Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mom Collision

 You know, sometimes we have proud moments as parents. When our kid is the one who helps someone. When our child actually chooses to share, just because. When we see the effort of all our instruction finally pay off...
This is not one of those stories.

I actually laugh that now, the trend in mom blogs seems to be a theme of  "Our life is not as perfect as you all seem to think!" Well, if you hadn't spent the past five years blogging about your perfect meals, your size two jeans that are too baggy, and your kids who just "gave away all their toys to be sweet" (yeah right!) you would not now need to convince us that you are in, in fact, normal.
So, I think we can all agree, I will never, ever, need to use the line... "I know you all think we are so perfect but..."  because unless perfect means kids peeing in used starbucks cups on a roadtrip, or getting caught with hair color on your head more than once, or exploding chocolate... we are so far from perfect, it's not even on the radar.
And that is a relief.

It was not a relief to realize that my mom-pride and mom-fail experiences could clash and actually occur simultaneously. You see here is the deal...

Hadji got up early yesterday. He literally made his own eggs. Oh yes, it is the one thing in the world the poor kid is NOT allergic to, so he has fully embraced eating two scrambled eggs for breakfast every morning. Well, he may have come in and asked something about eggs, a pan, and all I know is...

I chose to snuggle my Micah, fully knowing my child was awake and in the kitchen, making his own eggs. Yes, yes I did. if you could smell my Micah's neck you would  choose that too. Swoon.

Anyhoo, I finally woke back up from the neck sniffing induced cat nap and went into the kitchen. Hadji had already made his eggs, eaten them, and cleaned up the kitchen. My mom pride swelled. A lot. I thought, I am totally going to blog about this! SO proud of my little man, was I!! Then I looked over at the other cupboard, and in what seemed like a slow-motion movie seen, I took in a crumpled foil wrapper, an empty 'Nilla Wafer box, and Alden walking in the kitchen to declare, "I maked my own breakfast too Mom!"
"Uh, what did you make buddy?" I dared to ask, knowing that it involved my child scaling the cupboard to get to the top shelf.

Aw crap. Mom-pride and Mom-fail.... head on collision in the kitchen. So much for perfect, eh?  Maybe next week we can pick organic berries somewhere and make paint out of them, or something amazing like that.


  1. i wouldn't call it a total fail....he knew at least to have breakfast! AND at least it wasn't ice cream.....right?

  2. Jude you are too funny after reading your blog which I went back pretty far doing today while I was babysitting, I realized I am not the only one with a crazy eventful life. The only difference is I am doing it without a wonderful Micah(like you have) and its three girls that I sometimes believe were actually boys. You have inspired me to do more with the girls, even when I dont feel like I Have the time.

  3. this is amazing :)

  4. hey a feed kid is a feed kid right...and at least you have one trained to do the dishes already...serious points for that one!

  5. ahhhh have you looked at the nutritional value on those Nilla cookies I swear they're right up there with eggs...promise! LOL