Wednesday, April 18, 2007

4D rules, and one for the Bibbs...

I had a most amazing morning. Again, the tales of potty training will wait. I am still not finding that funny. However, I did have my ultrasound today. Now, for those of you who may not know, we are paying for this baby out of our own little pockets. We do not have maternity insurance, and no, we are not ignorant, stupid, or any of the other absurd assumptions made about those who chose to pay themselves. Maternity insurance and the co-pays, 80/20, etc. ends up costing more in the end. We did the homework. So, now that you know I went into this with full understanding, I can get off my proverbial soapbox. :)
So, the ultrasound costs $378... we get a discount for being "self pay" so it winds up being $302.40. Let me tell you, I was thinking, theses had better be some good pictures for that much $$$ !! LOL. Well, our tech was AWESOME and she even let us look at the baby in 4D! That was so amazing, It is like a real picture, you can see so much more. The printed picture does not even do justice compared to what we saw on the screen. I of course cried, and was beyond speechless. She was so sweet and printed off one of the 4D pics for us too. That is the first one below. The best part-she was a scrapper! When she told us to be sure and store the photos in an acid free album, etc. I said, "Don't worry, I am an obsessive scrapbooker." She said, "Oh honey, so am I!" Love it... who knew being acid free would unite women all over the globe one day??? Here are the pictures... and no, we did not find out what it was!!

In other news, the evil scanner was nice today, so here is my week#14 card for the Deck of Me:

And just for Miss Dawn, aka the "Bibbs"... I took her quiz AND posted my responses on the same day!! :) (um, could someone please pick up the now fainted Dawn off the floor???)

1.Yourself? Quirky

2. Your boyfriend/girlfriend? Micah will always be my boyfriend :)

3. Your hair? Flat ironed!!

4. Your mother? Crazy in that weird crazy way, not literally.

5. Your father? Checked out after my birth

6. Your favorite thing? Back rubs

7. Your dream last night? I remember driving the boys to school reallllly fast

8. Your favorite drink? Kool-Aid, but i rarely indulge in it. I am a water drinker

9. Your dream car? I have it! The Excursion

10. The room you're in right now? The office

11. Your fear? People who do bad things to kids

12. What you want to be in 10 years? The same age I am now

13. Muffins? I always knew the word "boobs" would eventually run its course... okay, muffins they are!

14. Who you hung out with last night? Micah and the boys

15. What you're not? A kind speaker

16. Time? Um, this is a weird one... time? um, it passes?

17. What you're wearing? HA! PAJAMAS OF COURSE!!!!!!!!

18. Your favorite weather? Fall

19. Your favorite book? The Mark of the Lion series, To Kill a Mockingbird

20. Last thing you ate? Toe Nails... Just kidding. Seeing if you are still reading. :) Kielbasa, corn, lima beans.

21. Your worst vice? Talking too much and popcorn before bed

22. Your best friend is? Loyal, and knows when to lie and say "Of course you look skinny!"

23. What you're thinking about right now? Em in the other room still coughing, poor guy. I need to go snuggle him

24. Your car? Drives... ???

25. Your life? Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. fun post there jude. thanks for sharing the ultrasound photos. i can't imagine what it's like to see your baby for the first time on the screen. enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. thinking i may have to invest in some depends for reading your blog!!! you crack me up!!! your CJ entry is awesome!!! love the cards!!! I was, however, unable to view your ultra sound pics...*pouting* but glad you it was an awesome experience!!! have a fabulous night!!

  3. Those are some great Ultrasound pictures. Acid-free unites...LOL. That's funny. And I loved your card! I'm not all into the birds either, so I really found your card humerous!

  4. Look at all the posting going on!! I can't see the baby either. I'll check again tomorrow, maybe it's my computer.

    Love you muffins answer. Good stuff.


    how many weeks are you now?

  5. Awesome pics, I still have mine from 20 years ago....OMG will have to pull them out again. Just beautiful and I cried too, how beautiful.

    Love your answers. Muffins it is. L

  6. holy cow... totally amazing. that 4-d is so real! how awesome! u are too funny bout the birds!! haha
    and lets see some cute tummy shots!! xoxo

  7. Jude, you are too much! I know it takes time to think of something to post about everyday. And even more time to FIND THE TIME to do it. But I SURE do love when YOU find that time. I get such a kick out of your writings. You're so humorously talented (is that a word?) I love your way with words.

