Thursday, May 03, 2007

Tagged and my purse...

So, I am trying to stay awake and not take a nap. No matter what time I go to bed, I am always sleepy by the early afternoon. So I am typing this, answering some e-mails ( I am way behind!!) and listening to Lincoln play.

I was tagged by Nicole a while back and am just now getting around to it... yeah, yeah, I know... You are supposed to list "Seven Weird Things ABout Me." Really? Just 7? That should be easy...

1.I am anal about organizing, but then things end up messy anyway. Like my scrapping area. I find this highly annoying and would like a massive house to spread the junk out in a little.
2.I love popsicles and as the weather warms up I could eat a whole box over the course of a day. I have a new favorite kind too... They are SOUR flavored... YUM!
3. The fact that I love popsicles may not be too weird, but that I hide from kids to eat them, (so they won't keep asking for them!) that is a little weird, lets be honest.
4.I think I keep buying and using Heidi Swapp BLING just because I like to say the word 'BLING" and would feel like a nerdy mom if I ever tried to use it in any other context.
5. I always use two tissues to blow my nose. I never even realized until a co-worker pointed it out. I guess subconciously my hands want to be as far away from the boogers as possible.
6. I like my cereal a little soggy so I leave it for a few minutes before i will eat it. It used to gross out my college roomie Kelli alot...
7.I only like ONE kind of chapsitck and I use it alot. I can't get it here anymore, and I am starting to worry... I stocked up literally 8 or so years ago, and I am now on my last tube. (stop cringing, it's chapstick it doesn't go bad!) So, if anyone has access to Chap-et brand Regular Flavor, please let me know.

Now, Telah tagged me for a most embarrassing thing... you are to show the inside of your purse. Thankfully I had cleaned mine out a couple days before, though some of you may be doubtful about that. SO here is the abyss that is my purse... My saving grace is the fact that there is a lovely Coach clutch in the midst of all that madness... Courtesy of my sister Patti. :)

Here's the pictures, have a lovely evening, and I am tagging

The Bibbs
*** You must take a picture TODAY of your purse and show it to us
NO pre-photo cleaning... let's see it in all its glory! ***

Here is where I normally park the purse.

Here is the photo with the tissue paper and a Target bag still visible. I was at a shower the night before and these were things I had to shove in my purse when I came in the house. It bugs Micah when I leave "my crap" as he calls it,in his car. So, into the abyss went the tissue and the bag... If I hadn't had to take these pictures they would probably still be there...

Here is a great shot... all my junk in plain sight... I want a "boxy" type bag because they always stay neater.

So, yeah, its the inside of my purse... I know you will all sleep better tonight knowing what it contains... I should feel worse for wasting your time with it, but in my current state of knockedupedness (HA! I told you I would get it in on every post!) I seem to no longer have interesting things to write about... Maybe I should color my hair again and see what happens...


  1. ROTFLMAO.... I laughed so hard reading your blog.. thankyou.. Joy

  2. mine weighs like 10 pouncs right now with all the stuff in it...stuff that really should not be in there. like the ThomastheTrain gift bag from last weekend's birtday party, or the full water bottle, or the tons of loose change. Seriously. u have inspired me to clean my bag before someone decides to tag me!!!

  3. Well hello there. I think I tagged you with this same thing a few WEEKS ago. But that's ok that you took someone elses least you did

    Hey, about this purse thing. I can't do it today. But trust me, my purse will be just as cluttered and full of junk when I "accept" this tag on Monday. You can wait until then, can't you???

    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Cool purse, girl!!! Women do love to stuff their purse to the brim, huh? Mine is totally like that.

  5. You can order your chap stick here:

  6. The entire URL did not show up, but if you triple click on it, it will highlight the whole thing, and you can cut and paste. Can you not insert links into blogger comments?

  7. Joyeux NSD!

    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  8. 7 things - love it - thanks for playing :)
    Need to do the purse thing - but first need to empty my memory card... will do it soon!

  9. What? No old, dirty{but unused} tampons? OHHHHH, that's right...

    I will post some pictures in the AM. I've been sans wifi all day on THE day, so I'm catching up now.

    Same as Dawn, my purse will still be gross tomorrow. With a layer of kid and what seems to be a layer of pencil shavings. But I don't use pencils, so I'm really not sure where that lead-like film comes from. Hmm. Maybe it's time for a new purse.

    The hiding from the kids w/popsicles, totally normal. Hoarding chap-et for 8 years, not so much. :)

    Hope your having a happy weekend, Chrissy

  10. Jude, your blog is hilarious and I just love reading. I also love the fun comments you leave on my blog. (Especially the last one, it made me feel so much better!!) :)

  11. Anonymous11:40 AM

    you are soooo funny! get the depends...i think cfs has my number on speed dial for checking reports! ha ha ha, sooo what does your hair look like? post a pic, i bet it;s gorgeous!

  12. That is too funny about the popcicles...I havn't hid with food yet, but I am sure my day will come when my boy gets older.

    Like the purse. Mine is clean b/c I just got a new one...but it's usually filled with lots of random crap. Most of it NOT mine. It's Andy's or Tanners stuff. Seriously, why did the man bag NOT take off??

    :) Melissa

  13. Thanks for sharing your 7 things ... I hide in the pantry sometimes to eat potato chips so Joel won't beg me for some lol! Love the shots of your purse ... mine is full of diapers and old grocery lists! Have a great day Jude! Kim

  14. Very funny post, Jude! Thanks for showing your purse and revealing those 7 fun things about you.

  15. You totally crack me up. I don't know how I missed this post. The Popsicle story reminds me of that commercial where the lady is hiding her Milano cookies in the light fixture!