Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day and speeding grannies....

So I hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day. Despite the fact that we got some bad news, Micah still managed to make me feel well loved, cared for, and special. Now, I am not a big Mother's Day kind of celebrant. I like being treated like a queen all year long, rather than have a gift and card thrust at me once a year to make up for 364 days of neglect. Thankfully, my Micah is like that. He could forget Mother's Day and it would not upset me. (in fact he has done so, but he will delete this blog if I tell that story again. ROFLOL.)
We had a lovely start of cards, school made gifts from Lincoln, snot covered kisses from Emerson, and a beautiful frame for the new and improved office.

As we were about to head to church we got a call. I knew what the call was, and before I could get out "Don't answer it!", Lincoln did. It was a call about a family member passing away. Now, some people can discuss matters of faith and death in eloquent terms, I am not one of them. My Aunt is gone, and I don't know if I will ever see her again and you know what, it sucks. That is all there is to it, it just sucks. I don't throw around the "suckage" term lightly, because a) I don't want my kids to say it, and B) I know it makes me sound crass. But, it is fitting for this I think. The sadness and sobs that emit from my body are indescribable. I will leave it there. I warned you, no Pulitzer worthy description of this kind of thing is in me yet, maybe with time...

I will move on to a situation I found quite amusing, not because I am treating the aforementioned topic flippantly, but because I am already crying and want to move on, lest I spend the entire day that way.(again)
I was on my way to pick up Lincoln from school and all of the sudden there is a car on my tail. Really close on my tail. Now, I admit it, in times past this would have resulted in the Jude's "Slow-Down-Tick-Off" approach. That simply means I would slow down to like, 25 miles an hour in a "You think I was going to slow before... HA!" type fashion.
But, alas, after a freakish man and his road rage scared me to death, I am a good girl now. Also, I finally decided my large SUV parking had improved enough to put my church magnet on the excursion. So, knowing that little piece of magnetized rubber is there helps to keep me in check. Who wants their pastor to say, "So, I got a call about some crazy woman driving and running people off the road..."
" Huh? What? Who? Me????" hmmm....

So, I didn't react. I just kept going along, and when we approached the intersection where it drops to 35, I, being the law abiding citizen that i am, obeyed. I thought the driver was going to crawl up the back end of us. Really, the cars in front of me were 35ing it too, so I was not being totally vinbedient. (**New wordage, Vinbedient = that would be the combo of obedient and vindictive, when you obey just to spite someone, not because you want to or because it is right.)

Well, when we get to the school zone, we are all stopped by the crossing guard, and the car whips out to get in the school turning lane. (this is not Lincoln's school) I look and see... A GRANDMA! I mean, a white haired, roller-set weekly, drinks tea and scones, kind of Grandma. I was shocked that such aggressive tailing was in her. I think, "well, maybe she got the last minute Pick the kids up call, and she was worried"... but alas...

Tailing Granny was NOT going into the school! The public library entrance is down the same drive, and that is where she turned in! I was going, "HUH??? The LIBRARY is why you were kissing my bumper?
What, is Jodi Picoult's book finally in?
Is Danielle Steele actually AT our library serving tea whilst reading excerpts today?
Are the People magazines in the 25 cent for sale pile?"
Oh, wait that last one is why I speed to the library.

I seriously could not believe this was the cause of such driving madness. Maybe she really takes those due dates to heart...

In the scrappy world, here are a couple of LOs... One for Unpubbed. And there is still time to lift Beth's LO too, and win a RAK from her. Go check it out.

And one for Memorable Seasons Design Team. This first one is the new Basic Grey Boxer line... It has great patterns and colors.

This one is the We r Memory Keepers White out line. I LOVE the edges.

So, I will pimp the store by saying Jill has these available so head over there to buy them up... herein ends the pimpage.


  1. I'm so sorry about your aunt. I know how tough that kind of situation is.

    Love the layouts! The smoosh layout is my fave!

  2. Glad you had a nice mothers day....but sorry to hear about your aunt :(
    The speedig granny story was hilarious...sounds like my grandma...she had a lead foot!
    Love your LO's too...oh and the new wordage...Vinbedient is a great one!

  3. so sorry about your aunt :( :(
    I feel the same way about mother's day too :) I love love your layouts :)
    smooches :)

  4. I swear that same granny was tailing me on our way to church on Sunday!! What nerve!! :)

    I've been praying for you and your family! We love you lots.

  5. hugs girl!! losing family is always hard!! to the granny with no depth perception must have the danielle steel they are crazy for the danielle steel!! lol

  6. I am so sorry about your aunt. You and your family are in my prayers. That story about the grandma driver is so funny! That would of surprised me too. HOpe you have a super day!

  7. If I see a speeding grandma in Florida, I think I may faint. Seriously.

    But, it's still funny to think that she was speeding to the library..

    SOrry to hear of your loss...it's never easy to loose one you love.

  8. Tiny blurb...sorry for your loss...death is never easy...don't want to make you cry so I am heading on.

    k...when I need a laugh I mosey over here. You totally crack me up...love the new verbage. I think we need a Jude's dictionary section on this blog. and Maybe it was scone day at the library?

    Love the layouts and the pimping. bout time we saw your mug on a layout....which the by the way WOWZER..you are stunning my friend.

  9. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. We love you and we will be praying for your family.

    You are too funny.

  10. Oh my gosh Jude what a post! from laughs to tears to laughs and smiles! great post! So sorry about your aunt! Don't you know us grandma's have to hurry before our parking meters in this great life expire!! LOL! just kidding! no excuse for that kind of driving!

  11. you are so clever ... i love reading your blog - really you should write your own book!
    I have to confess for doing the "slow down to a crawl" punishment for those people that p#*!s me off! (usually arrogant men!) i need to work on letting it go ... lol!
    have a fab day!

  12. jude i am sooo sorry about your aunt!! {{{{big hugs}}}}

    are you sure that grandma wasn't mine driving girl..that sounds just like her....lmao!

    ditto about the mother's day ...i feel the same about that and v-day!!

  13. SO sorry to hear about your aunt's passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you.....

    Your LO's are fabulous!!!!

  14. Sorry about your loss. Funny story about Grandma..so unusual. Great layouts too!

  15. Okay, the "Danielle Steele at the library" sentence sent me over the edge. Laughing uncontrollably here!!!

  16. I had a granny almost run me into another lane, hence another car, on the freeway, then turn around and laugh at me when I gave her "the look" Rudeness has no age limits...

    I am terribly sorry about your aunt, but won't dwell there, just know you are loved and prayed for.

    Smooshed....OMG is that the cutest. Love them all. Great pimpage btw. Hugs

  17. i know I'm a little late commenting on this post...it's taken me awhile to get time for bloglines lately -
    anyway so sorry to hear about your aunt jude. hoping that you are finding peace in light of the situation.
    so I also have to say...that grandma driving - if you were up here I would probably have to claim her as my own...my grandma is seriously the craziest driver I know...and not because of age or anything it has always been that way - so I totally had to giggle about your story!
    And hope today was another 'queen' day...you do deserve it all year :)

  18. i am sorry to hear about your aunt. forgive me, but that does suck.

    i can't believe you drive that bus! :)