Friday, March 09, 2007


Well, I got the joy of hearing the baby's heartbeat on Wednesday morning. It was kind of neat because the midwife, Diane, who delivered Emerson, got to do it. I LOVED having a midwife. I mean we were at the hospital, but she did the delivery. They work through an OB here in town. The unfortunate news is that they are no longer allowed to deliver... I hate that. I also hate that I am totally gambling now with the potential of a boy doctor in the delivery room. Now, before you get all "grow up" on me, please understand... I have NEVER been to a boy doctor for anything gynecological... I do not think the delivery room is the place to start... and yes, I have been told a million times "You won't care who is there to pull that baby out!!" Um, no I have been through this twice, and I do care. My modesty did not "go out the window" just because I was in labor. I am praying, yes, praying that one of the female doctors is on call when I go into labor...

Wimp, you say...
Yep, but that is how I am. Sorry.

ANd I am not trying to be a whiny wench about it, I just got sooooo sick of people telling me how I would feel ya' know...

OKay, onto brighter topics...

Here is one of my catch up cards for the Emily challenge... I still have the others half done, so as soon as I get them done, I will post them too... Ya' know right after I get my TWO Circle Journals done. Yes, I am an insane fool... pregnant and all... I will have to get my September ones done BEFORE the due date. (the 15th!!) Maybe I will go a little late though... I was a glorious week late with Emerson and loved it. We had so much planned right up until his due date, that I felt like I had a week of vacation!!

Anyway... I am babbling today... here is the card so you can quit reading this idle chatter I am posting...


  1. i have never heard a heart beat before, but i can imagine how amazingly cool it is. yay!
    and your great. love that you used the cardboard hugger thing, too!

  2. First of all, the card is really nice. Great job.

    When is someone gonna tell me what a circle journal is????

    I know what you mean about boy doctors. It does take some getting use to. I had a girl doctor my entire pregnancy with Jayla (my last one) and it was wonderful. However, I had a car accident exactly one month before my due date and my doctor wasn't there when I went in to make sure all was well. The doc that was in the office that day was a boy. He was wonderful! About 6 months after I had Jayla, my girl doctor left to start her own practice. So I "defaulted" to who was familiar with me...the boy. And I've gone to him ever since.

    But again, no one should tell you how you should feel. Especially about something that would make you uncomfy!!!

    Whew, that was a mouthfull!!! (sorry)

  3. You definately want the labor and delivery experience to be the most comfortable for YOU - YOU afterall have to give birth and you should be enjoying it, not worring about the doctor - my doctor was a man and I was completely comfortable with him, yet I TOTALLY know what you mean with the modesty!! Loved those days of hearing a heartbeat and wondering who that baby would be - so fun for you and Micah and the boys too!!
    Oh and lovely card :) I am three behind right now too - at least they are easy to catch up on...have a good weekend!

  4. Congrats on your new baby on the way! Great card too!

  5. My first group of OB's were all men. Yuck.

    My second group was all women and one grandpa.

    I definitely liked the women better. They seemed to empathize more. And made me feel less like I was being violated.

    Kids are screaming! Chrissy

  6. I totally agree w/you on that one, Jude about having a female in doing gynelogical things even delivering babies, I am just very uncomfortable, too. LOve the card you have made using the starbucks ephemera. Congrats again on the baby!

  7. I on the other hand have never had a female OB. I really loved my first OB, he wasn't in a group and was really a great guy.

    Now I moved from there and I am in a group. I've only been in a coule times and had the male doctors. When I get preggo, I would like to try a female Dr..

    Love the card!