    But what I'm loving even more, is that you are comfy enough to have given me a nickname :-). How cool is that?

    Thanks for taking time to do the little quiz. You're answers are great!

    By the way, the baby looks just like you...LOL!!! Great shots. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your week.

  8. amazing pictures of the baby and amazing that you aren't finding out what it is. i'm way to much of a planner for that...but good for your!

    your card is hilarious. i'm not getting the whole scrapbook with birds thing either.

    love the answers to the questions. nice insight into who you are. take care!

  9. Okay first of all ... loving those ultrasound pictures. So exciting and wonderful! Thanks for sharing them! And ... the Mark of the Lion series are one of my favs too! Have a great day Jude and hang in there with the potty training! Kim

  10. love your post jude. First i have to say I was laughing out load over your bird card - when I saw that prompt on emilys blog I thought oh no what is jude going to do with this?!?!?
    And the pictures of the baby..very sweet - amazed by the 4d!!! With Jack and Lauren I had to do a level 2 ultrasound which I thought was better pictures - but NOTHING like those!! So fun though - love how it is all a mystery at the beginning - who they will be, how they will look, and then a year from now it will seem so concrete - and it will be hard to imagine you had a life ever without them...craziness:)
    Have a good day!

  11. Hi Jude! love that you shared your ultrasound pics. Amazing! I'm so excited for you!
    I had to really laugh at your card...I hate those birdies too! I love what you did with this challenge!

  12. Those 4D pictures are AMAZING! I hope that when I am preggo again, I can have such a picture.

    So cool about the ultra wound tech and acid-free. Scrapbookers will one day rule the world :)

    Or, at least make great pages about ruling it!

  13. I just can not tell you how funny your bird card is to me! Telah and I have been saying for weeks and weeks that we just don't get the bird craze. They're's like Hitchcock has started scrappin'. LOL! So you're not the only one!

    Great ultrasound pictures!!

  14. 4-D is amazing! So crazy! Glad everything is going well and I love the card!

    Have a great weekend!


  15. Ok...that is waaaaaay neat! Tghe littile one is sooo precious! OMGoodness...I just can't believe it. Like!!!!!!!!!!

    Cogratulations a thousand times over honey! And thanks for the quote :)

    Chat soon

  16. Ok...I'm sorry about all the misspelled words! LOL!!!! I was typing over my sons head. He's all up in the buisnass!


  17. Those ultrasound pictures are awesome. Wow! Love the birdie card, it cracks me up. When I saw this challenge, I actually thought...what is Jude going to do. LOVE you are staying true to you!

  18. oh crap! I heard it on good authority (Ronda) that I should come visit. So I visit and start reading...and I'm like hey, I love her cuz I too don't use birds, I am a achatty cathy, love muffins great boobs whatever, then I see loyal friend?? I am so loyal, I would say, yes those make you look fat so wear the other ones instead. Then other people wouldn't be whispering (man Jude looks fat in those jeans...they'd say, JUde! Lady! You are smokin hot in those momma!!!!)
    and I live in Canada...what the hell with the prices???Yowza! I was treated to about 4 or 5 ultrasounds cuz I was a high risk pregnancy, I don't even want to do the math! Hey, let me know what ya have and I'll send ya some awesome cute baby clothes to save ya some cash! When are you due?? See ya soon, funny girl

  19. kay, just read a few more posts...knockedupedness
    you freakin slay me!!! funny stuff I tell ya

  20. no worries I am not really in to birds either, however I did push myself to use a bird on my card! lol The ultrasound pictures are amazing made me think back to my ultrasounds, precious! have a great day!!!!

  21. Have you been tagged for the 7 things yet...if not today is your lucky day :) Come over and check it out!

  22. Aren't those 4D pics amazing? I have my sister's posted on my blog too. I wish they had the 4D thing when I was prego with Connor! I tried really hard to see if it was a boy or girl but nothing. Ha ha!
    Your tag cracked me up. Especially the toe nails thing.