Monday, April 14, 2008


It is already over...
I didn't blog about it because I was trying to put it into words...
They were here
They are gone
I am sad

Yes, Beth and Chrissy, and I got to meet up for lunch Thursday before they went to the Inspired Event. Chrissy's husband Sean was there too...
You know a friend is life long when her husband...
a. laughs at your sarcastic jabs from the word go
b. let his wife buy you MM mini alphas at the vendor fair
c. feeds your baby in the car whilst you are driving
d. treats you to lunch at Ruby Tuesdays
e.takes an unending number of photos with multiple cameras

So yeah, it was great. Chrissy and Sean are great, and I even took them on a slight tour of the area... everyone should see Frugal Macdougal right?? Who knew that the little airplane on the exit sign meant, YES, this is the airport exit, take it! In my defense, there used to be a sign wholly devoted to the fact that airport exit was the next one...
Plus, I knew to turn around when I saw the "Welcome to" and another state's name on the sign... not exactly what we were looking for.
So, we picked up Beth, holding a sign that said "Minnesota Ali". She didn't know I would be at the airport, so we really did surprise her.

Beth is everything I thought she would be...
and more...
The fat dog loved them all too.
I hated to leave after just a short lunch, and all weekend long I bemoaned the fact that my friends were still HERE and wishing I was with them. Now I will change the subject lest I get sniffly.

In other news of Jude...
This falls under the Things you never think you will say category...
Me: Lincoln you have your kindergarten graduation pictures this morning, be sure and smile NICE!!"
Lincoln: Ok, like this? (insert a cheeseball goofy faced grin)
Me: Um, no... just think of something funny when they tell you to smile, like... like...
Lincoln: Like Poopy??? (he is almost falling over with laughter at this point.)
Me: Um, no, let's try to think of something else."
Lincoln: But Mom, poop does make me laugh." (and there it is again, the perfect grin.)
Me: Ugh, okay, fine, when the photographer says smile, you THINK poopy, just don't say it."
Lincoln: Ok, I will just think it and smile.
So we even practiced, I would go "Say cheese" and he would think for a second and then bust out this perfect, genuine smile. The smile all moms hope to capture for photos...
And all it cost me was some pride and a little rule bending on the potty talk...
So, everyone smile big and say "Poopy"...and don't think you won't be remembering this next time you get a picture taken!! LOL.
Adios and some scraptivity*...
(*new wordage AGAIN! Man, I am writing a dictionary soon.)


  1. me first?? Well, I am so glad you got to see Chrissy and Beth even if it was guys are all so cute!! Chrissy really did well with that Sean..He is just super nice :)
    Lincolns poopy story is so funny...what IS it with boys and poop? It's like they are so facinated with it. Every time I change a diaper "is it poop mom? a lot of poop?!" Who cares?? did Chrissy get the baby bug while holding Alden? LOL! You have such CUTE kids!!

  2. how awesome that you got to hang with them!!! your HAIR is so long girl and I love your layout!! we need to hang the next time I am at my mom's for sure!! :)

  3. I'm so glad you had a great lunch! And, I think for awhile now everytime I hear the word poop, I'll just smile thinking of Linclon taking pictures for his Kindergarten graduation!

  4. awww sounds like fun and that is a good man to do all

    now i will be thinking about poopey everytime someones says cheese...tell him i said thanks and i am cracking up...bwhahahahaha

  5. sighing over here in mn.
    it was so awesome to turn the corner after i got to baggage claim to see you, chrissy, alden, and sean waiting for me. so awesome.
    thank you for coming up/down/over to meet up with us. and yes, through out the weekend, i kept thinking it would be so cool if you were there. next time.
    hope alden is doing better. give him a big hug from me.
    thanks jude for being so incredible.

  6. LOL! Loving your little conversation ... and say cheese will never be the same again! So glad you had fun with Chrissy and Sean and Beth! Kim

  7. I miss you, too. *sniff sniff*

    Gotta go talk about poop so I can genuinely smile!


  8. Sounds like you had a fantastic time with the girls.....
    Sean is quite the man...
    Love the Fat Dog in their arms

    whatever makes him smile...even if it involves bodily functions

  9. Ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.....LOVE this blog! Teee heeeeee....that boy I tell ya! And how jealous am I. Dude...BETH IS HOLDING MY MAN!!!!!!!!! I want to squeeze him so bad! So glad you all had a blast! That was real cool you guys got to meet up. Nothing like being with fellow blog sistas yes?

    Catch you soon honey and love the latest creation you got going on!


  10. Great blog! love that layout!

  11. So cool that you all got to meet up...and so jealous I wasn't there to hang out too!!
    So curious to see how those pictures turn out...once you get them back you will have to scan them in and show us how well 'poop' worked.

  12. when he outgrows "Poopy" for making him smile no doubt "fart" will follow as the next Say Cheese. lOL...You and your boys always make me laugh... Love the scrativity and yes, please get busy on the dictionary, I am getting impatient.

    So glad you had fun with your scrappy girls.

  13. I think it's so very cool that the www has allowed so many of the scrappin' community to meet across the U.S.
    Looks like a fun time!

  14. So hilarious! Dontcha just love little boys?? LOL! I can't wait to hear what the fat dog comes up with once he starts talking. Too funny!

  15. Your blog is really cute. I love your pictures of your kids.

  16. Hey there lady! What great pictures. Looks like you, Beth and Chrissy had a nice visit. That's cool. Still looking forward to YOUR visit to IKEA!!! (wink, wink)

    Your Lincoln story is cute enough. The things that are funny to kids....:-)

  17. Anonymous10:08 AM

    so jealous you got to hook up with chrissy and glad it was fun!!!

    LOL!!! lincoln cracks me up....and it's a boy don't even want to know the things that make dakota fall on the floor laughing!!!

    love the LO!!! so sweet!!!

  18. So funny! I'm sure my sons would smile upon thinking of that word too!