Monday, March 05, 2007

A NEW Layout to share...

Ok, here is a new Layout I did tonight... It is my first page in our... New Baby's Album.

Yes, you read that right. I am having a baby this fall. September 15th is my due date, which makes me a little over 12 weeks along. (This is the most heinous photo of me, but its about the baby, right?? )That is the real reason, not just my slow typing that I have been so slack in posting and leaving you all some comments. I have been taking naps, almost daily, and fear that if I drink any more gingerale, my head will explode from all the fizz.

We told Lincoln and Emerson last week Saturday. Lincoln is out of his mind excited, Emerson clearly doesn't quite get it... :) Lincoln has told everyone and I do mean everyone we know... and even people we don't know! Now, here is a sign that you grocery shop at the right place... The checkout lady and deli lady hug you when you tell them the news. Sweet women. (and yes, I do know their "real" names.)

So, we told Micah's family by letting Lincoln pray for lunch last Sunday, he said, "Dear God, thank you for my new baby brother or sister. In Jesus' name, Amen." It was too cute.

I was supposed to jsut show up at a weekend of scrapping at my sister's house this month all pregnant, then i was going to be all "SURPRISE!!" But... I totally spilled it by sheer accident with my mom on the phone Saturday night. She can't keep a secret, so we went ahead and told my sisters too... so much for the big surprise!!LOL... SO, now everyone knows. I must commend Nicole, Chrissy, and AMber for keeping my little secret too.. Thanks guys!!

So, here is to me looking smashingly sexy in a swimsuit again this summer... I am always pregnant over the summer.

Oh, and just so everyone knows...
No, we don't find out what the sex of the baby is... we like surprises.
No, we don't tell our names... ditto on the surprise factor.
Yes, this is how we did it with the other two...

So, I am not just a blog slacker, I have been a gingerale guzzling, nap taking, queasy feeling, maker of millions of cells daily...

This should be a fun 9 months for all of you... HAHAHAHAHA... I am just kidding, I like being pregnant. :)


  1. Congrats to you! And ha ha ... I just announced our big news on my blog tonight too! So we can be gingerale guzzling, taking naps and ignoring our blog buddies! I'm due October 22 - I'm terrible at keeping babys a secret (we told our families the same day we found out). Hope your tummy settles down! And I don't like to find out the sex either - I think it's like opening the presents before Christmas arrives! Kim

  2. Congratulations my dear, that is WONDERFUL news. babies are such blessings ... how totally exciting.
    enjoy this time, you are not pregnant for very long in your life ... its an amazing experience and such a miracle. i like surprises too - i had 3 of them!:-)

  3. Congrats again Jude!! So glad this is out so I don't have to worry I'm going to slip anymore:) And what a very sweet page for the Baby - oh and I'm already dying to know the sex and the name - haha!!


    My goodness, you sure know how to make a girl feel bad. Here I am getting on to you (in my head of course) about the fact that you are too fun of a lady not to update your blog more often! And all this times, you've been pregnant...and not just holding out on all of us...SMILE.

    I'm so happy for you. I love good news...especially when a new baby is involved. Too bad you don't live near Heidi Swapp...ya'll baby's could play together. lol.

    Congrats again!!!

  5. By the way, I got the message yesterday about your email. I sent you one and I'm waiting to hear back from you....

  6. Waahooo! Congrats!!

  7. Congrats to you. that's awesome news...not the gingerale guzzling, but the baby (LOL). Take care and conserve energy...L

  8. Wow!!! How exciting! congratulations to you and your family! Now, did you feel this yucky with both of your boys? I never felt one ounce of sick when I was expecting Jake, but last year with Megan was horrible for about 4 months! So I knew I must be having a girl! I do love being pregnant though. Weird isn't it? I'm not planning on having any more so I'm a little jealous of you right now! Take advatage of the naps! In a few weeks you should be feeling much better. Congratulations!

  9. wow,, congrats, how exciting

  10. So cool! A big congrats to you & the family! What a secret you have been keeping. Here's to wishing you a smooth pregnancy!

  11. CONGRATS!!!! what awesome news!!! and good wishes to you for an easy pregnancy...well as easy as it gets!!! take care and am totally looking forward to your blog entries about your new baby over the next 9 months!!! have a restful day...ciao chica!!!

  12. ctut0#$T%WT^(NVQVT(QCNR#$(R(!(O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY FRAKIN" FRAKIN" MAC UP IN THIS PIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my GOODNESS...congratulations from the bottom of me soul honey!!!! OOOOO the smell of 'em...the softness of 'em. And the noises...Oh the noises! Oh gosh girl I am so happy for you!!!

    Oh...and the page is so sweet LOL!!!!

    Later honey

  13. :)

    I am finally good at keeping secrets. That was a tough one, but it helps that I didn't really have to keep it from anybody. I don't know your people, and my people don't know you. And I would've felt dumb explaining to non-bloggers how I know you. " she's internet friend?"

    The best kind!

    Glad you finally outted yourself. LOVE the page.

  14. CONGRATS!!!! I am so excited I swear I forgot it wasn't me having the is you having is you not me right!!

    Oh gosh darn it feel dizzy my darn self as I'm trying to type so fast as if the message will get to your quicker if I type quicker...I'm just a mess please forgive me!!! And congrats on your little blessing growing deep inside!!!!

  15. Jennifer8:25 PM


  16. Congratulations to you and your hubby!!! What an awesome news and love the lo!

  17. So very exciting for you...we are trying again this's been three years since I've been preggo.

    Love the layout!

  18. Congrats Jude! How exciting for you and your family. Thanks so much for sharing your good news with us...and so creatively too!

  19. OMG! I snooze for a bit and come back and your PREGNANT!! Congratulations!! I can't wait to go on this wonderful journey with you!!! I'm sending girl vibes your way!! Hee hee!