Monday, April 30, 2007

You WILL NOT believe what happened... and CJ Love for Jessi

Okay, how unbelievable would it be if I had ANOTHER hair coloring mishap story? I know, you are saying, "Jude, this would not be believable" And to that I reply, "I know. I just need George and Kramer to walk in cause I feel like I am living in a Seinfeld episode!" I am seriously not kidding... Here goes...
So I am all coloring the root rot ** that is a highly professional term we hair stylists use for the new natural colored hair that has grown in. It can be interchanged with "skunk stripe" **
I am still out of bags, so once again the plastic grocery bag is atop my mess of hair color. Only this time, it is slightly inflated, so it is standing up real high, like a chef' s hat. Sweet look. Believe it or not, I actually made it through that part.... I am in the bathroom, bent over the tub, rinsing. (at least we have the removable kind of shower head to help.) Emerson is playing happily with his favorite new toy... elbow noodles aka dirt. He loves scooping them with his little dump trucks. It really is quite adorable, but he has just scattered them a bit on the floor. As I am bent over, I hear Em say "Ma, somebody here! Ma! Come see!"
WHAT?!?!? Who is here??? I cannot believe this is happening again. SO I yell back "Just don't open the door Emerson, Mommy is rinsing the color from her hair."
"Okay Mom. "
But then I hear him saying again, that someone is here, and saying hey and hi. I yell to him again...
"Emerson, come here please. Leave the door alone. Mommy is rinsing her hair color."
"Okay Ma. I just watching out the window."
Oh my... it is then that I hear a subtle knock on the door, and realize... Whoever is here has been AT THE DOOR! THE BLINDS ARE UP! The people at my door has been able to see Emerson, and hear me yelling about my hair! UGH!
So, I grab a towel, and with the orange water all dripping down my face I run out there, to see two ladies walking back to their car, looking perplexed. But not before the catch sight of the deranged dripping orange mommy who has just appeared. They waved and gave the obligatory smile, but did not return. They appeared to be from a church, they were in skirts and I think they were carrying a Bible. Now, I am a Christian... a praying, Bible reading, very active, want you to believe in Jesus too - Christian. I do not however support the whole knocking on doors thing. I am not trying to offend anyone, but clearly this is an example of door knocking gone wrong...
It is then that I look around the room... there are shoes everywhere from the weekend. (cause we leave them by the door all the time!) And Emerson has the dry elbow noodles and toys everywhere, and is still in his pajamas, his curls all a mess. I realize these women might just be walking away thinking...
"That poor child, he is eating dry noodles cause his Mom is too consumed with her hair color, their house looks messy, and was he is still in his pajamas... ?"
I wonder if they thought of calling DSS???
Anyway, I am really hoping to report an incident free coloring session next. At the very least, I will make it a point to buy some proper caps.

In other news, thanks to all of you who came and visited "UnPubbed" . We had a great show of support, and that is awesome. We are hoping you guys will post a link in the comments sections so we can see your challenge Layouts. We are looking for that talent to showcase!! We have our first guest designer lined up, she is GREAT! You are in for a treat :) I am still working on adding a clickable avatar to my sidebar... you know me being so computer savvy and all it should be there in a few months! LOL...

Here are my pages for Jessi's CJ. I loved her journal. I told her I seriously wanted to keep it! I had fun exploring her topic too.(the five senses) My little sign in tag is below as well. Sorry Jess, I was my normal sarcastic self even on that... don't hate me K? :)


  1. Jude you seriously make me afraid of coloring my i agree with you on the whole door knocking thing. Thank goodness i live far enough in the country to where it doesn't happen too often.

    Oh hey...don't feel bad about Emerson....your own kids always make you look the stories I could tell....tampons flying out of my purse in the grocery store; daughters calling strange 'good-looking' men daddy....and oh no, i'm not even gonna share that one... have a great day funny lady.

  2. What are you doing awake at 6:15? .... oh silly me you're a mommy! Loved the continuing hair saga ... my house looks fairly similar to what you described! Beautiful CJ stuff! Have a great day Jude! Kim

  3. Just went to check out the new challenge blog. I LOVE it!!!!! Can't wait to try this week's challenge!
    And I didn't make it on to your last post, but love the Knocked-up pic! made me laugh !! But you look so cute!!

