Wednesday, April 11, 2007

An update... finally!

Ugh, I have such good intentions of getting this thing updated more often, but then things get crazy around here, and I don't get to! I was sooooo giddy this morning as Dawn chose me as one of her favorite blogs to read, so Dawn this update is for you!! LOL. Really, I was so happy that she enjoys reading the mundane things of my days here... She likened it to winning a "Blog Award" and so now i must get this update done so I can go get on my evening gown and write my speech. :)
Okay, before I share the cute Easter pictures, do you want to hear yet ANOTHER embarrassing lawn maintenance story???
Ok, the first guy that saw me in all my hair coloring glory, he was just hear to rid our yard of weeds and moles. While I was in NY Micah set up a time to meet another gentleman to price the mowing of the yard. As they chat they realize that Micah in fact knows the man's wife, and has done business with her before. I have in fact met her, she is extremely nice. So, they are chatting and the boys come running out sans shoes, and Micah says, "Sorry, I am a single dad right now. My wife is on a trip." This guy takes that to mean I have LEFT Micah. He gives him a pat on the arm and says, "You gotta hang in there man. Gotta stay strong for your boys now." Then he invites them to Easter at their house! (See, I told you the guy was so nice!) So, Micah does not want to embarrass the guy by saying no, you have misunderstood, etc. SO... This man thinks I left my husband and children! When I got back on Monday, they were here finishing the mowing, and he saw me come in the house. I went to hand Micah the checkbook, and let me tell you... the man was less than thrilled to see me. He gave me the death look, and when I introduced myself he begrudgingly shook my hand and barely spoke. He thought i was a RUNAWAY MOM!!!!!!!!!!!
So, now I have one lawn guy who thinks I am a freak with color on my head, and another who thinks I am a horrible mom... nice.
I told Micah he must clear this up with the man. Although now it may look less that believable!

Here are the Easter pictures... they may help prove my love for my children... :)

Emerson seeing the egg change color for the first time...

Lincoln masters the dipper...

Me and the Em... Yes, I look terrible. In my defense, we got up and did this in our pjs on Saturday morning.

The finished eggs.

Micah took this shot... Its like he has been reading some scrapping mags or something... :)

The Resurrection Eggs... they all have a little verse and some object to go along with the Easter story. The last one is empty and the boys loved it.


  1. o girl.. those are presh pics...u are so gorgeous!!! And those kiddos... too cute!!! and... the story... too funny!! U need to set him straight!! xoxo Never let a man do a womans job!! haha jk

  2. Jude may have to take an ad out in the paper explaining to all lawn maintenance people in your vicinity that they need not be afraid of coming to your house; that no, you are not a freak with color on your head; yes you do actually adore and love your children; and no, in general you are not are just a MOM! Love the pics girlie. Happy day....Xoxoxox L

  3. LMAO...again and as usual!! and your blogs is an easy favourite of mine too!!! have you considered at this point having your husband do the lawn? LOL!!! Love the photo's...and girl, you are beautiful!!!

    have a fabulous day!!

  4. Finally...and you never told us how Micah got you on your b-day!

    Love the lawn stories, nobody's gonna wanna cut your grass!! That's so funny.

    The kiddos are so stinkin' cute. And your eggs are so vibrant. Mine were all dull as I had no lemon juice or vinegar. No bother, Felix broke several and the rest are still in the fridge, unpeeled, uneaten.

    Do you have a good recipe for egg salad? I've never eaten it. It's always seemed gross, but today it has stricken my fancy. What else do you use hard boiled eggs for?

    glad you posted, Chrissy

  5. Now why didn't I think to put the eggs on the cooling rack to dry? DUH! I always put them in that cheesy cardboard box where you punch the holes out for them to set on to dry!
    Hey, I sent you a congrats on the prego card. It's the same kind of one I sent my sister. Did you get it or did I send it to that pseudo address? Tell Micah to dig through his work mail and find it!
    Only you would find yourself in predicaments with the lawn guys. Too funny.
    BTW- you're beautiful. I wish I had your Loooonnnggg legs!

  6. Jude, you are too much. Thank you for the "dedication" post.

    So, you DO realize that you're not done yet, RIGHT? I didn't post the directions EXACTLY as they are written. But the bottom line is, now that you have been "awarded", you have to do the same. Choose 5 of your favorite blog reads and link them in your post, like I did. And just a simple little blurb about why you enjoy reading them.

    Ok, now about this story...that is TOO funny!! I'm surprised your hubby didn't "clear" up the misunderstanding when you shook the other guys hand. Or, maybe he could've said something like, "She must've changed her mind!" Hee Hee

    Your boys are too cute!!! Looks like they really enjoyed coloring the eggs. You'd better keep an eye on the ones in the fridge

    Have an awesome day!

  7. Always love when I see an update from you Jude - funny stories - and very cute pics from Easter :)

  8. Congrats on your blog award! I like to read your blog too. Love your hair color...looks good on you. Great pictures of the eggs and very funny story!

  9. That is just to hilarious! You are a pregnant runaway mom! Too funny!!!

    Love the eggs. So nice. Tanner liked doing his eggs too. And, dying his hands was a nice added bonus!


  10. Jude - your blog always brightens my day! Love your lawn maintainance storys and your beautiful pictures of Easter! Have a great day! Kim

  11. That picture that your boy took is great. It DOES look like something straight out of a scrap mag!

  12. should be ashamed of yourself running away...and now you've turned up pregnant! What a great man Micah is to take you back.....loving you & those stories.

  13. fun stuff and your boys are so stinkin' cute.

  14. First off--you look great in that pic!! Me in my pjs and in the morning is much scarier!!!
    LOVE the lawn guy story! That is hilarious!!!!
    Love all the eggs and the pics. Your boys are adorable!!

  15. catching up on your blog and you had me laughing out loud with this story about the lawn man. that is like a Seinfeld episode. classic.