Friday, April 13, 2007


So I need to know... should I be insulted by a gentleman who waited on me today calling me "REBA" ????
Now remember all you born and bred southerners... I was raised in the North, and that is why I am a little sketchy on this being a compliment thing... Maybe it is because I had someone recently say to me the following...
Clueless Person: "So, how much weight have you gained so far?"
Me: "None, actually."
CP: "Oh. How far along are you?"
Me:"17 weeks."
CP:" Well, you know my husband said I looked much smaller with my last pregnancy too because I was SOOOO overweight when I got pregnant."
Me: ...
See, I did not respond. What am I supposed to say? Cause that is clearly a little dig, but its one of those If- you -call - me - out -on -this- I -will- act- shocked- and -like -I -was -making -an innocent -comment. Digs. So, I just sighed internally and said nothing.
So, would you consider it an obnoxious comment? Am I being overly sensitive? (Micah of course says Yes! I think that is because guys are so fundamentally different than woman. Seriously, if a guy puts on a bunch of weight his friends call him Lard butt and make him join a gym. If a girl gets fat her "catty" friends take her out for dessert and introduce her to afternoon television. Her TRUE friends however, take her to StarryB's then drink the fraps while going for a walk in the park or the mall. :) )
So, lay it on me. I can take it... well not really. I just say that because I will blame this whiny over sensitivity on my current state of knockedupedness. (Have you noticed, that is how I will hereto refer to this pregnancy. I feel like a rebel mom to be just typing it, and since the highlight of my day today was the 5$ off coupon on baby wipes at Costco, I am embracing it.)
I digress...
Digress from what you ask?
Yes, this has been a most sporadic and pointless post, but since Chrissy and Dawn both ribbed me about not posting more often this is what you get.
So, this is 5 minutes (or 10 depending on how you faired with the hooked on phonics program) of your life that you will never get back, and all you have to show for it is the knowledge that I am now endorsing the phrase "knockedupedness".
I am thinking of having t-Shirts made with that on them... do you think they'd sell? Maybe with Reba's face on it???? ROFLOL............ :)


  1. I LOVE it!!! Knockedupedness...or however you spelled it! LOL

    Ok, now this is the 2nd post from you where you just BLASTED me out! What's up with that? I simply KNOW you have more to say and more funny stories to share with everyone. I simply point out, lack of updating, as a way, motivate you. :-) Yeah, that's it...I'm being a motivator!

    How am I doing? Hee Hee

  2. I almost wish I was going to have one more baby just so I could use the phrase knockedupedness!!!!LMBO!!!

    Those subtle digs are brutal..aren't they!!! I would be totally offended but instead...say thank you!!! why are you thanking clueless people??? well... have recently posted some photo's of yourself, for those like me who have been limited to seeing what you look like with that tiny little profile pic...I can honestly say...and have're beautiful!!! and those comments made by clueless people are only for peace in their own minds about how they look(ed)and pure jealousy over how gorgeous you look!!!

    So see?? say thanks!!!

    have a fabulous evening!!!

  3. That was a total dig & completely rude. You look beautiful! She is obviously unhappy with her own image.

  4. I'd buy a shirt... :)

    Love it. Love your posts...always make me chuckle!

    Don't worry about CP. They are that, clueless...just walk away. You look fabulous!!

  5. Surely you could have come up with something equally as insulting to say back at her. Something like, "No, Micah loves me, if he said something like that, he knows I'd kill him in his sleep." Or "Yeah, I could see why your husband would say that..." Or "Luckily, I've NEVER been as big as you."

    As for the Reba comment. My sister has curly red hair, and when Reba was popular back in the early 90's, she took it as a compliment. Men are stupid, if he meant it as a compliment, I guess you shouldn't feel bad about it.

    The shirts would sell, definitely. Maybe not so much w/Reba's face on it.

    The $5 off coupon for baby wipes, hey, five dollars is a lot of money off!! I would've been excited to.

    Glad you got our gentle ribbing. :)


  6. You have the funniest stories! I think that lady was totally rude and that it was a dig. See, girls can be evil! I know a girl who says stuff like that all the time, and I think "huh? did she just say what I think she said?" I would totally buy the knockedupedness T for sure! Last year, when I was knocked up, there was a shirt with something like that on it...but for the life of me I can't remember what it said. But hey, put it on Cafe Press or something and see what happens!
    Oh BTW...i'd totally love the 8x10 glossy! LOL!! Oh and Reba is cute so I would not take that as a bad comment. :)

  7. Totally hilarious Jude, gosh I can always depend on you to lighten up my mood

  8. I love when you post, you crack me up I totally LMBO (Jessi girl has been teaching this particular acronym clueless person on some of the finer details of acronymity (I have no idead what I just said). Anyway Jude, you make me laugh, and you look absolutely beautiful. I think I would have done what you did and just looked at this totally clueless person and sighed, however, I would have used my outside voice...just so that maybe they figure out that they are being an idiot....

    Hey $5.00 off anything is a great deal.....Take it.

    Happy Knockedupedness. xoxoxox L
    I'm with Jessi too, it would almost be worth it to have another kid just to use knockedupedness..... NAH.... I've been done for way toooooo long.....

  9. ok, my thought is that she is just the type of person who speaks before she talks and probably didnt really mean to hurt your feelings. unless she has a history of doing this. if so, what a B$#@#ch :)

  10. You make me laugh Jude! Kim