Tuesday, May 20, 2008

One of these things...

One of these things does not belong...
Do you all remember this game from your Sesame Street Days??
Well, let's play a little game of it courtesy of Micah, my love.

Gum in mouth
Gum being chewed
Gum being left in your pants pocket for the 1345th time causing a sticky gum mess in the dryer that your wife has to painstakingly clean out with a wash cloth and rubbing alcohol.

Now which of those does not belong???

So... I think you know where this is going. And I feel the need to point out, I am not a venter-wife. You know the kind of wife who gets together with her girlfriends and trashes her husband. Nope, I am not a husband trasher. HOWEVER... this subject needs to be addresses in a more public forum lest my head explode...

And were Micah not so amazing about everything else in life, this would tempt me to teeter over the edge of sanity in a true Mommy Dearest moment. If you have not seen that movie, you will need to in order to get a proper visual image of me, standing over the open dryer door, rubbing alcohol soaked washcloth in one hand, and mascara-tear streaked eyes yelling... "NO MORE GUM IN YOUR PANTS POCKETS!!!!!"
In my mind, I have the Joan Crawford voice and all.

But since I am a sane person and would never act as such (plus, my mascara is waterproof) I will tell the tale here.
I know, you are thinking... what's to tell? What's the big deal?
Well, to me, a completely clean dryer is a big deal, and since I put all that time into vacuuming out the lint screen, the last thing I want in my Martha Stewart dryer is gum!

So, that was the big event at our house tonight. I didn't vent it to my girls, I won't call my Micah any names... I just gave him the stink eye, and made it a blog story...

I wonder if he will remember now?

I don't know, considering all the things I mess up this seems pretty trivial, but hey... I am still in my ethyl induced high so...

Here is the scrapwonderment... yeah, I am straining with that wordage, we won't even give it the alert.
This is a mini-mini I made with some of my DT goodies from Memorable Seasons. It is about 2½ x 2½ inches.

This is the front cover...

The inside pages, they alternate between the colors when the book is put together.

The back cover:

Thanks for letting me blogvent... I feel better already... ;)


  1. girl!! i would be fuming as well...for sure!!!

  2. love your mini and i lov ethat boxer line

  3. um yeah...I'd have to say that would really tick me off...especially if it was more than once! At my house it's either Sharpies (yes permanent markers...UGH!!) or chapstick. Chapstick is the worse..it melts and makes a greasy mess all over your clothes.
    that mini-mini is so flippin cute!

  4. It is so funny that you blogged about this topic...my oldest daughter which is nine, left a blue and purple crayon in her coat pocket....so It was washed and then DRYED..yes everything in the dryer has spots of blue and purple. I almost lost it! So I feel your pain!

  5. love the blog vent but you know me...I have to focus in on the most unimportant aspect as usual....but how the heck do you have time to put on mascara to do the laundry!!! LOL

  6. Jude it sounds funny, but I'm sure you weren't laughing when you were cleaning wet gum out of your washer. I agree with brown english muffin,when do you find time to "beautify" with mascara?

    Love your mini!

  7. What a mess! Hope he's cured of that habit! :)
    Love the mini!

  8. That does stink! I hope he understands what doesn't belong now :) If not, give him the rubbing alcohol next time :)

    LOVE the mini album...it's great!!!

  9. LOL. Sean asks me all the time, "Are you gonna blog that?" Maybe a lil' blog story will do the laundry bandit some good.


  10. mine leaves kleenexes constantly in the pockets!! now i guess I will be happy when that is all i find.

    also love the mini!!!

    (and yeah - gum not so 'queen like' need to get back to that :)

  11. micah micah micah!

    the miniBOOK is awesome! :)

  12. minesnot even a month old yet and its already got gum in it rubbing alcohol works? will have to try that i am so not a pocket checker i want it done and out of my way lol!!! so i throw clothes in and always come out with a bonus they were good for a long time but now they are getting lazy again family meeting time lol!!!!

  13. I feel your pain Jude! The mini is so cute. I've got to start doing me some like that.

  14. Anonymous9:26 PM

    if I could come scrub the gum for you I would. there is this amazing crap you get at the paint store called GOOF OFF and it gets gum off anything like nobody`s business! even clothes like it was never there. and hey, I think my kids already reported me for the whole mommy dearest thing so at least I will be in good company.love ya!

  15. That would make me mad too ... thanks for the tip for how to get it out! Your mini is fabulous! Love the cardboard and the BG is awesome! Have a great day Jude! Kim

  16. Jude, you are too funny! But I am feeling you, girl! I have issues similar to that...except with crayons. No, not in Mister M's pockets...but in Jayla's. Enough about that!

    LOVE the mini-mini album. You've got a lot of patience to do one THAT small. Very cute!

  17. k Since I know how much you do praise micah, this one blog post is TOTALLY ok. the Dryer I had previous became the owner of some very green crayons. It took hours of scrubbing and cleaning. Some of the clothes didn't survive.

    Love the mini mini. So very adorable!

  18. snicker....at least I'm not the only one with a messed up dryer, albeit my dryer gets the "left chapstick in pockets" treatment via dd. hrumpf.....they never learn.

  19. Anonymous11:27 AM

    dude...you are good for morning tea and a laugh!!! too funny and i totally understand!!! i have, upon more than one occasion, found myself cursing the gum gods at finding t-shirts, pants, and other various articles of clothing ruined by the innocence of gum appearing magically in some pocket...and yes...it doesn't just affect the immediate area...no, innocent, minding their own business clothes get to be part the destruction!!!

    LOVE the mini, mini!! super adorable!!

    have a fabulous day!!

  20. Oh, the gum story did make me giggle. Your little book is awesome. Love it.

  21. ooh!! are ou gonna be in town this weekend?? When? Let me know. You know CHU Convention is going on at the Convention Ctr. Fri and Sat!

    xoxo Let me know if you wanna meet up.


  22. oh that little album is so cute i love it!
    luv chanel

  23. I love the mini!!!