Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Designer Duds...

So, I am going to make a new line of clothes for myself...
This line will be somewhat like the sweats from Juicy Couture. You know the ones that say "Juicy Couture" across the backside. Only, mine will be a tad roomier in the buttockial region, and say,
Salt n' Vinney.

And anyone who is anyone will know that salt n' vinney means salt n' vinegar chips. I will also offer other specialized bum labels, including...
BBQ Buns
Guac Gluts
Venti Sized
Dorito Dimples
The sweat suits will come in many colors, but sizes will not be offered in anything below an eight, that would just be unacceptable. I may throw in a bag of free chips too, we'll see. Of course all of this is copyrighted already, so I can tell you about it without fear. The seamstresses are already sewing up a storm you know... fleece material and letters are flying around here like nobody's business. All the suits will be packed in some sweet chip scented paper too.... I know that touch was a sheer stroke of brillance.

Here are a couple of new LOS...
The first is for Unpubbed. We have a cool new challenge going on for our one year anniversary.

The next one was for a challenge from Susie over at Memorable Seasons. And I am officially warning you... I am now going to start pimping their on-line crop this weekend. Yep, there will be games, challenges, and most assuredly prizes and freebies. So, go check it out, it will be going on all weekend long. My challenge will be on Sunday... so GO!! LOL. Ok, therein ends the pimpage.

Linda bestowed the following on me...
She awarded me the Arte y Pico award. The idea of the award is to pass it on to 5 other bloggers whom you think are creative and contribute a lot to the blogging community.
"So I am passing this award on to you because I think your work is amazing." Man, thanks Linda. She said some way sweet things about me on her blog too, made me all blushy. :)

So I pass the torch of the award that I mispronounce to : Vee, Corey, Beth, Adrienne, and these two blog sites... Scrap Your Crap, and Crafty Storage.

The End.


  1. dude! I'm putting in an order for a pair of BBQ Buns and Venti Sized...in a size... uh,well never mind...I'll send you an email :D
    Cool about your blog award and thank you! :) I guess I should actually like post something huh? I'm totally gonna hang at Memorable Seasons this weekend. Yeah!

  2. dude i would have the same name, we share the same love of the chips :)
    awww, thanks for the award :) must do it when I come back, love ya!! :)

  3. nice new line. you're good.

    still love that layout and thanks for making it so i could read the journaling. what i should have done instead of just saying good bye was grab him out of his carseat and given him some more lovin'.

    thanks for the award. :)

    wish we were scrapping together. maybe we can do another v d&s soon.

    happy tuesday my friend.

  4. yeah i mispronounced it as well....lol....

    thanks for the award to the SYC blog girl....that is awesome!!!

    and ummm...i need the dorito dimple sweats when they come off the production line....size 8...phewww i was glad that is the cutoff otherwise i would have had to eat more

  5. i love your creative mind - branching out from scrapbooking to take over the fashion industry! look out sass and bide! lol!
    love your lo's too!
    luv chanel

  6. That is good. I would like to order the dorito dimples and the venti sized. Love it!

  7. Yes, Venti Sized for me. This post not only got obnoxious laughter, but some hand clapping thrown in as well to display my appreciation for the humor.

    Too funny! Gonna read this one to Sean!


  8. Every time I get an email from you or when you visit my blog, I always end the read with, "I love Jude". I just thought you needed to know that.

  9. I'll take the Dorito Dimples :)

    You always make me laugh...thanks. I so needed that today.

  10. update on my order: Sean will like some Dorito Dimples, y'know, in a masculine color, of course, no bling or anything.

    And he added as he walked out of the room, "Speaking of Doritos, we need to get some of those today..."

    and on that note, I am off to the grocery store!


  11. You crack me up Jude. Way funny! BBQ buns. heehee

  12. Anonymous4:01 PM

    LOL!!! love it...do you ship to canada???

    love your scrappy stuff...hope you are having a fabulous day!!

  13. Looking forward to this weekend's crop! Should be fun! So proud of you for getting onto the dt! Woo hoo! Oh, I need a pair of the sweats too ... I love me some ripple Lays chips! Hope you have a wonderful day! kim

  14. I am seriously trying to contain my laughter because I'm at work catching up on your blog. Too funny! And I'm definitely a Salt-n-Vinney girl. Lol!

  15. Can you throw in "Chocolate Chunked"?

  16. hehehehe I love the clothes line.... 51 was and 52 will be in July (LOL) lovin it too. You rock...Have I told you that before? OK well Im tellin you now YOU ROCK.

  17. I owuld like to put in my order for the doritos dimples in pink please...ps, is the paper that edible kind? patiently awaiting my order...

  18. I will totally take a pair of sweats.. Salt N Vinney for me too :)

  19. where do you dream up this stuff jude???
    funny though!
    i need a pair of dorito dimples...in HOT pink if you have it :)
    and congrats on the award - you are a jewel to blogland!!

  20. Girl, you crak me up! I love the clothes line...and by the response you are getting, I think it would be a HOT/FIERCE seller! I am all about me some salt/vinny ones. I would wear them every day so I will need an order of every color! When are we going swimming in Lo's pool? I'm ready! I can't wait to snugglebugg with Zoe! Parker won't like it one bit!

  21. ROTFLOL......had to read it to Andy...we were both cracking up. I'll take the Venti Sized.

    A huge Congrats on Memorable Seasons....so deserved my friend!

  22. I thought of a few to add.....

    Krispy Kreme
    Super Sized
    Honey Buns

  23. I'll take a pair of Salt-Vinny's in xxl! Youreally need to write a book, Jude!