Wednesday, February 14, 2007

So, the policeman said I should update...

Did you all get that policeman reference??? LOLOLOL... Okay, so now that I have entertained myself with a little poor humor... I have truly been busy, (Nicole, wink, wink) and I am sorry I haven't updated. Now, just so you all know how important you are, I am fighting the weariness that comes from a day of Valentine Festivities with a class full of 4 year olds just to type this... forgive any random, non-coherent thoughts... Oh, wait, that is how all my posts sound. Well, okay to I just have a reason for the randomness today...
Yes, I went to help at Lincoln's class Valentine's Party... the passing out of cards was especially painful... I mean, time consuming, er...I meant to say, "Bless their hearts, those dear little children didn't know who to give those cards to." (In the south you can say almost anything if you begin it with the phrase "bless their heart")
Soooo... did you know that only a small percentage of four year olds can recognize other children's names, and then properly place a Valentine in that child's box??? Let me explain... Here is Lincoln. He has a valentine for "Suzy-Q"... only there are 3 other kids whose names start with "S" like Suzy-Q, so there is no telling who gets which "S" valentine... very confusing stuff for a 4 year old. And for the record, there are 5 names that start with "A" in his class... ugh! One poor kid, did NOT get the whole put it in the box concept. I would tell him who the Valentine was for, and he would walk over and hand it to the child. I finally gave up after the 8th explanation and started putting them in boxes when he wasn't looking. SO, after reading that are you shocked to know I used to teach Pre-K???? Yep, its true...
But, the kiddos had a blast decorating cupcakes and eating way too much sugar, so it was worth it. OK, and now Lincoln just got done opening all these Valentine's and declared "All the kids in my class are so kind to give me these. I just love all of them."
Too late to delete all that whining I did... It would take me forever to retype something else too.
And while we are on the subject of typing...
No DAWN... I haven't forgotten that you tagged me... I just have to work up to that much finger usage... LOL. (I think she tagged me just to laugh at how long it would take to get it done... LOL) (Just kidding Dawn!! :) )
Ok, so back to typing...
Do you know why I don't do "quick updates"? Because I am such a bad typist it takes too long, so it is never quick!! LOL... Here are some of my better typos...

nad I couls go on and on butr what dfun is it to tread all my typois? Really, I maen, have't I wasteed eniough opf your time???
have a lovely Valentine's Day one and All!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PS... Happy Belated Birthday Ronda!! :)


  1. good make me laugh everytime I read your blog!!! love your humor!!! have you sufficiently recovered from your bout of 4 yr olds??? would not even want to be in that spot!!! I volunteer at my kids' school but not on days where sugar is injected by IV...LOL!! happy valentines day!!

  2. bless your heart jude for helping out at the party! :) happy heart day to you! oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. i appreciate it.

  3. You are a nut! My SIL says, "Bless your little heart," about everything. She is a true Southern Belle, but hates the south, for only reasons another southerner would understand. It's so funny.

    Yeah, glad my kid doesn't go to real school yet. I can't take all that crap. So not ready for it. I think I'd rather herd sheep than deal with a group of other people's children.

    Hope your day was a happy one, filled with commercialization and less importantly, love.

    :) Chrissy

  4. Happy Valentine's to you and your hunny, Jude! Malou

  5. aww, so cute, look at you, sadly my mom was not the cupcake mommy, he must have been the center of attention amongst all his little friends

  6. Well I just have to say I totally appreciate you taking a couple hours to get this typed tonight!! You have me laughing (of course) this morning, which is always a good thing this early!! Lauren's sitting here right now saying "computer funny" :)
    Glad to hear the Valentines party was a good - I'm going through mental preparations right now for the playdate we are having here tomorrow - 12 kids under 4 - scary!!
    Hope everything works out for your break today!

  7. Oh my goodness, you are TOO funny.
    You know, you're right...I did tag you just to see how long it would take you to take the challenge. I even laugh everyday when I "check in on you" to see if you've done it. Already, I'm not surprised when you haven'
    But I will say, that I am SOOO proud of you for doing a post in the SAME week as Valentines Day. That's just downright impressive..LOL.
    Speaking of V Day...I know what you mean. My daughter, Jayla had SOO many little cards that actually belonged to OTHER kids in her class :-). She didn't care, they all had candy attached. Life is good!!
    Bless your heart, sounds like your plate runneth over. So I'll let you get back to the "tag" at hand...whatever it was...Hee Hee!

  8. liked the typo stuff at the end. though i see you are still allergic to using my microsoft word idea, Frank.

    as in Sinatra.....


  9. Bless your heart, you had a rough day! LOL! So glad to hear you survived! Thanks for the BDAY Wishes!

  10. Happy Valentine's day to you Jude! Thanks for the laugh anad the kind comments on my blog! Hope you have a wonderful day! (PS Glad you are back in blog land!) Kim

  11. Girlfriend, I'm so glad you updated your blog. I was worried I'd have to send out an APB on you.
    Ok, word to the wise- DO NOT address those Valentine envelopes. You'll drive yourself nutty getting the right one in the right box. If they're unaddressed, then you can just throw them in any ole box and be done. I know this from going thru 3 toddlers of my own.
    Surprisingly enough, I'm sure each and every one of us made it through all your typos and still understood what you were saying, so bring it on- typos and all. Don't let the typos keep you from updating your blog! Hee hee!

  12. This is so I have a long does it take for you to get the comment verification typed in correctly!!!

    I consider myself a good typist I don't have to look at the keys or even the monitor...but those darn words for verification trip me up every single solitary time!!!