Monday, April 16, 2007

Some Circle Journal and Deck of me catch up...

So, it was a good weekend for creating. Meaning, I got to actually spend time cleaning off my impossibly messy scrap desk, thus allowing me to make some stuff. I like making stuff, making stuff is good. I even realized I needed a little inspiration, so I grabbed my Rebecca Sower book, looked at it for a while, then got busy.
First, I wanted to complete Corey's Circle Journal. I mail to Kim, who is in Canada, so I wanted it done and ready to mail early. Last time it took forever to get to her... I'll see how the USPS does with it this time. It is funny, I can mail one of those "Flat Rate Boxes" full of bricks to Buffalo for a mere $4.80. Yet, ask them to go 30 minutes further across the Peace Bridge, with an envelope containing a feather, and you'd think they were delivering furniture. But, that is not the point, the point was... um, I'll get there... Oh, yeah, getting the CJ done and off in the mail a little earlier. So... here it is... And by the way... Corey as I have already told her, is such a sandbagger! She acted all worried about hers looking "good"... It is gorgeous. I had such fun with it... you talented little valley girl Corey! :)

Page one... Her theme was "favorite things"...

Page 2... I am so glad I made Jen take that cheesy picture of me outside the Bakery now!!

My sign tag... (front)

My sign tag (back)

I also got to make 4 of my Emily Falconbridge "Deck of Me" cards. I only have three to show though, because my scanner is evil... pure evil I tell you. So here are the three I got scanned. I did not go in order, I made a list and did the ones I wanted... at least I am getting caught up!

This is Week #8 (yeah, yeah, I told you I was behind... I blame it on the knockedupedness.)

This is week #10. I have been using more pink in my stuff lately, and I gotta' tell ya... I am liking it. Partly because it matches my favorite greens so well... I will not embrace purple though. Do not hold your breath there... No amount of knockedupedness will change that one.

Week #11... The "Your Initial"...

So, that is all for today. I am too ill about the state of Emerson's Potty training to even write about it yet. Lincoln potty trained literally in ONE day. He had two accidents, one at nap, one at night and only because he didn't realize he was allowed to come down and go to the bathroom. That's it. No pull ups, no fights... Emerson is not taking quite the same approach, and it is making me nuts... maybe soon I'll be up for telling the tales of this Urine deluged land I am currently residing in...


  1. Wow. As I clicked on your name, I thought to myself, "I'm sure she hasn't posted..."and then BOOM there it is!!

    And a LONG post at that. LOVE IT!

    I am with you on Corey. She was so hard on herself and her CJ is AWESOME!! And I love what you did with it. You are very photogenic. I haven't seen a bad picture of you!

    I love all your cards too. All good. I really like the pic of you in the "J" one. I totally agree w/you on the pink and purple issues.

    AND, you've got me freaked out about potty training Felix. Simon was super easy, like Lincoln, and Felix is simply fascinated by the toilet and woo-woos and all things bodily funtion, but he's stubborn as a mule! He let me walk out of the P.O. w/o him today. Just stood there and watched me. We also had a major standoff in Target the other day. I was looking at kid-leashes for him{yes, it has come to that, I swore I would never...and then along came my mule, no I didn't buy one, b/c they are so freakin' tacky...}and he decided to climb behind the diaper genies and refused to move. Simon, Sean and I walked around the corner where we could see him but he couldn't see us. Didn't work. It used to make him come to us, we gave in before he did. Turns out, he could see us. He was peeking around the corner of the boxes. The kid's gonna have abandonment issues.

    I'll stop now, this is like the longest comment EVER...
    :) Chrissy

  2. ok, a little more...

    How can someone look so put together after giving birth{i.e. your pictures on you "I miss" card"?

    I LOVE what you did with the paint on the "j" card...

    and what kind of adhesive do you use{the pink flowery paper isn't bubbly at all!}

    that's all, I swear


  3. Oh my wholey heck, Jude! The CJ is so flippin beautiful! I can not wait to get it back! So Cool, I can't wait to see it after everyone gets it! I'm doing a little office chair dance right now! This is fun.
    Love all your cards too-of course! How do you look so good after giving birth? All my hospital pics I look like a crazy teary eyed blubber!

  4. wait..did i just read "pickle juice" on the list of favs? is this normal or because of the knockedupedness?! LOL!

  5. Very nice!! I think a lot of people created this weekend!!!

  6. Hi there!

    Your CJ is way too cool! Even though I still don't get it. Someone gave me info on what exactly a CJ is...maybe if I read it, I'd understand it, huh?

    Um, excuse me....What's wrong with PURPLE??? (insert tapping fingers here) I LOVE purple! I may have to come up with a challenge for you to try and use it more. There's so many beautiful shades of it...just like PINK!!!

    Anyway, I won't hold that against using pink rocks too :-).

  7. wow, cant wait to see the CJ in person. I agree with Chrissy on how pretty you look in all the picutes, plus loving that you like to try new hair styles! the potty trainign with Nikolas is tough. he seems to be mastering the sitting down in the little potty, but refuses to go standing up.

  8. son just figured out that it's actually not a bad thing to pee in the potty.

    It only took him MONTHS. And, this was my first. So I am hoping that my second child trains in seconds. Seconds I tell you.

    Love the cards. That would be a fun challenge to do, but I don't think I can add another challenge to my list of things I want to do. I'd have to stop working and earn money just by waking up.

    Love the entry in the CJ. I have to go and do Melanie's journal. I have my picture, just need to do the entry.

    Have a great day!

  9. Great layout and cards! Especially love the initial one.. like how you did the half picture of yourself.

  10. girl... u are soo darn funny. Love the "knockedupness" side of you!!! Love how u tore the pic of you in half.. inspo right there... great stuff girl!!! Xoxo

  11. LOL, Jude! What a great post. First, I love all your layouts and cards. Your cards are so inspiring. I like the initial one the best. Knockedupness...that's funny right there. Good luck witht the potty training...I'll be there myself in just a few more months.

  12. Love the cJ and the art cards Jude! And I agree ... shipping over the border is ridiculously expensive! I'm gonna work on yours this week to get it to Melanie on time! Hope things go well with the potty training ... Kim

  13. OMG did you actually post again. LOL I check your blog at least twice a week hoping for a good laugh. Specially love those embarassing moments (I had one not long ago....and then Ronda told me about one of hers which made me laugh tooo hard. the creative mojo you are churning out girl.. Happy day. Linda

  14. Your creations are just GORGEOUS!! I sure wish I had started on this Deck of Me; what a great idea, but I'm just learning about it so I would be WAY behind!!
    So glad you got to do so much scrapping. So fun!

  15. Popped in for a visit......via Jessi's blog, great blog!!!

    Love the Faves layout......TFS!!!!