Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On my way...

I am on my way to being ready to leave for NY in the morning. Jen and I are driving up for a girl's road trip to my sister's house. She is having us there for a scrapping weekend, and I am so excited. I am planning on making my Austria scrapbook. Last Year I got my whole Japan one done, so I am hoping I can pull this one off too!!

Here is a little tidbit of embarrassing times in the life of Jude...

Picture it...

I am in my OLD hair coloring t-chirt. The one I wear when I color my own hair. It is a Saturn 2 0n 2 basketball shirt with the date "1991" in plain sight. So, I get all the color on my head. Being the professional that I am, I also like the ol' eyebrows to match... so on goes the color to the eyebrows, making me look like a demented clown. (*** DO NOT put color on your eyebrows, it can blind you if you mess up!! end of disclaimer.) So, I go to find a color cap, you know those cute little plastic ones... I am all out. So, being the resourceful gal that I am, I use a plastic grocery bag to cover my goopy head. I clip it all up like a sideway pontail. I am looking good. Really hot. Here comes the best part... about 5 minutes later, I hear a truck come in the driveway. It is Jason, our lawn fertilizer guy, whom I have met all of once, but who Micah grew up with. Sweet. So, I realize what I look like, and call Micah... He laughs uproariously at my dilema, knowing I have to go outside to move the kids toys and such. I at least grabbed a towel and got the eyebrow color off. But when I walked out there, Jason the yard man just laughed, as in that, "I have just seen the goofiest thing ever" laugh. At least I can provide some comic relief in his fertilizing day... I let him know that Micah wants him to phone him, and remind him to tell my dear husband how HOT his wife is looking...

The moral of the story is... Prideful vanity and coloring the hair are NOT related in any way...

Here is a picture of me and the belly... I am 15½ weeks along... so I really just look fat now, not pregnant... :)

Talk to you all next week!


  1. have fun on your getaway. cute photo.

  2. enjoy your time away ... you'll have a ball! you look so cute too!

  3. wait wait wait...YOU are going to NY with a friend and NO CHILDREN?!?

    Did you just leave that part out or do I have to hate you now?

    Surely your husband isn't THAT awesome. If he does he feel about the whole "sister wife" thing we've discussed?

    Sean went out for dinner with a guy from work...I am SO getting some alone time tomorrow. Guilt free alone time.

    I hope you have a blast on your road trip. And I can't wait to see how your belly grows!


  4. Have fun Jude!! And look at you with your little baby belly - so cute!

  5. TOO funny!!!

    How exciting for you and Jen to be going on a Girls road trip! I think we ALL should do that every weekend...err, I mean every once in a I hope you guys have a great time. Say hey to my dad...he lives in NY! :-)

    Cute picture, but what's with the hat? Was this before or after the color? HEE HEE

    Take care.

  6. Have fun Jude!!! You are so lucky you get to get away! You're baby tummy is looking so cute!

  7. Very funny story! That would be my luck too. You look so cute with your little pregnant tummy!

  8. have fun in new york!!! love the photo...very cute!!

  9. Hope you have fun on your trip! And your story made me giggle! Love that pic of your belly! Kim

  10. That is funny....good laugh! Have fun scrapping!

  11. Jude you make me laugh so hard. I just about peed my pants. That is so funny.

  12. You look amazing...paint shirt & all! I hope you have a great time in that city!

  13. you look adorable. have fun in NY!