Saturday, June 02, 2007

A little trip and a lesson for Micah...

So, I haven't just been a lazy blogger. We were traveling last week. We made a quick trip to see my family. The weather was perfect up there (yes, that is rare for Buffalo I know!) Window fans like AC at night, and a breezy 70 degrees during the day. The boys had fun playing with their cousins, and were really good in the car. Here are two new trip pointers:
#1 Always take a map... we got stuck in traffic miles long on the highway (um, something about merging we don't get apparently!) We turned back and bought a map at a gas station and went the back way. The cost of said map... $4.95! That is one of those cheesy little paper maps too, you know the kind that no one can fold up correctly on the first try.
#2 Don't drink tons of water while in a state of knockedupedness... a knockeduped bladder is NOT the same size a normal one.
#3 If you are stopping at a hotel halfway, with the point being to swim in the indoor pool, ask if the pool is operational before booking said hotel. You never know when a high school basketball team will rip an entire liner out thus closing the pool indefinitely.

Onto the other part of our title... "Micah learns a lesson". I feel responsible a little, I mean this did happen at my mom's house... but he should have known better too...

You see, my mom loves, and I mean LOVES to keep things. All manner of things... old bills (and I do mean cancelled checks and electric bills from the 70s!) magazines, just stuff. Well, unfortunately she also feels this odd attachment to foods...
Micah and I once found salad dressing that was 4 years past its expiration date in her fridge. So, you see, he is armed with this knowledge. You will find all manner of outdated food and beverage in there. I admit, it is a little scary. BUT I know what to look out for. (NEVER use her salad dressing... seriously, I think if you listen closely danger bells from the food ghosts start to go off in warning.)
When we got there, I went to put the three TINY cooler packs in her freezer... first off there is no room anywhere. That's cause if it doesn't get eaten, it gets frozen! I think cottage cheese might be one of the few "non freezables" to mom. So, I am looking, looking, and I see like 40 butter wrappers stuck in there on a shelf. I say, "Mom, what are all these butter wrappers in here for???"
"Well, you can use them to grease pans for baking, like when you make bread," was her reply.
Hmmm??? Really? Cause I think the last time I remember my mom making bread was when I was in a training bra. (note, she is an excellent cook, I am not mocking her bread making ability. I would hate to rile the yeast lovers out there.)
So, one morning, I notice Micah has had some coffee... with creamer...
I ask him, "Micah, did you check the date on that before you used it?"
He says, "No, your mom just gave it to me."
FOOL!! Her perky early morning spirit tricked you!!! I go the the fridge and what do I find... the creamer he used...
Expiration date....
April 30 .... 2006!!!!
He was so grossed out, and was going, "Why? Why would she give me that?"
Well, the answer my friends is simple...
My mom is doing some sort of secret botox experiment by giving unsuspecting people internal botulism to see if it gives the desired effect on the crows feet. I don't know why!!

It gets even better... we explored further and found another creamer. The date???
Are you ready???

November 20th.... 2005!!!!!!!!!
Don't get me started on the odd colored orange juice or the Kudos granola bars from 2004..
Just in case you think I am kidding, I took these as proof...

And yes, I did make fun of my mom to her face so I am not being mean. She even swore that they were still good, and I told her "Ok, sister, YOU are using that 2005 in your coffee tomorrow!" Um, yeah, they were gone by the time I got up the next day...

Here are some Niagara Falls pics too... the boys loved The Maid of the Mist. It is a boat ride that gets you right up close to the falls. So cool. We had a minor issue at the Canadian border because I failed to bring the boys birth certificates... in my defense... they are not required until 2008, I checked. Plus growing up in WNY I have hopped across that border so many times with no ID I didn't think it would be an issue. Thanks to Lincoln's cuteness and his Sam I am talking to the lady, she waved off the inspectors... Phew.


  1. Hi Jude! Ok so with all due respect...that is nasty! The old creamer! eewww! And I thought my fridge was bad! I mean, they made throw away tupperware for me! At least you can all laugh about it. That is too funny! I'm still laughing over it. Poor mom! The falls look so beautiful! I've always wanted to go there. And what cute pics of all of you and the boys. When are you going to show off that cute little one pound knocked up belly?