  4. Tee hee, sorry, but your story is just too funny lol

  5. Jude, you are TOO funny! See, you're the reason I stick with the 2 hair colors I already have (gray with hints of dark brown...not necessarily in that order) :-)

    I checked out the "unpubbed" site, however, I have yet to link it. I have yet to figure out how to use it. So if you'd like to enlighten me...feel free :-).

    Enjoy your week.

  6. I can not believe you had another hair issue! That is too funny! I totally agree with you on the whole door knocking thing. I too am a Christian, but I've never ever gotten good vibes from anyone knocking on my door selling Jesus.
    Love your CJ again, of course. I really like the papers you used...and the paint! I was working on Chrissy's CJ yesterday and that technique could have come in handy...didn't even cross my mind. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. You color your hair? But you're pregnant. :)

    Seriously, you need to go to the salon. Or color your hair in the middle of the night, when visitors aren't a threat.

    LOVE the CJ! Love all the pictures and techniques!


  8. Lots to say here.

    1. I did check out the challenges blog. It rocks!! Can I still be a part of it even tho I've been pubbed?? I feel so left out!

    2. You and your hair incidents. Sigh.

    3. Love the CJ sign in, and if you ever need a participant in the next CJ, remember me. I LOVE your work.

    4. I've missed you. I was worried you were too busy on your new blog to be my friend. Sniff sniff.

    5. Glad you got the baby card and honored you'll be keeping it baby pink's book. I'm glad I sent it to the right address and not the "pseudo" address for stalkers! Ha ha! I'm thinking I need to send you a PURPLE baby card to ensure we have a girl this time.

  9. Jude....
    You absolutely crack me up! You are hysterical! I love the CJ work that you did. Hope you have a great nite!


  10. jude, i absolutely love ur stories... so true to life!! Cracks me up!! Awesome bout the Unpubbed blog... so fun! going to check it out some more today!!! xoxo

  11. So funny! I would be so nervous about coloring my hair now. I would want to color my hair at like 3 am from now on....

    Love the layouts you did. So nice!! :)

  12. laughing my butt off right now...nope, actually think i am peeing my pants!!! and depends order has not arrived yet...LMBO!!!!

    and I LOVE your entry!!! it totally rocks!!!! so can't wait to see it in real!!!! and I love your sign in...wouldn't want it any other your humor!!!!

  13. this is awesome!!!! Too funny! I often wonder what people think coming to my door..... what kind of parents are they with all those wild children! lol YOu gotta love em anyway! And anyone with teenagers would know exactly what I am talking about!!!!!
    Gorgeous CJ pages!!!! WOW!

  14. I demand to see pictures of your HAIR!!!! LOL

  15. love your CJ entry ... so nice to keep in touch, thanks for looking in on me, i've been a bit crazy since getting back ... not enough hours in the day! phew!
    hope you are feeling really well .... enjoy it, you are not pregnant for much of your life, its such a unique experience.

  16. I know, when I saw Jessi's cj I said I wanna keep it too but I knew I had to mail it to you! Karla's cj will be on its way soon. Sorry, it took me awhile coz' of this cold knockin' me out and the trip. Love the pages you did for Jessi's cj.

  17. How funny that you have another hair coloring story to add to your are writing these down aren't you? :)

    Your LOs and Card look great! I love how you put down the paint and then wrote on top of it. What kind of paint do you use?

  18. why is it that everytime you color your hair you get visitors. I think maybe you should set out the box of haircolor and just wait for a little while! Love the entry. I know what you mean...I got yours last week and I want to keep it. The amazing & open stories that Linda & Amber told are unbelievable. Made me cry!

  19. You have like a zillion comments. How would you ever know if I was leaving comments or just being a blog stalker? :)

    Anyhow, I'm officially removing my blog stalker status. I am, however, still very bad at the acronym game, so I'm looking forward to learning what a QC is.

  20. what a beautiful layout! i love it. also love your hair story and am totally with you on the whole strangers knocking on your door thing. drives me nutz!

  21. Your to just too funny girl...and how could someone even make this up :) I do think though that you better be prepared for any situation the next time your hair is involved!!
    Oh and LOVE the CJ pages - awesome!