Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I am back...

Hello all. I have returned from the cold, yet thankfully NOT snowy Buffalo area. Seriously, they are supposed to get snow this Thursday-Saturday... so glad we were not there for that. It was not so bad though, and thanks to the fact that my sister was willing to spend her retirement on keeping her heat jacked up to keep me and Jen warm, we survived!

Let me recap...

Thursday we left at the butt crack of dawn. I was in Jen's driveway at 5:o8 am and she was ready to roll, with her Coke in hand. (it is her morning drug.) I swear it was dark and raining until about 7:45 am. Once it was light out we read the adorable note my DH left for us in the glove box... he had even attached a $10 bill for each of us as "Starbucks cash". Then he told us to look under the seat, saying we would find our reason for leaving, and returning there... Under each of our seats was an 8x10 picture of our 4 kiddos together last Easter. Is this man amazing or what??? I will tell later about his birthday gift.... he got me good.

So, we made it to the outlet mall point of the trip. This is a mere 2.5 hours from my mother's home, and I always want to go. If we do, I am in running shoes and do a mad dash in the Nike and the Gap outlets while Micah is going "Are you done yet? Are you done yet?" I probably look like a shopping spree winner the way I jet throught the stores. This is because men and women are different. Yes, shocking, but true. See, Micah wants to get there. To finish the trip. I want to relax, stop and stroll. Time??? Who cares. Plus I can always deduct the time at the outlets from the actual drive time. So we got there at 1:30 pm. Great time. Then we shopped and ate lunch for 4½ hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, the joy of a girl's road trip!!

We got to my sister's got settled in and got ready to start scrapping Friday afternoon. That was AFTER I introduced Jen to some of Buffalo's finer points...

Yes, that is me looking adoringly up at the Bakery sign. We don't have bakeries like this here, and this one makes a wedding cake frosting that is out of this world. Really, my family always brings me a cake when they come. My mom even had one as her carry on for the plane once.

Jen was hilarous trying to pronounce the word "Fastnacht". It is a fried type of pastry, very delicious, but still pronounced using the German name.

The Meat Market. Yes, there are no such things as meat markets here, and I really miss them. The guys was clearly getting impatient with us until I explained that Jen had never been in one before and all that... then he was all into the "Help the poor meat-market-less girls out". I made Jen buy a butter lamb too...especially since she first asked, "Why and how would you make butter out of lamb?" It is a lamb shaped butter for Easter!

Making the careful selections... I brought back some Shalen's hot dogs, they are so good, and I don't even eat hot dogs!

And of course... Niagara Falls.Thankfully it wasn't too cold. There was still ice in the Niagara River, which Jen could not believe. She was duly impressed by the rushing waters though... and the fact that the Niagara Falls gift shop can charge $3.50 for a coke. Welcome to the north my friend...

So, all in all, it was a great trip. We had fun, chatted, scrapped, ate lots of bad for you food, and what not... :) I even brough home a cooler full of "Yankee Groceries" as we call them.


  1. So nice to see you back. It looks like you and Jen had a ball. Glad you guys were able to spend some quality girl time together...Lord knows we ALL need that every day...errr, I mean...every once in a while..LOL.

    Welcome back!!!

  2. that sounds like such an awesome trip girl! got the CJ yesterday! LOVE it... everyone needs some girl time! What a sweet hubby for that starbucks fund! xoxo

  3. What fun! Glad you're back safe and sound and that you had a chance to do "girl" stuff! Kim PS. You have a very sweet husband!

  4. This is awesome Jude!! Love all the pictures of your adventures, and glad to hear you had a good time. A few days away erases at least a couple of those crazy target runs :)

  5. Hey Jude! So glad you are back and had a great time...I love all your pictures. Oh, and how stinking awesome is your husband! Wow, that is some serious love there. What a nice thing he did for you two. Can he teach mine something like that?! I just mailed my CJ off to you yesterday. The guy at the PO said it should be there on Saturday, Monday at the latest!

  6. I am so freakin' jealous. Seriously.

    What a nice thing for Micah to do. The picture. The Starbucks allowance. How sweet. You didn't say how he faired at home with the kiddos.

    I assume they made it through w/o any mental scarring or bruises...

    OH! And I say "butt crack of dawn." I thought I made that up as a very witty 16 year old. Apparently not. :)

    Good stuff. Glad you had fun.


  7. So happy you had a good time. That cake talk is making me hungry. Love Desserts! I love to shop, could do it for hours.

  8. Glad you got back and had such an awesome trip. I have to shop the same way....unless I'm with the girls. Have fun....hope you are feeling great.

  9. sounds like you had a wonderful time. its so good to have some good girl time.

  10. o...that sounds like sooo much fun!!!! girl time is always the best!!!! and what a very sweet hubby you got there!!! can't wait to hear about the birthday present!!! have a great day!!

  11. Love the Starbucks money and pictures! Such a great hubby! Glad to see you had fun!


  12. Now I hope you got out the car first to look under that seat! LOL!!!! How sweet though for real. I'm all blushing n' stuff! And the pastries? Dude why do you do that to us. I have a massive sweet tooth. I never been to a pastry place either. I am so glad you all had a good time. Did you take some pics of the Falls? Must have been heavenly.

    Catch you soon

  13. Great pics! Thanks for sharing. You have such a sweet husband!

  14. Heythere. Hope you're doing well.

    When you get a second, check out my blog. I've got a special posting there in honor of you. Check it out!

  15. Love the photos! You would've been in trouble if you came back without sharing the photos of you and the infamous Jen.

    Micah is an angel sent from Heaven above! You are SO BLESSED! There is NO way Eric would think to do that for me, much less let me go on a "girl's only" road trip where shopping might be involved! Kiss him on the cheek for me!