Monday, April 21, 2008

A new diet plan...

Yes, I have a new plan to rid myself of the Alden jiggle. I will not eat as much simply because I cannot afford food. Seriously, have you all been to the grocery store lately?? I am in SHOCK over how expensive food is! I mean, since when is a jar of mayo $3.99??? (and that was "On Sale" !!)
And hello? Cereal? There was a box that $4.59!!
Here is the thing that really chaps my hide...
yes I said it... CHAPS MY HIDE...
All the food that is good for you is waaaayyy more expensive. Produce is outrageous, so I think the government should shut up about the obesity problem in America and fix the food issue. If the government really wanted us to eat healthy, they would stop granting permits to slap up Kentucky Fried Chicken on every street corner.
You know why they don't? Because for all the "eat healthy" programs they sponsor, deep down they know that every french fry gobbling teenager, every venti sized frappuccino guzzling business man, and every cigarette toking redneck, is BUYING these items and it keeps the money flowing. We are paying, yes, paying farmers NOT to grow vegetables... how for the love of all things fried does that make sense?
I mean, really... when a head of lettuce is $1.99 and a frozen pizza is $1.09 which one do you think a tired mom on a budget is going to get???
And really, I know it all goes back to a simple word... MODERATION! ( As in, Jude does not buy salt and vinegar chips because she cannot eat them in moderation...even though they are cheaper than broccoli!!!)
But who are we to tell someone not to eat that super sized meal, or discipline their child, or live within their means. You see, I think our food issues stem from our "everybody is right" philosophy of life. Guess what??? Everyone can't always be right!!
Yes, its true folks. But in a world where we don't want to correct a child's spelling test for fear it will crush their ego what do we expect? I guess I am a mean mom, because when Lincoln writes something and asks me if it is correct, I tell him.
"No honey you don't spell "person" pirsin.
Yes, call out DSS...

Newsflash... there are absolutes everyone.
And food is one of them.
The absolute truth is, if you eat too much crap you will get fat.
So ends the food rant...

Here is some scraptonement as an apology for being so rantty today... oh yeah, that is right... TWO new wordages in one sentence.
Scraptonement: to make amends by showing some scrapbook images, products, etc. not generally atonement worthy to the non-scrapping world.
rantty:the general tone of all my blog entries
Here is a LO I did of our dear friend who my boys LOVE!! Emerson started calling her Nayna and it just stuck. She is a super friend, photographer extraordinaire, and I love that the boys have this term of endearment for her. :) The white spot is simply where I blocked out her last name.
The other reason it is a favorite Lo is that it helped me earn a Design Team position at...

Jill is the owner of this new on-line store and I was really honored to win, because the talent pool that entered was amazing. Stay tuned for more on this, I just found out about getting the spot on Sunday!



    i did weight watchers to rid myself of the mason/melana jiggle
    lost 42 pounds...

  2. Yes ma'am, you are correct about all that you ranted on. Food is too expensive and there are absolutes.

    By the by, I NEVER pay more than $2/box for cereal. And even that is a little expensive for my taste. Pun intended.

    Love the Nayna LO and LOVE that you made the MS DT.


  3. love the rant i am with chrissy on the cereal or i go to costco and get the big box for the same price congrats on the dt you deserve it girl!!!!!

  4. First-Congratulations on the DT!! I am so happy for you!!
    2nd-I totally agree and understand about the food thing. It's crazy, isn't it? It's like why eat a $7 dollar salad, when I could go to Taco Bell and get a burrito for .89 cents?? OR take $3 dollars to McD's and get 2 cheeseburgers and some french fries. I tell ya, it's a conspiracy.
    3rd-I always buy cereal at Target or Walmart and I never pay more than 2.50 a box (without coupons and I'm buying name brand cereal)
    4th-last year I used this website: You can look up the calorie count of just about any food on the planet. You can also put in any of your recipes and get a calorie count on those too. It will also tell you how many calories you should be eating every day. It's pretty cool and helped me out a lot when trying to get rid of the Megan Jiggle. :)

  5. Oh yes, I can agree and relate - feeding a family of 7 is expensive! Feeding a family of 7 "healthy" food is outrageous!

    Anyway, congrats on the DT, I look forward to working with you. :)

  6. I LOVE your food rant and totally agree with you!!! It's a crime when lettuce is less than pizza (I actually noticed the price of lettuce the other day and about choked!!). With the prices of gas and everything so high, people will buy whatever is cheaper!

    And, AMen, on the correcting our children. It's hard for me to imagine that there are many Moms who wouldn't correct their child's spelling paper. That's crazy!

  7. O I am loving this post today :D Made me smile and get all mad at the same time... You are so right about the cost of food etc.. Just crazy!

  8. Jude, I could read your blog all day long.. you are so "right on" with everything. And where else can you get new words? Congrats on the DT. I'm looking forward to working with you.

  9. CONGRATS! I am so happy for you!!!

    And seriously...I can't belive the price of good for you food. It's just down right insane. I buy as many store brands as I can, just to save some money.

    Love the layouts too!

  10. nd just where is your award>???????????????? LOL... Know what, I so have to agree with you on all the issues here... the spelling thing pisses me off... my oldest dd graduated school with straight a's...she is very intelligent but she cannot spell worth a darn. The food thing... I am so with you it is irritating and irrational...and that's probably why so many people have weight problems...I am a healthy eater and it is so expensive I cannot stand it.

    And...I am now adding Scraptonement and Rantty to the pages of my dictionary...those are some fab new wordages.

    CONGRATS Huge CONGRATS. Have fun on the DT Love and Hugs

  11. CONGRATS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay, totally deserved can't wait to see what you are going to create! I know food and gas is insane!! I am a s&v chip lover too, yum!!

  12. hey friend.
    you are so right on about food cost. it's crazy.
    and your layout...look awesome.
    CONGRATS on ms! so excited for you!
    guess what?!
    i miss you and wish it wouldn't take a plane right to see you again.

  13. I hear ya about the food prices. I spent $50 today on food for just a few days. It's almost cheaper to eat out, except that those prices are going up too. lol

    Congrats on the DT spot!

  14. congrats jude on the dt spot!! very cool. and I can't wait to see all your creations.
    Also totally hear you on the groceries...especially for someone cheap like me it is a killer to spend all that money on food - just to have to go back in a week! Jeff always says if you think it is bad now, wait 12 years when we have three teenagers...don't want to even think about that!!

  15. I know it about the price of foods! What is up with that....When will you finally get a Trader Joes! That is always a help....I am thinking about just living on peanut butter and jelly! and drinking milk, and maybe some beer to not make me feel so sad about eating PB&J the rest of my life! Does PB&J on whole wheat bread with a glass of milk cover all the food groups? I think so!

  16. Anonymous9:04 AM

    as always you crack me up! congrats on your DT position! and should live in canada...we have a astore called "SAVE ON FOODS" but you never save! A box of honey nut cheerios is $7.99 there! Don't even get me started on the produce! good luck on the weight loss...if it's any consolation, I still have vaughn jiggle ha ha love ya!

  17. I SO wish that food and sleep were not neccessities. That you could do either for recreation only. It's so expensive to try to eat healthy. ARG! Congrats on DT!

  18. Congrats on the DT spot!