Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hadji and the Poisonous Toad...

Ok here we are...
Day two of Jude's exciting week.
This event actually occurred last week, but slackers can use old material, no one has read it yet! Ah, the joy of procrastination!

I am a good mom.

At times I need to repeat that to myself lest I call and turn myself in to CPS. (child protective services.)
So, being a good mom of boys, I see the benefit in letting them be, well, boys. I cheer on the living room wrestling matches, allow the mud fights in the yard, and of course, encourage public urination. Hence, last week when we found a toad, I was not too squeamish... I mean, I did use my zoom to get this photo, but I did not do what most moms would, which is to scream, "ACK!! Don't touch that thing, it will give you warts! It will pee on you! Run! Flee!!!!"

No, I took photos, I chatted up the toad's good qualities.
Until last week. That toad, that ugly little wart covered wretch, poisoned my Hadji. He found him again in the yard, and I encouraged him to pick up the toad, play with the toad.
"Be nice to the toad though" I said.
"Don't squeeze him too hard" I warn.
"We don't want to hurt the toad" I implore.

Well, that all changed when, Emerson comes running toward me, screaming that he cannot see. I look at him and he is foaming at the mouth! "What happened? " I shriek.
"That toad squirted me in the eyes. OWWWWWWWW I can't see! My eyes are burning."

Hate, pure hate for all toads seethed through me at that point.

I ran Emerson into the house and began dousing his eyes with water. I say I ran him in, because he was still screaming that he could not see. I realize blindness is not something Micah will look kindly upon when arrives home.
I keep him splashing water and google "poison toads" and sure enough... there is that stupid toad right there. I call Micah, who, informs me I should be calling the doctor, not him. Ok, I should have thought of that, but give me a little credit, my kid is foaming at the mouth!
I give Emerson some benadryl, and call the doctor. This is the same doctor I called in tears when I thought I found blood in Lincoln's little one week old diaper, when I nearly killed Lincoln via feeding him eggs at 10 months old (he is deathly allergic). They were called when Emerson had an allergic reaction to peanuts, when I swore his cough was TB( thanks webMd, you suck) when Lincoln broke his arm, and of course, when I insisted Lincoln had ringworm. (again, webMd, and it cost me $60 to be told it was just dry skin. bleh!) So... I was thrilled, THRILLED I say when I got to call the doctor and tell them, I had in fact allowed my child to be squirted by a poisonous toad. I got a suitcase ready just in case i needed to flee CPS.

No, really, the nurse was great, Hadji recovered, and we no longer touch toads. (Or consult webMd.)

day two, done...
and more scrapping eye candy.


  1. oh, and YOU ARE A GOOD MOM!
    i've seen it in person.
    those boys love you!

  2. I was so waiting to hear the whole toad story--as the snippets on Shawn's facebook didn't tell enough. I'm glad he is ok--poor little guy will now be deathly afraid of all toads and frogs for life!

  3. the drama...glad little man recovered. oh, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the scrap candy. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. you are a good mom! better than me for encouraging the boys to touch a frog/toad! I loathe the nasty things! more than gives me the heeby jeebies for just typing this out!

  5. This post just makes me smile. Not b/c Em was almost blinded by an evil toad, but b/c it's just so true to life.

    You are a good mom.
    And he's a good kid.
    And toads are nasty.


  6. You ARE a good mom! And I love your scrap page! It was so good to see you :)

  7. Awww, poor little Hadji! You're a better mom than me, Jude. I don't do dirt...I don't do mud...I don't do bugs...and I for DARN sure don't do toads/frogs/snakes, etc. Ok, I'm the mother of girls. But still...I did raise a boy for 12 years.

    Anyway, glad your little man is all better now.