Monday, August 22, 2011

Overheard #3673390

I get to hear a lot, and i do mean A LOT of oddball conversations between my kids. I also get to have these conversations with them myself. When they occur while I am driving, it is a miracle I don't wreck. Here is a recent one from Hadji:

Lincoln: Mom, please explain cremation to us. Like, what do they do with the body, why someone does that instead of being buried, ya' know, tell us how it all works."

At this point I am already concerned with the direction of the conversation... but I plunge ahead. I explain ALL the ins and outs of cremation versus burial, and end with this...

"So, some people keep the ashes, say, in a vase, on their mantle. Or some people may have a favorite place, and ask for their ashes to be spread there."

After a brief silence Hadji pipes up with, "Mom, I have decided. I want to be cremated and I want my ashes spread over the dog pound."

Wow. I was floored, and once again whispered a little prayer that my boy would out grow his deathly allergy to dogs...

( As you can see, he has a dog or other animal with him at all times. )


  1. awe, poor Hadji!! I think it's so sad when kids love animals that much and can't do a thing about it. Allergies suck, man! We have so many animals sometimes I take for granted that some people can't have any.
    Well, I do know that God heals, so I'm confident Hadji wouldn't spend his afterlife sneezing all day at the dog pound! :)

  2. God Hadji is sooo sweet!!!