Thursday, January 04, 2007

So, I don't like purple... no hate mail please.

Yes, its true. I do not like the color Purple. Sorry. I do not want any e-mails from the "Purple Lovers Society of America" or anything either. I forgot to mention this in the last post with my New Years predictions, rants, and general stuff... I have read and been told that PURPLE is the **NEW** hot color for 2007. Okay, first off, purple is not a new color, I think its been around a while. Now, SHMURPLE... that is a new color. It should be out for the hot color of 2008. The shades are still being tweeked. (um yes, that loud clanging is the note of scarcasm... :) Honestly I think I am not a big purple, lilac, lavendar, whatever shade, etc. fan because I refuse to wear it myself, hence, it finds no place on my pages, decorating, etc. But I love hydrangeas... I know, that is so hypocritical, and now the "Purple Haters Society of America" is going to be all mad at me... oh well. I'll roll the dice anyway... Here is a new qoute for the new year... it may explain the whole purple/hydrangea/ thing...
"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, "This is going to take more than one night."

Here is one of my favorite little holiday photos... I needed to interject that red and green in here...

And here is one of my new toys... Staple had these for $50...I had been wanting one for trips and such, and this was a good, inexpensive choice. I was a tad disappointed because the guy in the store and the HP website made it sound as if you could crop the photos from the LCD screen... nope. But, it will still be fun for parties and such...

And finally, on the mushy mommy front... The other day, Lincoln's holiday partying caught up with him and he crashed at nap time. After a couple of hours,I went to wake him up. No luck. I didn't want him to sleep the day away, so I finally went in and picked him up. He was so big and heavy, I was a little surprised. So I brought him out to the big easy chair and just looked at him... and bawled. I could not believe how big my little boy felt. I could look right up and see a picture of him on the wall at 6 months old. That was helpful for the full emotional breakdown. Really I just couldn't help but think... how much longer will he even want me to hold him like this? How many more times do I get to put lotion on him after his bath? How much longer will he want to take a nap with me? Soon, mommy won't be wanted in many of these ways at all... and that hit me like a ton of bricks... so I cried and held him, held him, and cried...for a long time. Now, tonight I couldn't sleep, and when I came in here the new AEzine was in the e-mail. As I read the challenge for the week, (which is to pick a word for the year that will inspire you, etc...) I immediately thought of the word EMBRACE... I want to embarce many things this year in a more passionate fashion... My God, My husband, (and if he is reading this he is thinking of passionate in a whole different sense than I intended...LOL.) Anyway, and also my kids,my family, my friends. I want to embrace time with them all, make memories, and enjoy them more. Embrace. It is a good word. So, be on the lookout in 2007 for me embracing lots of things, including you all... but not purple...


  1. ok, ok, we won't talk you about that.....................color!!!

    Hope you're well!!!

    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  2. Ok jude you have my laughing one minute - that quote is hysterical and I can totally relate! to crying the next minute..I can also completely envision and relate to you sitting on the chair with Lincoln...and how fitting for discovering your word - love it!!

  3. I am challenging you as your purple loving friend to create a LO with a purple accent. Maybe you could use 1 part of the 6 cheap Target books? HAHAHA
    LOVE your choice of "EMBRACE". I am excited to see what you do with it.

  4. Love your word and LOL - I am not a fan of purple either!

  5. Hey so I found your blog after reading a comment on Ali's. YES I'm a blog stalker. You are so freaking funny - I've added you to my fave blogs just so I can get a good laugh in every day. Hope that's ok - now THERE'S some pressure - to be funny AND write every day. Ha Ha Oh and your little sleepy boy looks about the same age as mine (3). I've had the BAWLING my eyes out moment not that long ago. Thanks for helping me re-live that moment. Sooo thougthful of you. :) Oh and my word was content for Ali's challenge. I will attempt to be content with the fact that my baby has become this BOY that will soon only care about boogers and dirt and not his mommy. waaaaahhhh! Anyway, looking forward to stalking you more in the future. - Teaque

  6. i am so glad you are blogging again ... glad you are feeling better too, that sux when you get sick! You are very funny, i so enjoy reading your blog. I love the word you have chosen, i am stuck between a couple ... will let you know when I've made a proper decision! ok ... have a heap of things to do, its Gary's birthday and I need to get sorted .... ciao!

  7. awww how sweet...i need to Ali's challenge...maybe this weekend. Hang in there becayse they will always need you no matter what!!!!

  8. I'm with Nicole, you've got me laughing one second and seriously teared up the next. I can SO relate to your mushy mommy moment! My 3 year old called me Mom yesterday. Just mom, not mama, not mommy. Isn't he supposed to call me Mommy until he's at least 10?! It seriously freaked me out. Especially when I look at my 4mth old baby and then look back at him and realize how fast this all goes by.
    I love your word choice for AE's challenge. I'll be posting mine on my blog sometime this weekend.
    Have a great day :D

  9. Seriously cracking me up Jude. Purple isn't my color either. I can take lilac in small doses if it is coupled with brown. Ohh I can so sympathize with our kids growing up. My little boy goes into Middle School next year with my beautiful girl heading to High School. Where did the time go? What do you mean I only have 4 1/2 years left with her?

  10. So I get to this part:

    'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, "This is going to take more than one night."

    and I'm totally dying laughing...then I get further along to Lincoln sleeping and the thought of him not wanting lotion after a bath and not wanting to be held and I nearly started crying, right here at work...oh how sad.

    Now I understand why women turn around and get pregnant the minute the first one starts school!

  11. Oh yeah what idiot said purple is the new color for 2007...I hate purple!! The only thing that should be purple is Barney and that's only so you can see him coming from a mile away and RUN!!!!!!

  12. Ok! I spot the Ali comment! How cool is that??? I wish she'd come back and see your little mini book from the AEzine challenge. It is spectacular!!!!!

  13. OMGoodness, Jude! I just had a bawling mama moment not to long ago. Just wait until you drop your son off at HIGH SCHOOL, and he turns and gives you that smile and waves just before you pull away. If you're like me, you will be reduced to a mushy pile of tears. At every stage I always say, "Where did my baby go?" Yes, dear. You will have many more of these bittersweet moments before all is said and done. Embrace these moments. These times are what make us feel and know that we are alive. ;o)