Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The belly, some CJs and my sweet boy...

Okay, you asked for it... here it is ... THE belly. I am huge! I feel like I popped out like a balloon. Now you see why the 1 lb. weight gain is not exactly a concern... Now. Moving on to my little Emerson... and a video, hopefully that you can see of him and his verbology. It is the word dumptruck, so please, keep all small children away from the screen... (nicole, karla, adrienne, I do not wish to be resposible for bringing this word into your children's vocabulary.) In the second one he is also saying "trailer" in case you missed that one...

And on that happy note, here are my Circle Journal pages. The first are for Karla's which was on the topic of fear... great to work with that and see what was rattling my cage.

The second set are for Chrissy's journal about "My House". I loved this and it was challenging to keep the pages simple as, our house is pretty simple!! LOL... Here they are:


  1. Aw. I love all the pages and journaling.

    I can't get the videos to play, though. They've been saying "loading" for about 15 minutes.

    I'll try again later.


  2. Awww! You're so cute! Just one year ago, I was looking the same way. Can't believe it! Love your pages! You're house is beautiful. I'm so jealous of the east coast. We all have 2 foot wide yards here. :/
    I can't see your videos either, but it's probably because I'm at work and they don't let us see fun stuff like cool videos of your friends kids. dang it.

  3. OMG! Too cute! love your pages and your big belly!!! lol Hmmmmm, need some pics? lol

  4. Hi Jude. For some reason, I wasn't able to get the videos to play. I'm SURE it's a user error :-). But all it said was "loading".

    Your CJ pages are great. And your house is really cute.

    You're really looking great in your state of knockedupedness...(I don't think you said that in this post, by the

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love your CJ layouts! And your house - I love your house (we used to have a little old house and it was wonderful - I do love my new one though). And I love that belly - so exciting! Have a great day Jude! kim

  6. I am soooooo laughing right now. I know its a bad thing.... but I can't help myself. And di you say 1 lb. Man that's a 10lb watermelon girlie. LOL Love ya. Take care.

  7. hey, again... I was reading what Dawn said, and you DIDN'T SAY THE WORD.

  8. i love the videos. i love that you are encouraging him. and i love that micah is in the background - either laughing or hiding his head in shame.

  9. Love the preggers belly...too cute!!! And your Cj entries are awesome....I loved working in Karla's too!!!

    Have a great night chica!!

  10. Anonymous1:08 AM

    your house is pretty simple? can you say simply gorgeous??? I miss the farm, sometimes. Oh and you need to email me the directions to upload videos to the ol blog so grams can see soccer, dance recital etc. Looking forward to that email. And finally! The knocked up chick...actually looks knocked up! I always take pregger photos cuz you can be as big as a house and gorgeous at the same time! It's a great pic the video of Emmerson cracks me up!

  11. Jude, that is so funny...I feel guilty for laughing since the poor guy has no clue what he's saying. You look so cute with your little many weeks are you? Love, Love your CJ layouts...they are so good. And your handwriting! Can you transcibe my journaling for me?!

  12. those videos were funny!
    you're looking pretty cute there with your belly.

  13. Really - where to start??
    The belly - sooo cute!
    The videos - hilarious! I do love how Micah is in the back with his head on the table :) Well Emerson just tells you like 'what is the big deal with this word anyway'
    The CJ pages - awesome - love seeing pics of your house - looks like a beautiful place :)

  14. OMG....I LOVE this post! Your stomach is PRECIOUS!!!!! O my goodness. And you still so THIN! How do you all do that????? LOL!!!!!

    That kid cracked me up! And you know I was crackin' up more when the mom tried not to laugh! Ha HAAAAAA!!

    I am sooo glad I did this CJ with you all. I will cherish it always. And I don't know...maybey in some way it will always be something that will make me feel not so alone. You did a PERFECT job on it! Thanks so much!

    Shoot...with DerRick being in the Air Force we really can only call each others company home. We are moving soon like in September. But your entry was stunning!!!!

    Keep singin' and I will chat with you soon

  15. Loved the videos! That is just hilarious. I think dumptruck is going to be a word I wait a very long time to teach Josiah! :)

    I am so jealous of your one pound weight gain. When I was pregnant, I gained five the first month!!

  16. Heather4:57 PM

    I love the videos. I guess if Emerson is on "you tube", he's now famous. I guess you can count the hits too! One of my favorite parts is Micah in the background...he looks SO proud!

  17. malou9:03 PM

    Love the picture of you, Jude! That video is too funny. The Lo's you did for the cj's are excellent!

  18. Jude! those videos are so cute!!

  19. Cute little belly you got going on there. You wear your knockedupedness well! The video is too funny..poor guy has no idea :) Great CJ your house, so cute!

  20. oh you are so cute pregnant...i was your size at 4 months and i am only 5' kidding...i have pics to prove wanted to know if i was having triplets...bwhahahaha

  21. Ok, that is just too friggin' hilarious!!!

    Great pages :)

    And seriously, one friggin' pound? I can't believe it. Where are you hiding it??

  22. that is hilarious. my son was watching too and thought said - cute baby.

    love the layouts too!

  23. gorgeous layouts and look at that cute belly!!!:)
    I think we may have the same color pain in our house.
    behr's currant?! I love that color

  24. OMG, I am new to your blog and a bit late... but that is HILARIOUS! I especially liked seeing your hubby w/his head down trying to hid his laughing (or red face lol) as mine has one many a times w/our 4 yr old DD. She still says skunk as spunk... which of course everyone asks if i know what that means and I say yes, but it's CUTE coming from an INNOCENT 4 yr old hehehe.

    Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely share w/my hubby! hehe

    Bobbie *Ü*

    p.s. That belly ain't so big so no worries there!!