Monday, May 05, 2008

Scraptivity and Movies

So I went to movies last night with some other gals... haven't done that in forever.
"Why?"... you ask... "Is it because of the kids? The babysitter thing? What?"
Well, the main reasons are as follows:
1. I think it is utter nonsense to pay more for a movie than a meal.
2.Teenagers + cell phones = one ticked off Jude. Really, if you are intelligent enough to text, drive, and eat a cheeseburger at the same time, you should be smart enough to know to turn OFF the blasted thing in a movie.
3. Children being dragged to inappropriate films makes me seethe. Your three year old, they don't need to see Knocked Up, Austin Powers, or The x-Men movies.
4. I cannot lay down, eat popcorn in my pjs or run to the bathroom while the movie is paused at a theater.
5. If a movie stinks, I am now financially invested in it, where as I can take that netflix and send it right on back with nary a care.
I went last night.
I suggested "Made of Honor". It looked all cute and "My Best Friend's Wedding-ish". Plus, McDreamy was a bonus.
I was sorely reminded why i don't go to the movies. I was shocked to find that...
Small sodas are now $4.25, and a small popcorn is $4.50. That is sheer insanity. I refused to buy any of that anyway.
Then, I see it...
FIVE lovely children ages 8 down to about 3, all weighted down with popcorn, drinks, candy, and nachos... each of them has this stuff. Seriously had to be like $20 worth of food each. Then I think, wait a minute... this is a 9:35 PM show... why are these kids here and what possible movie are they seeing??? And yes, I know they are not my kids and blah,blah,blah, but really... is this a good thing?

On to the movie...
So disappointing. I was all set for a good chick flick. What I got was gross amounts of vulgarity that seems so strained at points it was painful to watch, a leading man who I thought deserved to NOT get the girl for all his bed-hopping ways, and an end that was predictable from the word go.
I am embarrassed to say I saw this movie.
Seriously, it was that bad.
I usually check movies on but it was not up yet when I checked last week and I thought, "Hey, its PG-13, it can't be that bad."
Yes, yes it can, and was.
If that is PG-13, I shudder to think what R now looks like.
Do I sound old?
Oh well, it is the price I am willing to pay to offer this opinion, especially if any of you was considering letting your teenage daughters go see it.
Oh, you should also know...
McDreamy's hair was sideparted and very disappointing...

Here is some scraptivity from last weekend when I went to a crop. Yes, those are the knockedupedness pictures I am still scrapping...

And these are from the NSD on line crop at Memorable Seasons. That was challenging as all my scrap stuff is in the mudroom while Micah finished painting the office. So I cropped whilst inhaling paint fumes, and I gotta say, I think paint high Jude scraps better than normal Jude...
"Scrap your scraps" challenge:

"Use Your Stash Challenge" and clearly, I did... check out those smokin flower brads! (In my defense this was the first kitchen scrapped LO, so it is right that is awful.)

"Make Your Own Clear Flower Embellishment" challenge

"Use What's on Your Desk" challenge

"Ad Inspiration" challenge. I should say this is the worst scan ever! The patterned paper is a peach color, not yellow... schmanky scan...

And finally, "Button-Button" challenge

So, that should be enough scraptivity and movie reviewage for a while.
(check it, new word AGAIN... reviewage. very nice.)


  1. Oh no! I was really looking forward to seeing this movie! Sucks!!! Love your scrappies!

  2. I'm glad for your review!! Not that I would've paid movie prices to see such a predictable movie, but I def. would've rented it.

    I find it strange that I'm shocked when a movie is actually decent!

    We rented 2 just the other day and I saw not one, but TWO sets of women's boobies that I need not have seen. And you'd never know it by the description of the movies. Shame shame.

    Hollywood needs to get a grip. Women don't appreciate big big boobies that aren't their own, NOR do they appreciate their men being put in the situation of not even having time to block their eyes before their wives fly at them in uncontrolled rage to cover his face with her entire being.

    Also, I totally agree with you about kids in a theater. If it's not meant for kids, don't take 'em for the aforementioned reasons! You never know when a PG is borderline PG13.

    A good DECENT love movie: Dan In Real Life

    and my favorite movie ever: Juno{a few choice words and some alluding to sexual things, but no actual boobage or butt shots, and the message is great and the sarcasm abounds}.

    Thanks for the reviewage!!


  3. first of all...very impressed by all your lo's - how awesome that you had such an productive weekend for nsd!!

    Also bummed about the movie - Beth and I were actually planning on seeing that on Friday - now I'm thinking we should reconsider...and yes I totally agree on the prices - they are CRAZY!! break the bank to go to one while the people in them get paid millions...that doesn't make much sense if you ask me!!