  2. OMGosh, Jude! You crack me up!! You are so totally hilarious. Maybe mom needs a new set of glasses?? LOL!!

    You guys are a great looking family. Micah looks like a good hugger! ;o)

    Now you got me wanting to go to the Falls. That looks so cool! I guess I need to bring a raincoat??

  3. Must be a mom thing. My mom does it, too, but not quite that bad.

    Sean's Oma on the other hand has your mother beat hands down. She wanted me to use some Miracle Whip from '04. MMmm. She's German and does NOT stand for wasting food. Even at the expense of food poisoning. She yelled at me once for brushing crumbs off the table onto the floor in a restaurant. Not a lot of crumbs, mind you.

    Love the pics. I had forgotten what your kids even looked like. It's been SOOOOOOO long since you posted pictures. :)

    Glad you had fun. And for reminding me to get my parents to bring birth cert. if we ever want to go to Vancouver.


  4. LOVE your stories Jude :) And so thankful for it this morning when I didn't feel like smiling at 5:45!! The pictures are great - definitely somewhere I want to get to in this life!

  5. OMG, that is so hilarious about your mom. Well, believe me I have funny things about my mom, too. Gotta love our mom's! Love, love the picture of the falls, that is on my list to be visited, awesome pictures!

  6. Jude, what a funny story. I am SO glad to know that my MIL and my grandmother aren't the only women on earth that "keep things". I almost cringe if somethings 1 or 2 months past the expiration. Hmmm, that may be something to look into. What exactly IS a "safe" amount of time to keep things past the expiration date? Especially meds?

    Those pix of Niagra falls are beautiful. I'm from NY and I've never been there..I need to get out more!

  7. Now I have to admit I've had stuff in my pantry with expiration dates that old..but not my fridge! Ewww.. how is stuff not growing on that stuff? That UNOPENED bottle of orange juice is too funny!

    Beautiful pic of the falls!

  8. LOL!!!!! My mom is a stickler about wasting food (but not that bad!) Looks like you had a great trip! So glad! Kim

  9. that is crazy and pretty gross. i think i am the opposite of her. if it's even a day old, it's out of here. asked about my miniBOOKS...nope, they aren't all 7G's (some are and some are maya road, rusty pickle, melissa frances, karen foster)

  10. OMG! Crazy! LOL, but funny too! Great pics!

  11. OMG. I cannot believe ANYONE would actually keep stuff that long. My fridge gets cleaned out weekly and I do MEAN cleaned out. Wow. Too funny...lucky Micah. Love the pics.

  12. O that looks like so much fun!!! I have yet to make it to the candaian side of niagara falls....i told you...I am pathetically untravelled!!!

    and poor Micah!!! I do have to say...ewwww yuck!!! I thought my mom was bad...but so far the longest over due expiration date I have ever found was like 2 weeks!! not 2 years!!! LOL!!

    have a great day!!

  13. how gross.
    just gross.

    at least mom got the picture... :)

    i babysat for a family of packrats when I was younger and would throw things away on them. they never said anything. i don't think they even knew...they were probably just thankful.

    :) melissa

  14. Hey Jude!

    Thanks sooo much for your comments and perusing my site. Come any time to keep up to date on the B-Lo!Yes, Kostas is one of my favorite places to eat--best souvlaki salads! It is a small world isn't it? Love your pages I saw on the blog--beautifully rustic touches . . . :) Your pics of the falls are great! You took from the Canada side? I'll let you know when I go to Ted's hots dogs--mmmmm Yummy!! Congrats! You are expecting? :)

  15. LOL ..... too funny!
    love your pics ... gorgeous!

  16. Oh freakin' WOW! That's just crazy!!!!!!!!! But on another note...I agree with guys are a beautiful family! And it looks like I you guys had a fun time :)

    Still singin' to that baby? You better be!


  17. Anonymous6:50 PM

    I haven't been there yet! Those pics are gorgeous! And, update from the docs- they don't know poop all!

  18. Amazing pics! Great story about the experation date..we have known some people like this before! Well I hope being knocked up is going good for know like.... I hope your feet aren't rotting off b/c your walking...b/c that can happen....your preggy! :P