really thought about buying them. They are flowers. Then I kept seeing them, and a couple weeks ago Theresa sent me some in a lovely RAK, so I decided to take the plunge. I will not be like that crazy woman on Two Peas who owns, literally over 100 bottles. Really, that is a tad over the top... now 100 packs of HS chipboard... that is normal, totally acceptable. See??? You thought I was getting all judgey... well, you know the saying... "People who love in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." ... um, people who own gobs of patterned paper, chipboard, alphabets, etc. shouldn't throw them either... ANd ya' know, those glass house people, they shouldn't walk around naked either.
I went to my LSS tonight because they were having a big sale, and I got some way cool things to use in a circle journal I am a part of. The other ladies are oh so talented, so pray they will still love me after they see my pages. They are all very computer trendy too, and have little links on their sidebar with our names... You notice I am still glorying in the slideshow, and have yet to update my sidebar since... I hope the circle girls understand. :)
Okay, off to wash some dishes before the Office and Greys comes on...
Hopefully I will post my three Emily F cards that I had to catch up on this weekend sometime... I got some way cool paper from, um no I am not going to say, it will ruin it when I post the actual cards. Way cool paper source will be announced at its unveiling... :)
Until then, I will leave you with this sage advice :
"You can pick your friends,
and you can pick your nose,
But you can't pick your friend's nose."


  1. You are so funny, Jude! I am so excited to be in a circle journal w/you ladies. I am not much of a computer savvy, too but I learn by trial and error. It just takes a lot of practice.

  2. Ha, I've never bought those adorable little flowers either. I do love 'em, but know I'd never use them.

    Haven't gotten the hair chopped yet either. I did my hair straight today and it turned out to be a very good hairday. Can't ever get a haircut on a good hair day! I may just keep it a little longer and straighten it. If my hair is pretty tomorrow, I'll send you a pic and you can tell me if it looks good or if it's all in my mind.

    Can't wait to see your cards!


  3. My dear Jude, you are too funny. My mom use to say that quote to me all the time. Oh those memorable mother/daughter moments :-).
    I must admit thought, I just KNEW that the next post I saw from you would be the "tag" I gave you many moons ago. Remember that??? LOL
    That's ok, this one was fun too.
    And I'd like to take a moment to welcome you to the land of Prima flowers. And what's your problem with 100 bottles??? Ever thought that maybe the people that read your blog have that many? HUH??? Well, I don't...I was just asking...hee hee. I only have 10...but I have girls.
    Speaking of which, if you're ever in the mood to do a girly page, I'd be happy to trade pages with you. How fun would THAT be?

  4. happy first jar of worries...i only have one too! i am like you and have lots of other goodies. can't wait to see the emily cards.

  5. So funny!! Glad you took the plunge on the primas :) And I hoping to see some on your future layouts...
    can't wait to see your cards - still thinking about my shoes card!!
    Happy Friday.

  6. You always make me laugh. I am one of those people with gobs of stuff so I won't throw stones. But since my house is not made of glass, can I walk around naked? I will check out those cards when I get back so you have a week to complete the assignment. Lastly my apologies my friend because somehow I missed your name on my sidebar....but at least your on the other side right?

  7. Oh an a tasteful flower is totally okay on a boy's page....just don't go throwing hot pinks on there!

  8. Oh my gosh...You made me laugh so hard. I love the pick the nose thing. Too funny. Jude, you are not the only one who is not all savvy on the computer thing. I just ask...Jessi for example, rocks and I think she knows everything, she taught me how to do a banner, links all of that stuff, and now I'm finally getting the hang of it. We have a very talented group of CJ girls, including you. I do the same thing, wonder if my stuff is good enough, but know is cuz it's my own style, just like you. So, can't wait to see your CJ. By the way...I have lots of bottles of flowers, and lots of chipboard (really lots) it normal to have both? LOL - Peace...harmony....laugh - L

  9. Hee Hee! Great quote! And oh how I wish I had a hundred HS chipboard sets! (but 2 will have to do for now!) Have fun working on your circle journal! I'm sure whatever you create will be gorgeous! And about those flowers (I have one bottle because even though I only have a boy I decided that I would put some on the "me"pages I do! Kim

  10. too funny...but may I just say that IT'S OKAY TO USE FLOWERS ON BOYS PAGES TOO, you know!!! I love flowers so I think everyone should be using them...LOL!!! And yes, flowers creep on to my son's pages every now and than...heehee!! but it's cool!!! happy monday!!

  11. So, I have your name linked on the sideboard of my blog. Do I get a prize?? I gave you the flowers because I have 3 boys and use the flowers ALOT, so I know you will love them and use them tastefully on your boy pages as well. I can't wait to see how you used them! I know I'm a blog slackard, but I'm doing the RAK challenge/contest soon so don't give up on me just yet. I have deadlines to meet before the end of the month. SO I have a legitimate excuse.
    I can't throw stones. I live in a house made of chipboard, so no stone throwing here. Hee hee....

  12. your glass house comment. I own one bottle of primas and a whole bunch of other kinds (but not nearly 100 bottles worth). I have boys too, but I use them...I may not use pink ones on layouts with them, but I do use flowers. I don't think they look least I hope not...maybe I should go back and look now. Have a great day!