  4. Thanks for sharing the review of the movie...although, "McDreamy" as he is called does not thrill me.

    I too often wonder about how come children are out late to see a movie that is clearly inappropriate for them. I have 4 year olds who can tell me all about Transformers and Star Wars but still can't write their name or recognize all their ABCs.

    I plan on sheltering my child for a long, long time.

    I agree with Chrissy, Dan in Real life: Good love story and DECENT.

    Can't stand unnecessary showing skin or body parts. JUST not necessary to tell me the story, you know?

  5. Well Jude,
    I gotta tell ya...the movie looked pretty crappy from the previews. And I am with Melissa, Mcdreamy or McDirty doesn't thrill me either. Sorry that you paid money for that:( Anyhow, you have great LO's and i love you rants and viewage(Love the new word too:)

  6. all of your layouts look awesome. hope you post photos of your new space once it's completed. i guess the photos will have to do until i move in and can scrap with you. :)

    sorry you didn't like the movie. i didn't think it was that bad. i wouldn't buy it, but i'd rent it to see it again. but, yes, movie prices are crazy...i'll agree with you on that.

    hope you are having a good start to your week. oh, i put your prize in the mail today. hope to talk with you soon.

  7. yikes...i wanted to see it too...
    ummmm girl...we have to talk about how you can get so much done on NSD!! LOL i need the secret!!

  8. I really like how all your layouts in the first set have the same color scheme. And I think the use your stash one is my fave! Flower brads and all! It must be the pink. LOL!

    So sorry the movie was bad. I hate it when that happens. I need to remember to check stuff out first too because I hate paying to be cussed at. :)
    And one McDreamy note: If you haven't seen Enchanted, put it on your netflix list! Girly movie for sure, but cute and clean!

  9. oh crud.
    well, 3 things.
    1. amen, sister
    2. love the layouts
    3. the sidepart sealed the deal
    thanks for saving me on the college tuition downpayment :)

  10. I love your words! Seriously you need to start up your own magazine and have a dictionary section! Thanks for reviewing that movie ... I'm with you on the ridiculousness of the price of movies - we took Joel to a matinee the other day and Joel was free and I was still SHOCKED at the price! And who brings little kids to a late movie? The nerve!
    Love all your scrappiness ... you sure scrapped up a storm Jude! Kim

  11. I really wanted to see that movie! As i am a big "McDreamy" fan! :) I too can't stand those stupid teenagers and adults (WHO KNOW BETTER!) in the movie theater chatting away while I just paid $9.25 for a movie! I went and saw a movie a few months ago with some girlfriends and my friend and I were both freaking out at the price of the movie! And yes, I don't get the popcorn or soda. If I do, I get the kids pack. Small drink (no ice) and popcorn in a nifty box and a tube of mini m&m's. All for $4.25.

    Awful! Yes, we are old. I"ve decided that for sure. Especially when I see teenyboppers all at the mall with their boobies and booties hangin out! NO THANK YOU! Is this what my poor boys are going to be looking at??? AH!

  12. Anonymous7:44 PM

    i totally thought it was gonna be a great chick flick....patrick dempsey!!! come on!!! guess i will wait for the dvd release, lol!!!

    hole scraptivity batman!!!! wow!! and they are all so great!!!

    have a fabulous evening!!

  13. Aw man I was looking forward to that movie coming out in the dvd to rent it! I hate going the the theater for many of the same reasons you listed! I will never forget going to See " Because I said So" which has so sex scene in it that do not show any skin but you sure do know what is going on and they sure do let you here what is going on and in one point they even discuss orgas*** in detail. I am sure you can figure the word out even with my *s. Anyway people in the theater had children there from like 5 - 14 and just stayed and did not leave when it started getting inappropriate for them! I would have march right out with my children if I was there with them but I had gone with my daughter! I auctually liked the movie but did not like what I saw in the theater! I really like as you said getting comfy at home in pjs and getting comfy on the sofa, covering with the afghan my mom made and snacks that are either homemade and enough drink for 6 movies compared to 1 movie from the theater. awesome post

  14. I hadn't been to a movie in years until I took my grandson to see Alvin and the Chipmunks a few weeks ago. I have always refused to buy the food and drinks. Love your layouts, as usual. You have the coolest style. BTW, I have a whole bunch of those flower brads. I need to break them out.

  15. Jude... you are a genius and I love how you always say exactly what everyone is thinking!!! True movies are too expensive, parents do allow their kids to eat anything, and no child should be awake much less out after 8:30pm!! (and 8:30 is me being nice).
    Sorry the movie was not good - I'm with Chrissy my all time favorite is now Juno. I guess I'll wait for this one to get to DVD.
    I use to think my husband was crazy becuase we would only go to the movies on weeknights (school nights) so we wouldn't have to deal with the kids. Now I know he had the right idea!!
    Love the layouts and can't wait to see the newly painted room!