Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tag... I am "it"

Okay I was tagged by a couple of you for this here Q & A... and I am probably the last one to get it done because(and we all say together now...) "Jude is the world's slowest typer!" SO, here are my answers... and thanks for all the sympathy and not thinking I am a whiny brat about the lack of sleep. I am not whiny, just incredibly grouchy... and that is with a full 8 hours. Imagine the wenchiness levels when stuff like this happens?!?!?! PLease, pray for poor Micah. LOL.

A=Available? Depends on what for... free haircuts, um NO! Dates, well, you would have to ask my husband first, and if you are brave enough to do that, sure, I'll go to Applebee's with ya'... I mean, your last meal alive shouldn't be alone right???
B=Best Friend - Jen... why she puts up with me I am not sure, but I am hoping she never figures it out...
C= Cake or pie - Pumpernick and Pastry's wedding cake frosting... I would literally eat it off a floor. ANd I am a fan of apple pie, so I guess I am not really choosing here eh???
D= Drink of choice - Usually water, Reisling with my pasta, and a carmel frap from Starry B's for chatting. (yes, I did just refer to Starbucks as StarryB's. Do you think it will catch on? )
E= Essential item you use everyday - Toilet Paper. (gross, but true... you must admit it!)
F= Favorite color: Red and Sage green
G= girlie girl: About some things, yes. Like long showers... and having my toenails painted.)
H= Hometown - Buffalo (and yes, I have heard all the snow jokes...)
I= Indulgences -shoes, scrapping supplies, Starbucks, and cereal. (and I totally used all of Ronda's answers except I had to delete chocolate, and add cereal. Sorry folks, not a chocolate fan here...)
J= January or February - January... There is still a little leftover holiday at the beginning...
K= Kids and Names -Wynee (pronounced "Whiney") and Wyne'er (pronounced "whinier") yes, we did get a little creative with the spellings... Seriously, Lincoln and Emerson.
L= Life is incomplete without...God, though my time given to him would say otherwise...
M= Marriage date - What? Then you might know how truly old I am! If I say I was married in the 90s but was a teen bride, will that still make me appear young and carefree... cause the teen part is a lie, and good grief, my last post was about earaches... clearly I am way past carefree...)
N=Number of siblings- 4, and I am the baby. (please insert audible gasps of fake shock here...)
O= Oranges or apples - Apples... When I was a camp counselor I ate 10 or more a day because the food was so greasy and fattening.
P= Phobias or Fears - Snakes, large bugs, and yeah, I did run in a full sprint back to house when i checked the mail tonight because it was dark. I am sure that was a lovely sight...
Q= Favorite Quote - "This day is no fun" spoken by Lincoln today... apparently i am a boring Mom on Tuesdays... boohoo...
R= Reason to smile - love, peace, kids, and of course, the sight of a package on the door step that is clearly holding 12x12 paper...
S= Season - Fall...
T= Tag 3 or 4 people - Everyone has already done this by now...
U= Unknown fact about me: I got busted for writing a horrific note in 6th grade with all kinds of choice curse words... it was xeroxed and sent home to my mother... such fun! Mr. Benzel caught me, Mrs. Hershee did the xeroxing, and I think they would be disappointed to know that my "big punishment" was not being allowed to wear make-up for two weeks.
V= Vegetable you don’t like - Celery. I can take it in a soup or something, but raw??? Yuckadoo... I would need a whole jar of peanut butter to get through it, and wouldn't that defeat the purpose of eating it raw in the first place?
W= Worst habit - talking meanly, and being sarcastic... oooh, and talking too much... and...
X= X-rays - As in how many in life??? A few as a kid with broken arms, field hockey injuries, etc. and good grief, since I had cavities in my baby teeth, who knows how many at the dentist... I am surprised my teeth don't glow in the dark...
Y= Garlic Brown Rice and Peas... yum...
Z= Zodiac Sign - Aries.

So there you have it... I am off to bed now. But I will leave you with this fun fact about my day... Lincoln busted his head on the table this morning, and comes to tell me. I look over and see blood pouring down his face. He has a nice little gash, which Micah came home to look at. I was a little relieved when he said he didn't think he needed stitches or anything cause all I could think was... The doctors office two days in a row??? UGH! I am the mom who called hysterical over egg and peanut butter allergies. This fall it was a broken arm... They are so going to call social services...
Have a nice night all...


  1. Oh my good gosh...you crack me up!!! I am laughing so hard!!! love your sense of humor!!! cool to know a little bit more about you!! sleep tight...

  2. No mother would ever think that you were whining about no sleep -- I know all about it! Fun reading your tag - with ya on that celery! Blech! Glad I found your blog Jude! Talk to you soon =) Kim

  3. You crack me up too ... hope everyone stays safe tomorrow :-)

  4. So fun to read your answers!! Love the kids names - I was cracking up on that one! Hope all is safe and happy in your home today :)

  5. You're so funny. I love reading your posts. Probably why you've been added to my links :-). No, I'm not a stalker...just a fan of fun reading and knowing there are women/mothers out there going through "it" with me.
    By the way, you've been tagged yet again..have you read my blog lately? :-) Happy typing! LOL

  6. OOh good! I'll have a buddy in jail with me. I'm sure people think I beat my kids, too. I make sure to ducument every injury, times, dates and circumstances in my brain, should anyone ask. I feel I'm too quick with the answers though. Too eager, looks guilty.

    So funny about the whiney and whinier! I am totally feelin' ya on that one!

    About the sleep, it is that unreachable goal of all mothers. We are on an 18 year quest to make up for lost sleep. It ain't happenin'.

    You're funny...Chrissy

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  8. to funny that garlic rice and peas sounds wonderful care to share found your blog thru kim and thought i would stop by to say hello!

  9. LOVE your answers. They are priceless! The one about your kids' names was my favorite--big laugh!!!
    Have a wonderful night!

  10. You are now officially cool! Pumpkin pie is the greatest!!!! LOL!!!! You are You know I used to not be affraid of large bugs. Shoot I would welcome them mugs but tnow that I'm older...I am all freaked out so yeah...I feel you there. Love you list and so glad to get to know you better.


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  12. Jude...e-mail me :)


  13. Blogger is so wierd. It says on here that I deleted my comment. I SO did NOT! weird. Also weird that it doesn't let you know when I've posted on my blog. Maybe it's a setting I have on my blog that I don't even know about? I don't know, but hey, I did post again. So check it out if you want! :)

  14. I was going to do the tag thing, since I'm the last one on earth who hasn't done it yet, but you stole all the clever answers already. :o)
    Being the mother of boys, get used to frequent trips to the dr.'s office.
    Celery is good when paired with roaches. Just ask Connor. LOL!
    Whew! I think I'm caught up. Now it's my turn to tell you to update your blog! lOl!
    PS- Unlike sweet Dawn, I will openly admit. I am a stalker. Hee hee...
    Now I'm off to see what Cheryl's been up to.

  15. Hi, Jude. I really love this! I am getting to know you a little bit more through this and hopefully our circle journal w/c I am so excited about! Take care, Malou

  16. Dude! Not even a Valentine's Day post?!? You have a duty to your following, at least one post a week! J/K I know you're busy...Chrissy