Monday, May 07, 2007

The Devil, Daniel Webster ,and Charlie Daniels

Well, we had a busy, fun weekend. I did absolutely NOTHING at all scrappy for NSD. (for Lidbom, that means National Scrapbooking Day. Don't worry, next year Lorena, Jen and myself will force you to celebrate it. Are you starting to fear your decision about work yet???)

Lincoln had his first soccer game on Saturday and he did great. He broke his arm after 2 games last year, so he really is new to it. I had literally just said to another mom, "I really don't know if Lincoln gets what he is doing yet, " when he pummeled the ball into the net for a goal! I may have to insult him more often... He actually scored twice, and he was sooooo proud!
Now, onto my title there...
Here is how it all went down...
The boys and I are on our way to church. (micah has gone on early) SO, we are in Micah's car, and I look down and see the word "Disc" on the CD player, so I think he has some mixed disc of music in. He is the music lover around here, I just listen when he plays it. So, I hear this great little song playing. Now, I should also say here, we are sooooooo careful about what we listen to because we have two little boys who take it all in. Plus, I once caught myself singing "I Like Big Butts" and was truly disturbed when I actually thought about what I was saying. I don't like big butts... well, okay, I don't like MY big butt.
Anyway, I digress. We are careful about what we play. But this song is familiar, and I know some of the words and turn it up, and it goes into this instrumental section. I thought it was some song by Carmen. He is a christian rock and roller... so I knew it would be fine for the boys to hear. I turn the music Waaaayy up... we are jamming now. Lincoln has his little air guitar out and is just a playing. Emerson is bobbing his head and bouncing up and down. Then the lyrics come back and as I sing some of the words, I slowly realize... this is not Carmen. And when I hear the Charlie Daniels Band say "Devil you son of a gun" I began to realize this was not in fact a song I necessarily want the boys to hear plus... I felt a little bad because hello??? We are on our way to church... So I quickly found some nice worship song for the duration of our trip to church. I know it isn't a "bad" song... I mean the devil does lose, but it is hardly church prep music either...
Tannis had asked me for some music I like... well Tannis, now you know why I should clearly NOT be in charge of music selections of any kind.
The best part... I was telling a friend about this whole tainted car ride to church, and called the song "The Devil and Daniel Webster". As in, the short story we all read in high school. Yeah, I am sure they will set that to music real soon. I bet more kids would read it if they did...
So, in closing...
I like the song "The Devil Went down to Georgia".
I like Carmen.
The two are not the same.
"The Devil and Daniel Webster" should not be required reading. And...
I, in my current state of knockedupedness cannot be expected to get any song title, artist, or even genre correct.

Fire on the mountain, run boys run...


  1. Jude, you crack me up! Glad you had a nice weekend and that some new worship music FOUND YOU!!! LOL

    Still thinking about that picture of the purse thing.....

  2. Actually, now that you tell me about NSB, I am more certain about my job....I think I am getting more and more into the scrapbooking thing and I can't wait until I have more time to do it. And of course, what better people to do it with than you and Jen!! :)

  3. jude... love it!!! u crack me up. Charlie Daniels lives here where I work... Mt. Juliet, TN. We have a park named after him! haha xoxo

  4. Jude, you are so slowing down on the posts again. Here I thought we were competing (LOL). Anyway, you just crack me up. Love the whole Charlie Daniels thing and, my kids are grown so I can listen to whatever I want...Yeah....there are good things about them growing up. Have a beautiful day girlie.

  5. I didn't celebrate NSD either.

    And, I have this whole thing about the type of music playing in the car also. On the way to church, I play Sirus channel 73 (SPA music) in hopes that it will calm Tanner so we can actually get through a service...

    :)And you got that word in there again. Love it!

  6. Carmen?? Seriously? We can't be friends anymore. :) j/k

    I will have my phone on by the way!! My kids never nap, feel free to call whenever! Felix naps, but it's usually in the car on the way to somewhere. I was a great mom until he was born. He's never had a schedule, which is why I'm constantly wanting to throw myself off a cliff.

    Anyways, call anytime!


  7. I can't get that song out of my head now...:)

  8. Yay Lincoln! Good job on the goals! And hee hee about the song! Have a great day Jude! Kim

  9. How funny! My husband always turns that song up when it comes on the radio. Good tune!

  10. Um. I am not worrying about the decision. I will not celebrate NSD, nor will I ever scrapbook. Mark my words. I will find a different hobby, although I am pretty sure that my high maintenance boy (HMB) will be all I can handle at first.

    Sarah the non-scrapbooker.

  11. I can always get a good laugh when I come for a visit here! Too funny! Has it already been a year since Lincoln broke his arm?? I remember that it was this time last year that I "met" (hee hee) you! Wow, where does time go??

  12. You so crack me up. Good thing it was the "clean" version!

  13. I can always count on you for a good laugh!
    hey, haven't forgotten that you tagged me about the whole purse thing. I will do it! promise :D

  14. so are your choices I like big butts and the devil went down to Georgia or "Yes Jesus loves me..."
    I'm sure your butt isn't as big as you think, it's just harder to see cuz of your yummy mummy tummy!

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  16. that is hilarious! thanks for always sharing your funny stories. made my day :) hope you had agreat mother's day.

  17. i already posted but an arrowroot is a baby cookie for teething...they taste real yummy to moms too. I think Gerber makes them too

  18. So what did you tell the boys. How did you explain the lyrics or did you just pretend no on heard it and wait for them to sing it to dear Aunt Milly two months from now!!!!!!!!!

  19. you are too funny ....
    it is hard with music - you have to really take note of the lyrics ... its hard work - LOL!
    hope you are feeling well ... and putting your feet up
    luv chanel