Saturday, March 10, 2007


Insane - Yes, that is what you may call me... I have been working on finishing up Malou's Circle Journal, and making another one for a second group I am in... YES, I did just say that... I am in two circle journals at the same time. I know that right now some of you are going, "Yep, this confirms it... Jude is stupid. Who joins two CJ's when they are preganant?" BUT... in my defense... (you knew you would hear that phrase..) I am now technically 15 weeks along. Out of the pukey phase, into the nesting, lots of energy, phase.
Now, I will try not to make that reference for a while. You know the whole, "Since I am pregnant..." thing. BUT... in my defense... (HA! twice in the same post!) I think that becomes how every decision you make is viewed once people know you are preggo...
Ex#1) "I am looking forward to having our vegetable garden..."
"WHAT? But you are pregnant! How can you have a garden?"
(um, last time I checked it still involved dirt and seeds...)
Ex#2) "I am driving to NY to see family this month."
"Are you allowed to drive that far... You ARE pregnant..."
(hmmm... I am still planning on driving with my hands and feet, not my uterus.)
Ex#3) " I think I will buy some wedge sandals for the summer."
" You can't get those, you ARE pregnant, walking will be impossible."
(wow, i had no idea i would lose the ability to walk, fascinating)
Ex#4) "I am awake..."
"And you ARE pregnant, maybe you should sleep..."
(if I promise to sleep will you stop talking?)
Ex#5) "I am breathing..."
"Oxygen is good, you ARE pregnant"
(yeah, only us preggos need that stuff!)

and so on and so on and so on.... See, so it is not me, it is the general population that now views me as a completely different individual...
Hey, maybe that will help when I am "showing" more next time I am at the Post Office... "You know I really need to get back in line... i AM pregnant..." heehee...
SO, my point being, I will try not to let every post be about the present state of my knockedupedness... Well, after this one I guess...
I will go back to the bringing forth of mundane details of my world, and how they affect me... the things you try not keep at the forefront of your mind... It will be my job to keep them there. Yeah, things like Donald Trump's hair.
No, this does not mean I am choosing sides in that whole ridiculous Donald-Rosie crap... (cause really, we all did the same thing... only we were in 2ndgrade, didn't have microphones or cameras watching us, and when our teacher told us to stop, we did... yeah, name calling... we were over that a loooong time ago. Hmmm... I think that means I just chose a side... THE SIDE OF SANITY!!) Anyway, I digress... back to Donald's hair... I think I can speak for all hair stylists when I say, it both puzzles and kind of offends me. There, a mundane thing you do NOT want to be thinking about, but now thanks to me, you are... ahhhh... my work here is done.
See... maybe hearing about my shrinking pregnant bladder would be better... heehee...

And sorry for the huge gap between posts... All the e-mails and such are greatly appreciated!! :)

Here are the CJ pages for the new one I started. I will try and post Malou's before I mail it off tomorrow. :) It includes the instructions page, the intro to the theme, the sign in, and then my LO. Let me know what you think, unless you think it is awful, that you can keep to yourself... haha!!


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhh... she writes!!!! but you are preggers so one could believe you lost the ability to type with your fingers!!! LMAO!!! glad to hear all is well!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this post...cuz, girl, I love your sense of humor!!!

    and I love the second CJ you's fabulous!!! alright...don't forget to sleep and breathe...and than, because you are pregnant...please enjoy your day!!! heehee!!! seriously...have a fabulous monday!!

  2. Welcome back!!! You're pregnant??? Hee Hee...just kidding.

    Don'tcha just love how people thing being preggo is the equivilant to having a temporary disease? Like you're to be quarantined for 9 months! Sheesh!

    Anyway, I'm glad you're doing well and it's always fun to read your blog. I love the CJ that you've started. I'm so clueless, I didn't even know that that was until a few weeks ago. Talk about being quarantined! lol

    Have a groovy week!

  3. Love the CJ, glad to see you're back.

    Now, you really shouldn't worry about Donald's hair, you are pregnant and all. It could hurt the baby...

    So, I tell you to go out, get som wedge sandals, breathe in the oxygen and drive....!

  4. it's AWFUL! Just plain garbage.

    You know I'm kidding, right? I love it. I can't wait to get it! That is a LOT of hinges.

    I've been really digging deep into all the quotes I hear. I judge them on whether or not they are CJ worthy. So far, I only have one quote that is CJ worthy and that's the motherhood one on my blog.

    I'm sure I'll have a few verses and such by the time it gets around to me.

    Donalds hair offends you...Rosie's being offends me. That woman gets on my every last nerve. I didn't know the two were feuding, but if I had to pick...well, I'd pick neither. They both need to just go away. I say put 'em in a room, throw a dollar bill and a Ho Ho in the middle and let them fight to the death. :)


  5. You also know you can't lift anything heavier than a toothpick right? lol..

    Awesome CJ pages.. I especially love the instructions on no purple and no Britney Spears quotes. Like the hinged sign in page too. SO creative!

  6. That is some funny stuff!!! You crack me up! Thanks for stopping the way you do look like some one famous....can't put a finger on...give me a couple of days! Have a good one being preg...if you can that is ( I mean you preg and I guess maybe you don't have good days anymore) lol!

    Have a great nite!


  7. so glad to see you are back Jude!!! And this post has me cracking up - it's so funny how being pregnant changes everyone's perception of you and your abilities - I always loved those comments and/or questions - but I do have to say I would take those over the stranger feeling it is ok to touch your belly when your 9 months pregnant syndrome any day!!!!
    And awesome pages for your CJ...creative and pregnant- it's a modern day miracle :)

  8. hi there...funny post. great job on the cj's. hope you have a good day!

  9. ok... u are ur preggos tangents.. well not that they have changed... but u know... SINCE UR KNOCKEDUP! haha loved that! u are histerical. i love u!! for real!! love u! wish u weren't so far! please continue to post ur stories... i love it! makes me giggle!!

  10. Jude - the circle journal is beautiful! Can't wait to hold it in my hands! Also - I'm totally looking forward to having some energy (thanks for the encouragement!) Have a great day! Kim (And I hear ya about the "you're pregnant ..." =)

  11. Must you speak about Donald Trump's hair when I am eating an egg salad sandwich. Remind me not to read your blog when I am eating.....(LOL) Love the new CJ great job. Amber sent your other one to me last week so I should have it any day....can't wait....L

  12. So very very cool. I love this CJ! You are not crazy being preggers doing 2 journals...unless you plan to work on them in the deliver room. LOL! I know people say the most unusual stuff to you are some kind of mutant. I dare you to do a layout about them!

  13. Hey girlfriend! LOVE LOVE LOVE this CJ! Love those quotes! I'm going to use that art one on my blog, if you don't mind. I can always come to your blog for a good laugh. You may color other people's hair. But You color MY world! Thank you.

  14. wow, that is amazing. so proud to be in CJ with you!

  15. happy birthday.


  16. It used to drive me crazy all the things my family would say about me being pregnant...especially should I drive to and from work, how can I fit behind the ignorant just made me mad that people are still so ignorant....or should I say old school!!!! LOL