Saturday, January 20, 2007

Birthday Party x 3

Well... we have officially survived the Party Circuit... Just call me "Paris" I guess... though oddly enough, I was at all parties fully clothed, had no "way too long"hair extensions, and no one paid me for my presence. Have I been gypped?

Actually I am referring to the fact that we had three... yes THREE birthday parties today. We started out at Chuck E Cheese (which I must admit, we call "Chuck E Sneeze" ) at 10am... onto another at 1:30pm... (and we passed the time in between at ACMoore... great buys in there today) and then we came back home where Lincoln and I power napped for 45 minutes and sped off to a Gymnastics Center for the third. I can honestly say, I am no longer a fan of Birthday cake and I didn't even eat any. (Just kidding, all were lovely parties, and Lincoln had so much fun!!)

Mind you I started the day off in sleep deficit because I had some friends over to scrap. We stayed up until 2am. It was a small gathering, because I honestly think I would scare some people with all my stuff. Really, do you ever feel like that weird lady with all the cats? Only, you don't have 19 cats, you own 500 sheets of PP and mounds of adhesive?

But... I digress. WE had a great time scrapping, talking and eating. My friend Kim knocked out like 12 pages... after declaring herself a "novice". Jen and I dutifully referred to her as a "sandbagger" all night. I worked on and am nearing completion of my Holiday ALbum... I know, it is a tad late, but remember, I had puking children over Christmas!!

So... here is my card for the Emily challenge. (I cannot keep typing out her last name, it's long, and I can't type.)

This week's question was "What is powerful to you???" At first I thought of love, then prayer, then God... but then I settled on time. Time is so precious. I also remember reading somewhere about Time being a level playing field to everyone. Each day everyone gets 24 hours.

So, I think time is powerful. How we spend it, waste it, abuse it and lose it...

What will you do with your playing field today????

Tick Tock...


  1. Once again Jude I am loving your art journal card!!! It is beautiful and the idea behind it is so true! Thanks for reminding me to remember how powerful time can be!!!
    Oh and you have me cracking up here about your supply stash - I think we should start a Pattern Paper Anonymous!!! The first step is admitting a problem right?!?!

  2. i am with you there girl ... time is it! Why is there just NEVER enough of it. love what you;ve done. i need to scrapbook, i am needing a fix ... will have to tomorrow.
    luv C

  3. I'm glad you didn't eat the birthday cake....I mean the thought of it....candles blown out by a toddlers mouthy germs!!! Unless that is the parents wised up and had one cake for the child to blow all their germs onto and another cake for people to eat!! LOL

    I konw I just took all the fun out of it being a germaphob!!

  4. I've tried 3 times to leave a comment, and every time my "wifi" loses it! we go again,

    you lie, time isn't powerful to you, you just wanted to use that cute little ghost clock :)

    loving your cards, they're inspiring me to join in. my man half doesn't know I jacked like 10 decks of his cards.

    Good stuff, your work!


  5. by the way, I am totally the cat/scrap lady, too! Wish I could join in on your scrap parties, we could trade there's just the matter of 2500 miles...

    I'm done leaving comments for real this time.


  6. About time you posted! LOL! Oh 3 birthday parties, that some serious party hopping. Glad you survived and without a sugar high? Don't know how you did that! Love the card! Time is very powerful! I wish I was there scrapping with you! And 12 pages isn't a's sickening!

  7. HELLO...Isn't birthday cake a dinner staple? :-) LOL.
    I know exactly what you mean. Having young kids (ok, old ones too), you're bound to have to add this "sweet delight" to the menu. But it can get to be a bit much.
    Your all night crop sounded like tons of fun. 2am, huh?
    Personally, I don't see ANYTHING wrong with having 500+- sheets of patterned paper. If you weren't supposed to have it, they wouldn't design so many pretty ones, RIGHT?? I'm not as bad as you though, I've ONLY 499! :-) One can never have too many sheets.
    I LOVE the card you did. And your topic, TIME was perfect. It actually works well with the other options you had. Very impressive!
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. OMG your night sounds like it was so much fun! And THREE parties! WOWEEEE Too cool!

    Your card is fantastic! LOVE those colors!!!!!!!

    Keep creating.....-Karla

  9. congrats on survival...and all of us scrappers are that crazy!!! we thrive on being sleep deprived!! love your card...just started getting mine together!!! have a great day!!

  10. I don't know how you do it...3 parties in one day. Exhausting! But maybe the birthday cake from one party could give me enough energy to go to the next! (and the next!)
    I'm loving your card again. So cute with that little clock! I can't find these anywhere locally. I'm gonna have to break down and shop online. I'm also gonna have to break down and find some time to join in on this challenge. I have no time anymore. Yes, time is powerful!
    P.S. if there is going to be a support group for people addicted to scrap stuff..namely Patterned Paper..Sign me up! Seriously, I can't stop. :o)

  11. hey you .... i think i'm in love with this "card" idea it looks fun .. am going to play catch up and see how I go. will let you know when i've done them ... too tired tonight! :-)

  12. hello!
    I'm happy to make the Em's challenge each week!

    what you did is great!

    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  13. Hi Jude! Remember me?? LOL! I've been a busy little beaver and haven't blogged much, so now I have to do some major catching up starting here.
    Love your card. Is that your handwriting? If so, it should be made into a font. Love it so much!