Friday, June 08, 2007

Bling issues and dads...

Well, first off, I hope Linda does not faint when she sees two posts in one week... :) Secondly here are some Layouts (Abbreviated LO, that was for you Heather and Sarah!!)
I did the first one for our UnPubbed lift of this week's Famer, Colleen. Not only does she have great style as a scrapper, but she owns this site : The Cupcake Scrapshop . It has some seriously cool kits on it. Go check it out. :) Here is my lift, and you can also see it and the other Design Team member's lifts at the Unpubbed site too... I wanted to use some Heidi Swapp Bling on it, but didn't have a big enough frame for the photo. So, being the ingenious scrapper that I am, I thought, well, I'll just cut a circle frame in half and then use straight borders to make an oval. Thinking I was oh so smart... until I actually had to make said oval... it is not easy, and was a total pain to try and align correctly. Hence, the cruddy little crooked bling frame. SO, do not attempt to make an oval. Go buy the big ovals, it will make your life easier, and you will not use the word bling as curse word.

Next is the LO I made for this week's challenge over at One Little Word. Some of my dearest friends are working this site and it is great! Go check it out. This week the word to use was STOP. This LO was really hard for me to do. It is the first time I have ever scrapped anything about my father. If you can't read the Title/Journaling here is what it says:

Title = STOP... thinking he will call. Journaling= My father has been gone since I was 4 years old. It has been 20 years since I have seen him. Why do I keep thinking that one day he'll call me and want to love me? I need to STOP. It's not going to happen so - STOP!

There are alot of emotions involved with the whole thing, but I am glad I made it. It is almost embarrassing to admit that after all these years, I still hold onto to that desire to have a dad. Weird. I also used the 7Gypsies Stickers in a most sarcastic sense, so I hope you can read those too... but hey, maybe we lucked out and this photo is clickable so you can enlarge it... never have figured out why some are and some aren't... LOL...

Have a great weekend all...


  1. hi Jude found you through your work.

    {{{{{{{{big hugs}}}}}}}} about your father!! :)
    Always remember anyone can be a father it takes a real man to be a DAD

  2.'s not a not a bad thing to have the desire to have a dad. i feel the exact same way!

  3.'s weird how we always assume people are leading different lives than our own.

    I have never met my dad and I always wonder is it easier never meeting him and knowing him than if I did meet him and then never say him again.

    I don't even have pictures to scrap of him...but the weird thing is I've never wondered if he'll ever call...hmmm.

  4. Yep...almost fainted. Twice in a's your turn to rock the scrappin blog (LOL).

    Hey, seriously though, I know we've talked a little about the dad thing because of my girls finally meeting theirs, etc., but it isn't weird for you to feel that way after 20 years, it's a question mark in your life and you want the answer. My heart just aches for you. I know it really was good for my girls. But think about know how much you think Micah is a wonderful dad....well, you'd be disappointed in meeting dad because he has too big of shoes to fill...Happy thoughts and lots of love and happy hugs to you my friend. Okay...what's going on in July?

  5. Love the layouts girl! Especially love your STOP cool!

  6. What great LO's. And you're right, that some you can click on to make bigger and some aren't...these that you show, "aren't" :-). But I get the idea and they're still great.

  7. I need to do a layout about my dad. So need to...

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    :) Melissa

  8. Funny story about your had me laughing. Then insert tears after reading about your dad. Thanks for sharing.

  9. You're a very good person.

    Just thought you should know.


  10. jude...i just saw the comment you left on nicole's blog...neither hug or miniBOOK stealing. what's up with that? :)

    are you still green? you are always more than welcome to come along with us!

  11. malou9:46 AM

    Hugs to you, Jude. It does look hard for that oval to be made.

  12. Love the post Jude - layouts awesome as always...and yes I will take your advice on the bling - that is too funny! And really like the layout about your dad - it's great to get those things down sometimes!
    Oh and for the record on Beth...I did ask her if she brought her minibooks and she said no - I was going to get one for both of us :)

  13. You know what? i never even thought to check here because you never post 2ce in one week! LOL!! Look what I missed! I saw your Stop LO on SIS, it's just incredibly powerful. it must have taken a lot of courage to stick it all down on paper.

  14. Thanks for sharing your heart Jude.
    PS. Your layouts are beautiful!

  15. Hey there. I got your message about trying to come to IKEA! I love that store too. Gimme a shout if the trip may happen and maybe we CAN meet!! :-)

  16. I love that you created a frame...props to you...those frames are sticky buggars...even in the original form I have a hard time getting them on straight!!

    I LOVE that LO....I got to meet my dad when I was 14 and he has been a part of my life ever since...but I understand the want for knowing your dad!! I think it's super cool you scrapped a page about it!!

    happy tuesday!!

  17. ude
    As Eeore has said, "Thanks fur noticin' me." Glad you like my "jack." Can you believe I missed the deadline. I'm a loser! Layouts? I likey, I likey.I was commenting on how fab your layouts were and I noticed the comments on the "stop" layout (hadn't read the journaling; need new glasses:) )--My understanding is you never stop wanting/missing that parent. I lost my mom in sept. to cancer and it has been devastating. You just always want and hope they'll come back . . .

    Are those ghost letters? I've used them, but I must run out of ideas. You painted the edges? Luv that touch!

  18. awesome LO's girl ... i love your work. hope you are feeling well ... are you enjoying the pregnancy?
    yes i got the ribbon at the convention, i got heaps of cool ribbons ... so into ribbons! have a groovy day luv c

  19. i just re-read your post .... that is big stuff about your dad ... i can only imagine (well i'm probably not doing a very good job actually) i'm sorry that its tough, and i hope you work thru it so it isn't bugging you! good luck with it! luv c

  20. I love the crooked bling.. it gives it character!! LOL

    And I don't think it's weird that you have a desire for a dad. I'd say that's more than normal. Such a pretty layout.. I know it had to be tough to put that on paper.

  21. love the layouts!!
    :) :) can't wait to see you in July :)

  22. How in the world do you have time to do all this scrappin'?? I'm SO jealous!!!
    I didn't know about your dad. Thank you for sharing something so personal about yourself with us. My husband never had a father either and he turned out to be a wonderful husband and father to our son.
    Your layouts- all of them- are fantastic!!

  23. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Hey Jellybean! Hope for him that he has made some kind of peace for himself. Eternity is a long time...we are just here for a very short time trying to get it kind of right.
    Love, Eggsalad