Monday, May 21, 2007

Speech lessons please...

Not for me... for my little Emerson.
He has a few choice mispronunciations. Here is the cream of the crop though...
For a long time now, he has said the word truck. Only in the language mind of Em here is how it gets translated...

truck = no tr sound... only the lovely "F". Yep, that makes it sound like my two year old is saying the "F" word. And no, I cannot even bring myself to type it. Plus, once that word is out there in cyberspace, who knows what some freak could key word and end up here... I digress...

The lovely "truck" which can sometimes come out "fruck" has been said for a while. It is wonderful when shopping and elderly people talk to him and he says
"I have a "_uck. A big big _uck" Nice.
One time we even ran into our pastor at the grocery store... Emerson excitedly told about the trucks he had with him... over and over and over. Thankfully he understood, but still... you wonder if people think he is hearing this at home. (um, he's not, but thanks for wondering!)
Now, we come to last week...
We are in the car, and Emerson sees a large dumptruck. Only when he talks about a dumptruck he leaves off the "P" sound in dump... think for a minute...

Dump - minus the "p"
+ truck minus the "tr" and subbed in with an "F"

Did you say it? Do you know what my child know says ALL the time when we are driving...
"Look Ma! Look at the Dum_uck! "
Yes, this is really true, and he is obsessed with dumptrucks and all we hear about all day are all the "Dum_ucks".

In other news, Lincoln has taken the word summer vacation to heart. He is still fast asleep, at 8:45am. He even told Micah last night that he was planning on sleeping in. Love it!! His last day of school was yesterday, and were I not so lazy I would go upload the pictures of the little cutie on his last day, and getting his little certificate to go to kindergarten. (um, the lack of photo would indicate that I am in fact being lazy, we will blame it on the... come on, you know what I am going to type... the current state of knockedupedness!!) I have some LOs handy, I'll scan those and get them on here. These are for the new baby's book. I will get a new belly shot this week to prove that despite the 1 pound weight gain, my girth is great. That should totally be a country song... "My Girth is Great" by Cindy Sue and the Knockedupedness Band. I know, now you can't understand why I don't have a career in the music industry...


  1. awesome pages!!
    can't wait to see you in July!!
    can it come any quicker?!!! lol
    have a great day.

  2. Oh my gosh! Dum _ucks! That is hillarious! I love your LO's! Where do you get your little notepad paper?
    Yes you must show us your girth! LOL!!

  3. Girth. I use that word. Cracking UP over innocent little Em's potty mouth. That is funny stuff.

    Love the LO's. Very nice.

    Have fun at your ma's!


  4. Jude, as I sit here and read your post, I am cracking up! You should see how my doggie is looking at me...You are TOO funny!!!

    I've always heard that the english language is the hardest to learn & teach. Which I guess would make people from outside the US think that we ARE, in fact Dum_ucks! :-). Isn't it sad that we think this is funny? (and it really is) Probably because we ALL know that Em has NO idea what he's saying. This too shall pass. Oh, are you gonna do a LO on the slight language barrier? It would be HILARIOUS!!!

    Yes, pictures of your "girth" please!!! Your LO's are awesome...great job.

  5. OMG!!! hilarious. tee hee

  6. these are awesome. love what you did with the pages and as always, you crack me up. seriously? consider stand up comedy as a career.

  7. I can totally relate.

    Tanner came home one day from Opa's and said, "Mommy, I knocked the b*tch down!"

    He of course meant the bridge he was building for his trains. Not profanity I thought he was saying..

    I digress...can't wait to see that one pound weight gain :)


  8. LOL!!!! Little kids are hilarious I just want a houseful of 3yr olds....skip the baby part I love the three and 4yr olds....I know I am crazy...but I do.

    So come check my site out!

    Later miss shocked that you could type... I mean your preggy and you might loose the ability to use your fingers oh my gosh maybe even lose your ability to see the keys!!! LOL j/k...

  9. I so wish I could blow up those layouts so I can read your journaling. I can only squint so long and then I really look like the Asian that I am! Ha ha!

    Oh, little boys are great. It figures he has to say the "word" in front of the Pastor! Hilarious!! LOL!!

  10. Jude! Those layouts are beautiful! Have a great day!

  11. I just said what your son says...thank god I didn't say it out loud otherwise I'd be out of a job!!!

  12. your posts ALWAYS make me laugh!! You are so funny - and I can totally relate :) Love the layouts too - always good to get a few done before baby arrives!
    Have a good weekend Jude!

  13. THAT is so funny! My son couldn't say the F sound...he replaced it with B. So the word "foot" came out "butt" and he once told me that he had a hole is his "butt". But that just doesn't compare to your story! LOL

  14. awesome layouts, jude and funny story about emerson's choice of words. :)

  15. i can't wait to engage emerson in a rousing discussion of work vehicles at church on sunday. :)

    also - it's time for you to start working on my scrapbook. thanks.

  16. Oh no... those F-ing trucks!! That kills me!!!!
    Love your pages!!

  17. Oh no.. lol that is all I could say.. as soon as I read the word 'dump' I knew exactly what was coming next!

    Those lo's are great. I usually stick to 12x12 been I've been loving the 8.5x11 lately.

  18. LOL ... you are too funny!
    i can imagine you would have a few "moments" here and there with the "truck" conversations ....
    hope you are feeling well, your LO's look awesome

  19. love the los...what can I tell you about the Truck word...ummmmm... went through the same thing... awful awful awful... I just kept hiding my face and repeating the right word. LOL. It finally caught on...but oh the embarrassment of it all. But you do have to admit that Dum-uck is pretty hilarious... no not really... So hope it gets better.. Hey...did you really say your girth was great? I thought you looked pretty good girl.

  20. Awesome LO's Jude!!! Sorry about your lil' boy w/his mispronounciations but too funny, though.

  21. ROFLMBO!!!! Ha ha .....I thought you were talking about guys for a sec, Emmerson, what a smarty! And what is that??? That is a baby belly? Um, maybe something went down wrong! I should post some of my hideous pics of knocked upedness. I think we used to talk about chicks like you after you left the maternity store! JK. And yes....supestaaa is said ala Mary Catherine- I soooo gotta make Jess see this! She hasn't seen any good flicks!

  22. Awesome pages. Anthony use to say the exact same thing. He even showed my paster his dump.....well you know. We have missed you!