Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Migraines are from the devil...

Ok, not really, but any blog title containing the name of lucifer is sure to grab your attention. I woke up this morning with a migraine from Hades. Yes, straight from satan himself. I purposely used a lower case "s" too because, really, I am not a fan of satan at all. I am jesting about the headache and all, but really, I look forward to the day when God swoops down and knocks his demonic butt into the everlasting lake of fire forever... and ever... and ever...
Eternity is a long time.
Think about it.

Well, what a way to start a new post.
A post that actually contains a PROMISE... yep, a PROMISE...
from me to you
the faithful blog reader who has hung in there despite my slacking ways.

I am going "all in" this week and committing to a post a day for the next 7 days.
Wow. That looks alot longer in type.
But I will do it.
WHY? you ask?
Because, (I love starting a sentence in a grammatically horrific way. Heather and Chris, love me anyway okay?) as I was saying... Because, I have been e-mailed and told my updates are too far and few between... so I will remedy that this week and prove to you all that my boring life...
my life of poopy butt wiping, poison toads, and freakish airport adventures is not really all that worthy of posting more often...

Then I will likely get e-mails saying, "Ok... please, please for the love of all that is holy, stop updating that technically painful to look at, and boring to read blog of yours."
If you send me that e-mail, you should know though, I will take you off my Christmas card list. (not really, I rarely send Christmas cards, but please note... Christmas gets the capital "C" as a shout out to Jesus in light of that first paragraph.)

So hold onto your hats... Here is day one of "This week in Jude's world... the yawn edition..."

We are recovering today from a whirlwind weekend that started with picking up Beth at a Chick Fil A. Chrissy actually got her from the airport, and we met at the Chick. Wow. It had been too long since I had seen these girls, and let me tell you... Chrissy's new baby, Titus... could he be any cuter? No, no he could not. And women everywhere would hate Chrissy if they saw her as she strode about the Chick Fil A already back in her size 2 pants and looking oh so skinny. Don't worry ladies, I asked them to put extra lard in everything she ate that day.

Here we are:

Now, after a lovely time we headed back home to the Casa de Fingerprint, and out to dinner with Micah and the boys. Poor Beth.
She got to see my redneck life in real time.
(First thing on the way home from the airport to boot! )
One Hadji
plus too much sprite
equals one need to pee when there is no stop in sight.
I still had my cup, and yes, where you are thinking this is going... is where it went.

Beth was a real gem about it all, but I did advise her to move her diet coke before I put the new warm "mellow yellow" near it. Gross you say? I challenge you to drive 74 MPH, help your child pee in a cup, maintain a conversation, and not crash. I am sure there is facebook flair for this very thing.
At dinner, poor Hadji was so under an allergy attack, benadryl, and the side effects from the toad incident. (you will read about that later in the week) that all the poor kid did at dinner was lay on Micah and beg to home. When a child refuses even ice cream, you should know they are sick.

Pukage. Lots of it.
Hello Chick Fil A lunch, nice to see you again.

I made it up to Beth by watching Bride Wars with her and making sure to explain why the blue hair scene was technically wrong. I know how people love that when watching a movie. Kate Hudson's hair (or fake hair I should say.) bothered me throughout the entire movie, and those bangs!?!? Ugh, I don't know if I can respect her anymore.
We spent Saturday morning scrapbook shopping and such, and then went to meet Chrissy and family for a day of fun in their neck of the woods. I made sure our exit that evening was quick, so as to avoid tears. It was almost rude quick, but I could not have the people at Steak and Shake see me bawl.
There was more activity, but really I think after pee in a cup and puke as a start to the Memorial Day weekend, you get the idea that it was jam packed with lots of fun events... ;)
Here, I will even throw in some scrappage:

See you tomorrow.
(I should note that my migraine has been tamed, not gone, but tamed to a dull roar by loads of excedrin migraine. I have an ample supply thanks to my dear friends Lorena and Steve, who trek to CVS with their extrabucks at all hours just to keep me well stocked. Thank guys, I am shaking like a crackie jonesing for a fix, but at least I can sit upright now. :)


  1. :)
    i will NEVER look at an empty cup the same way again.
    it was so good to see you again and meet the rest of the family.

  2. Ok...NOW I see why I feel like I've missed so much of my blog reading... JUDE is posting EVERYDAY!!! :-)

    Sorry bout the evil migraines. I get them too. NO FUN!!!

    By the way, I LOVE Chick Fil A...you can pick me up there anyday you want :-). However, I do only enjoy it when it is CONSUMED!!! :-)