  8. So exciting that you heard the heart beat Jude! That's five weeks away for me! Isn't it amazing how those babys grow and develop - the book says that heart has been beating since week 3 (I think). About the boy doctor ... you should do whatever makes you comfortable (despite all the advice out there) I had a boy doctor for Joel and had a hard time about it at first but then I realized that I am a nurse and I have been there for procedures with boy doctors and they are on a whole very respectful and gentle and are not looking at you in anyother way but professionally. So I will hope with you that a girl doctor is on call too (or maybe this baby will come to fast and the doctor won't make it and you can have Dianne deliver again - hee hee!) Love your art card! And I hear you about being crazy - I just hope I can get the october cj done before my little jelly bean appears! Have a wonderful day Jude! Kim

  9. awww, see I'm jealous! I don't really want another baby, but I could really take months 4-8 of pregnancy! I had a male OB this last time with Megan. I was a little wierd about it, but I didn't have a choice. He was really good, but totally not empathetic near the end. My last appointment I got to see a lady Dr. and I said "I just want her out!" She said..."you want the secret?" Yes! Please tell me! she looked me strait in the eye and said " S-E-X and mexican food". I said, at the same time?! tee hee! I just don't think my male dr. would have told me that. It was a funny moment. I did follow the 2nd part of her advice and went into labor 2 days later!
    So I totally agree, girl doctor...much better!
    Love your cards as always!

  10. thats awesome! botj the card and the heartbeat.

  11. Oh my goodness...did you cry? I did both times. Of course the second time I Was hearing one of two but you know what I mean!

    And girl I Am here to tell can be picky about any d*** thing you here me? It's your body and your show. You run it and please don't feel one bit bad or silly about it kay? Some people need to have a baby goat and a bowl of mashed potatoes in the room when they deliver so you don't worry 'bout it!

    Chat soon honey

  12. That is the most exciting thing, listening to your baby's heartbeat. My daughter recently had to have her first visit with a "boy doctor" and it was very traumatic for her, but after all was said and done, she was cool with it. I know, I hate the change, but I hope you get your wish and a girl doc for you and the new baby...

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  14. Beautiful! Congrats on your new litte one 2B and take care of you :)

  15. your card is great, i love it.
    so exciting hearing the little heartbeat - its such a miracle that you are making a new baby - the world is going to change again! hope you are feeling well!

  16. Your card looks great! I love the colors in it. As far as your delivery plans...that is all up to you. No one should be telling you how you should feel or will feel about it. We are the ones to decide that with our families for ourselves! There...that's my 2 cents. Have a great day!

  17. oh jude...that was my favourite day of my pregnancies!!! the heartbeat is just such a cool thing...and really makes all so real!!! love the card, very cool!!

  18. so cool you got to hear the heartbeat. I have had both in the delivery room, one male Dr & one female (Oddly enough the male delivered my girl & the female delivered my boy). I have to say the female was much more sympathetic, especially since she had a baby nine months earlier. Like everyone has been saying, you have to be comfortable. Your having the baby so you are in control! Love the card, it is awesome. Starbucks Yummy!

  19. wow,, I know it must have been a joy to hear the little heartbeat, how sweet indeed and yes, it must be nice to have a midwife

  20. Hey here's my take on it all....don't you have to be one twisted son of a gun to grow up as a male and WANT to be an OBGYN in the first place????

    I mean honestly..."Oh when I grow up I want to look inside womens you know what all day!!"

    I'm with you on the boy doctor thing....I had two men and two women in my drs office and prayed the women was on call when I delivered and she was!!!

    Oh by the way...thank you god for answering my prayer, I don't think I ever told you thanks.

  21. hey Jude,
    hope you are feeling ok .. and having a good week!
    luv cha

  22. Oh for cryin' out loud, don't you ever update this thing?!?

    :) Chrissy

  23. Just wanted you to know that I was thinking about you and missed you. Hope you update soon and let us all know how you're doing. Enjoy your week.

  24. Hey Jude,

    Glad to hear that all is stinks that they won't let the midwife deliver. I have had several friends use a midwife and they have loved it. I hope when it comes time for us to be preggy that we are able to find a good midwife.

    Hey check my blog out if you haven't lately!

    Have a great day!