Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day number 187 of Bladder Captivity...

Yes, I am still alive here. In the trenches of knockedupedness, we are now facing assaults on the bladder almost daily. It is indeed day number 187 of the captivity. I fear the elasticity in the underbelly is giving way... stretch marks will ensue if this full on frontal assault occurs. We have had only a glimpse of the attacker... but daily, he or she is kicking in various spots. At times the whole camp is moving with the commotion. We are pressing forward. We have a clear goal, and a set date for ending this invasion. September 15th... it is a day that will live in infamy... especially if I end up with any stretch marks. :)
No, really I am not an unhappy or moody kockeduped person. I am this moody all the time. HA! Actually I think that once your bra size starts to sound like a stuttering child, (D-D-D-D-D-D-... get it? ) you are allowed a little sarcastic liberty.
So, onto more cheery news... I am finally almost caught up on my Emily Falconbridge "Deck of Me" cards. I even did this week's - this week. Miraculous, I know. Here are some for looks... Thanks for all the e-mails and comments about my Dad. You guys are great, and a real encouragement. :) I am just thankful that my boys have such an amazing father in their lives.
Here are the cards, in no specific order really... and the backs are a little less than spectacular, playing catch up cramps my creative style.


  1. LOL!
    Loving the whole commentary about the bladder. Just makes me laugh. I am going through the same thing, I swear because I am drinking enough water to fill a pool on a daily basis. And there is no baby in the oven!

    Love the cards...Good stuff happening :)


  2. I know it probably seems like Sept. 15th is an eternity away for you - but seriously that is right around the corner...your pregnancy is going by fast :)
    Love all the cards!!! Always love them - and so glad your all caught up...have five unfinished on my table as I type - but totally not feeling it again today.

  3. Well hello stranger! You're so funny. You did good to type so much and post so many great pix and not have to go empty the old bladder...again! At least I'm assuming you didn't :-).

    Ok, tell me about those cards you mentioned...once again, I'm clueless!

  4. Nice. All of it. Good cards, good words. You are one funny d-d-d-d-dork.

    :) Couldn't resist{and couldn't think of any other funny/slightly insulting d-word}

  5. "Actually I think that once your bra size starts to sound like a stuttering child, (D-D-D-D-D-D-... get it? ) you are allowed a little sarcastic liberty." - HECK YEAH!!!!!!

  6. Awww, it won't be much longer!!!

  7. OMG I am so glad I won't ever have to do that again.... my bladder is still recovering from the last kid...hmmmm that was like 16.5 years ago (LOL) Glad you posted today though... haven't had my laughs yet and you always crack me up. Love the cards... beautiful.

  8. So, I'm leaving for Hawaii on your due date. If you haven't had that baby by then, how in the world will I ever survive a whole week without knowing if it's a boy or a girl?! LOL!!
    Your cards are great. that's awesome that your all caught up.

  9. Gotta laugh about the bladder (I so remember how uncomfortable that is!) And I'm so touched by your cards ... especially your "I believe one" (love the verses you chose) and you "LOVE is" one! Amazing to have Micah find a SB store there. Have a wonderful day Jude! Kim

  10. Beautiful cards girl Love them ALL

  11. JUde, love your posts! I really love all of the deck of cards inspo here, girl! I am so behind with mine!!!

  12. wow, you posted a lot! loved looking at your blog today

  13. love all those cards.. very very cute!

  14. OMG,, well, I can't imagine, having my bladder kicked from the inside, lol
    gosh that will be so weird, I will freak out, but its for the greater good right
    I hope you have a girl, that will be like the icing on the cake, two brothers to protect her,,, your hubby will have team to get those boys hand off of her for sure, lol
    just wishful thinking,, praying for girl, lol

  15. i remember way back...
    when i was thinking (foolishly) that once the baby was born, i could finally get some sleep. for my whole pregnancy with the boy we would soon come to know as 'the monster', i was up at least 5 times a night, unloading my bladder.

    and, my favorite was, when i was in class, and the boy would stomp down on my bladder and i would have to step out. at the time, i didn't think he was stomping, but know that i know him, i have determined that it was.

  16. oh yes...

    and i'm still waiting for that sleep that i could finally get!

  17. these are beautiful. i love how personal they are. so sweet. hang in there with the bladder issues. i have to say that is one of my least favorite things about pregnancy. i sweare they need to invent some kind of "depends" for pregnant ladies:)

  18. Oh honey!!!!! Hang in there. Goodness...reading your post was like reliving the whole experience :) Girl
    I can wait to see you!!!!

    LOVE your cards sweetheart!

  19. Anonymous11:45 AM

    do you have a laptop? brace yourself, get the laptop and sit upon the potty cuz i am about to burn up your blog. I LOVE LOVE your cards. They are an awesome little burst of creativity each week. About the dad thing...I hear ya and also, careful what you wish for. My dad was absent and now that he's in my life I am more bummed than ever! He barely knows my kids and still calls my almost 10 month old baby "little guy" cuz he can't remember his name! He visits my sister daily as she has nintendo tiger woods golf or something. If you had a step dad, as I did, it isn't always about biology. Who loves ya is what matters...and lucky you- your kids seem to have an amazing father! Scrapbook store in Tokyo- he's a keeper.
    last but not least...hey are you still there? good...Become the queen of cocoa butter cream! Nothing is supposed to "prevent" stretch marks but if your skin is well creamed up, it is more elastic and I after four think it was good advice...I have a couple of stragglers but luckily didn't get the flaming marks up my belly. COCOA butter cream! the body shop has such yummy stuff you may want to lick it in a fit of pregnancy craving...but dont do it. Bye momma

  20. awesome cards...
    girl i remember all the pregancy stuff....sheesh...that was a trip

    good luck...don't pee on ya-self ok! bwhahahahaha

  21. hi dear,
    i love your cards ... they are so cute, and easy to do ....
    had to laugh about the d,d,d,d, ... i always got big boobs when i had babies, i didn't really like it - funny what your body does when you are pregnant!
    have a great day sweetie