Monday, May 21, 2007

Where have I been???

I have no clue... I have been a blog reading slacker, a posting slacker, and a comment slacker. I sit down with good intentions and then, BAM something interrupts me. Apologies all around, I will attempt to get caught up in he next couple of days. My bloglines read 84 feeds to read last night. I just got scared and went to see who won america's next top model. Sorry all...

What have we been up to???
Let's see... Several weeks ago we tried potty training Emerson... How did it go you ask??? Well, he is in a diaper now if that tells you anything. He just had no clue what was going on. Micah said he was standing there drinking water, and Micah asked him, "Em, do you need to peepee?"
"No, dad, I dry." Micah looks down to see pee, literally running down his legs. "Em, are you sure you're DRY?"
"Yes, daddy, I dry"
So, yeah, the future of America rests in the hands of children like this... they don't even know when they are urinating on themselves. (well, let's face it, some politicians now are the same way so...)
My official apologies to the little church on the way to school, and the Copeland's parking lot which became our potties in times of desperation on this failed training attempt.

I went to the doctor last week. I was dreading, and I do mean dreading getting weighed. I insist on taking my shoes off and any heavy jewelry must go as well. You never how much those wedges add to the weigh in total... The funny part... I LOST 4 lbs. Yep, I was pretty shocked, the midwife rechecked, and I declared "This is the best doctor's appointment ever!" So, I have gained a sum total of 1 pound. My huge belly would tell you otherwise, and once i can see my backside, if this precious baby is sucking away fat from it, (as I am hoping) I swear, I will spoil it rotten as a thank you.

What else? Well, Emerson's head swelled like a balloon after petting a dog. I was doing a girls hair for her wedding when Micah called to let me know that Em's eyes were swollen shut, and where was the Benadryl? In the diaper bag I told him... Um no, the mother of the year here, just glanced at the bottle, didn't actually pick it up, and it was empty. Yeah, hot curling iron in one hand, mommy guilt in the other... nice. I get home, skipping the actual wedding because I know I will worry the whole time. Em wakes up and sure enough, his little eyes were still all swollen-little puffy slits. Then I look and realize, those already normally chubby cheeks are swollen too, and when he says something, even the poor kid's tongue was swollen. No more dog petting for this boy. Sad too, because he LOVES dogs...
(Yes, Jena, we do have an epi pen. :) I knew you would worry!! )

So, there you have it... Weight gain, urination issues, and swollen heads... that is where I have been. I think my life is getting boring in this current state of knockedupedness... I will try and spice it up a bit by the next post...which could be this week or next year based on your time zone and expectations of me...
If this was all to boring for you to read...
Here is the last challenge I did for UnPubbed. Go, check out our new famer, and participate. I guarantee you will have fun, well, not really so don't e-mail complaining if you didn't ok? Seriously, we have a great new famer up next, and a cool LO challenge... :) Your 15 minutes could be next!


  1. LOL< now you KNOW we need to see the belly!!!!

  2. Hey Lady! Love your layout! And I had quite the chuckle about the "dry" story! Have a great week! Kim PS. Crappy about the dog allergies!

  3. I missed you! So glad you are back! Loved your "dry" story. Had just about the same experience with Jake. You gotta wonder with these kids don't you?! I had no idea you could have that bad of a reaction to a dog. That must have been pretty scary to see him all swolen like that! Yikes. I'm thinking itchy water eyes, sneezing. I had no idea it could be so bad! Is he alergic to cats too?

  4. How nice to you back! I've missed you. However, I am sorry that things aren't going too well in the world of pee-pee and little swollen faces :-). But like I always say, "this too shall pass!"

    At least you can laugh about ARE laughing, aren't you? LOL

    Have a great week!! Oh, where's a newest picture of your current state of "knockupedness"? :-)

  5. i can totally sympathise with the potty training. Nikolas turns 3 in a august and we are just starting to make a little progress. but then sometimes its two steps forwards, five steps back. who knew this potty training thing would be so tough. congrats on keepitng the weight gain to 1 pound. that is amazing!

  6. And you had the gall to fuss at me about the size 2 thing! I gained close to 30 pounds with both kids! I love the "2 is the number of cookies you eat, not a size" quote.

    You're so funny.

    Who cares about the potty training? He'll get it eventually. Maybe his puffy head is throwing him off, poor kid.

    LOVE your Unpubbed page, btw, but I think I already told you that. I can't wait to see what you come up for the next one.


  7. She's alive.

    And seriously, ONE POUND? I think I gained weight just by looking at food while preggo. But, I did lose all weight gain by my 6 week checkup. So, that was good.

    I also never kept a running tally of weight gain. I didn't want to be worried about it. Not at all.

    Potty training will come. Tanner has finally gotten it. But, the whole pee running down the leg thing...that' too funny. Tanner freaks when he gets pee on himself. I also have to gently remind him to HOLD IT DOWN so that he doesn't.

    Our biggest battle was going #2. That boy could sit in his poop all day and not care. I was worried i would be changing a diaper on his wedding day...

    :) Melissa

  8. glad you're back jude!

  9. ha ha ha! As a mom of THREE boys, I am not looking forward to potty training vaughn. If I had to appologize to our potty of the moment spots, I would be here all day typing appologies. I think we've all been there. And one pound weight gain? are you kidding me???? There outta be a law! SOme of us got toxemia and ballooned to 198 pounds! So here is me sticking my tongue out at your little round belly :>

  10. LMBO!!! I am not so dry after reading that story!!! that's too funny and cute!! hope emmerson is doing better now...poor kid!!! and I love your unpubbed LO!!!

    have a great day...ciao chica!!

  11. love the unpubbed lo...just gorg. Sorry about the kiddo...that kinda sucks but hope the little guy is feelin better. Hey, I gain a total of 39 pounds between both I was back in my size 2 seriously fast so don't worry bout it. Glad you posted. It's been a while.

  12. Your son is so funny, but goodluck to you on the potty training. I really missed reading your blog. Take care of yourself!

  13. Hey... I know you are epi prepared! Thanks for the laugh.

    Elena started crying that her ear hurt three hours ago and hasn't really stopped yet. So thanks for the distraction... it's gonna be a loooong one! Oh, how I wish my children were normal and I could dose them up with some pain reliever... maybe if I jam the epi in at the exact same time I gave her tylenol or motrin it would be okay...Hmmmm.... maybe not!

  14. awwww 1 lb,,, wow
    your layout is the cutest thing
    did you get my email about the baby registry?

  15. you're layout is SWEET!!!! So did you print all of those pics or did you photoshop all the small ones onto one big one and print just that? Just curious...others call it nosey but I like curious!!!